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Hi everyone,

I am new to 811 (5 wks) and I am transitioning. In August I start a desk job after a year "off" during which I was able to develop some great exercise/dietary habits.


To get my exercise in I can ride 10 miles to work and shower there....then after ride 10 miles back home. But for the diet....


I am anxious about being in a work environment and following 811. Out of those who work behind a computer for 6-8 hours a day, can I get some motivation/tips about how to make this work @ work?


I can just imagine tons of bananas at various stages of ripeness sitting all over my office. I think this will be my reality. I just want to make sure I get enough cals so I can perform well and make it through the day without resorting to any sort of junk.


I would even love to hear what everyone does/how you get through a typical day at work. What do you bring in? How many cals do you eat during the day compared to home?






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When I work in an office-type setting, I bring jars of smoothies to work with me.  It's a bit more socially acceptable than bananas sitting all over the place.  I bring whole fruit too, but not a giant amount.
Bart, do you drink the smoothies right away or all day long? How long after you make a smoothie does it have to be consumed - for optimal nutrition?
If I wanted absolutely optimal nutrition, I wouldn't even make smoothies, I would just eat the fruit whole.  But I gotta compromise sometimes :)  I put ripe bananas in the fridge the night before I make the smoothie, so that when I make it, it's already cold.  Then when I take it to work, it's refrigerated, and takes a couple of hours to come up to room temperature.  Oftentimes, I'll drink the smoothie 4-6 hours after I make it.  Yes, it's not optimal.  But it works pretty well for me.  It beats taking the time to eat 10 bananas in a high pressure environment when ya just can't do that.  I do the same with freshly squeezed orange juice sometimes.
I used to bring a large insulated canteen with a 10-banana smoothie, and a large tupperware with 10 whole bananas, or other sweet fruit.  I would eat the smoothie as my mid-morning snack, and the whole bananas for my afternoon snack, and work through lunch (I can get more done during lunch break as there are no distractions).  I also keep dates and dried fruit in my desk.  Not so convenient on a bike, I know.  I work near home now and drive home to eat.  Curious what others have to say, as I am considering moving farther from work and wanting to run/bike commute. 
I work at a computer doing 12 hour shifts.  I eat the same things I normally eat: bananas, oranges, dates, smoothies, salads etc.  I take mini breaks away from the desk and do push ups, planks, etc.  People made lots of comments about my food initially but they are over it.  I now see more coworkers eating salads and green smoothies!
I like the times you choose to eat. Those seem to be "hungry" times for me so I may try that schedule when I work. Eating at 3 or 4 will also give me energy to bike home or take a hike on the trails after work.
smoothies are what work for me too.. usually banana/romaine

Oh yeah! Totally doable! :) People may raise an eyebrow at a bunch of produce in your cubicle, but that's part of the fun! :)


I would just bring in some apples, bananas, clementines/oranges and a nice big bag of dates. Smoothies in a jar as Bart mentioned is a good idea too! You could even bring something small like a magic bullet to work if you want to whiz one up and drink it fresh.


For me the hardest thing was work lunches, but if I stayed calm and didn't let myself get too worried about the absolute optimum food , I did quite well at salad bars when out with co workers. I'd often bring along a lemon or a lime to squeeze over the salad to avoid the dressings, plus the longer I eat this way, the more I appreciate and like "bare" greens and other salad stuff.

I buy fruit to eat at work at local shops at lunchtimes and fruit and salad to eat at home on my way home. I don't have a car so that cuts down on the distance I have to transport large quantities of heavy fruit (and the permanent shoulder soreness from carrying a rucksack full of fruit & veg everywhere). I also bought a cheap blender to keep at work, which is really useful if you have a kitchen area at work.
LOL! I'm with you on the sore shoulder thing Helena! I often ride a motorcycle so sometimes what I'll do is tag along when a coworker drives to the grocery store to get something for lunch and do a little produce shopping then.
Produce shopping at lunch is a great idea.... on the days I don't bike I can bring in loads of food for that day and the next. This requires a lot of planning because I really don't want to fall off here.
Hi, yeah planning is a smart idea! and the more you do it, the easier and more automatic everything will get. Lots of stuff will keep for a few days anyway, so I bet that will work out well.



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