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Hey everyone! Haven't been on here in a long time due to life craziness and whatnot, but I've missed it!

Lately, I've been having a super hard time with cellulite. It's not so much when I'm standing, but when I sit down or pinch my leg or anywhere on my body, there is a lot of cellulite and it's confusing me. I never used to have cellulite, and now that I've been on HCRV/HCV for almost 2 years, there is more cellulite than ever!

I started off as a HCRV for 8 months and then gradually started adding in high carb cooked meals. Now, I'm eating them almost every night (which is actually something I'm trying to get away from since me digestion is terrible and has been even before coming to the lifestyle. I know raw would help me a lot since it did when I first started-I just find it so hard and I'm always wanting cooked food even if I'm full from fruits and veggies). Anyway, I'm just not sure why all of this cellulite has suddenly appeared!

I eat 2000-3000 cals/day, drink 2-4L of water, exercise at least 4x/week (weights and cardio-about 60 min for each workout), sleep 7-9 hours/night, and try to keep my fat and sodium intake low (though sometimes it's not as low as I would like-the sodium at least, fat intake is low).

A few possibilities for cellulite showing that I can think of:
1) increased stress attributed to working at whole foods full time (when I was hired on as part time) and working on the farm whenever I'm not working a whole foods.

2) not drinking enough water.
3) not doing enough cardio (I do it almost every workout though so I'm not sure if this is it)
4) my body is detoxing from being on zoloft for 14 years (ages 7-21) and all of the toxins are coming to the surface now as the body tries to get rid of them.

Anyone have any advice or can add some insight to this cellulite dilemma?

Much love! xxx

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I think this is something that will likely resolve itself in time. But you have to understand that cellulite is a normal part of getting older, it's not like it's harmful to you.

Cutting out depression pills after years of taking them will likely take a long time to recover from and most of the side effects will not be visible on your body. Just stay strong, continue eating healthy, and I'm sure you will feel and look great in time.

And I just wanna give mad props to the man upstairs for the fact that, as a female, no matter how fat I get, additional breast tissue is generally a good thing!  Cheers dawg.  (In your face, Kick Ass!)

lol!! cheers!!

Welcome back Alex!  I followed your blog for a while.  How's your health nowadays?  I recall lots of problems with lip swelling, cystic acne, digestion etc (I think) and it seemed to me as though - totally understandably - you were really rather fed up with it all, so it's great to see you here again. Has the diet helped in these areas now?  Are you doing better?

Cellulite's a !@#$%.  So many theories on this.  Given you're clearly pumping your lymph, keeping your leg muscles toned, drinking enough water and eating lots of water-rich fruit, I'd have to go with the toxins theory. Those are some hardcore chemicals that've been in your body for a very long time. Like Dominic says, this will likely go in time - you're doing all the right things.  I think it's a case of needing to keep on keeping on - you know?  Dry skin body brushing might also help as an added extra, and I'm sure you are given your diet, but make sure you're getting plenty of Vit C for collagen production.

Thanks! It's doing better..no more lip issues or acne, but my digestion still isn't that great (I'm super stressed lately from working 2 jobs, so I'm sure that's not helping it much either).


Agreed! I know that I should probably weight train more, but I injured my wrist and have been trying to heal it so that I can get back to my regular routine. It seems to take so long! Yeah, I agree with you. Patience. I used to dry brush back when I was anorexic, and no matter how much I did it, it never worked lol (even though there was really nothing there to dry brush)! Citrus season is right around the corner, and I am super stoked for it...I've been anxiously waiting for sweet citrus again!

Fab!  So, so pleased to hear you're doing so much better, you did so well to stick with the eating plan so determinedly despite the seeming stagnancy and understandable associated frustrations.  I was super impressed with your tenacity!

And don't worry, you'll nail the cellulite with time, especially if you mostly smash in the fruit, stay hydrated and keep exercising (though blessed as we ladies are, you'll probs unfortunately always have at least a little cellulite lurking peskily somewhere on your curves); eventually increasing your weight-training on your legs/glutes will definitely help too, sorted me right out.

Good luck my love!  Keep us posted on your progress, I'm sure this thread is relevant to lots of the females on this forum.

Hi Alex, Welcome back girly!  What kind of cooked foods are you eating?  Could be toxins from what you are eating.  Certain starched and grains are difficult to digest and toxic in large amounts as they accumulate in your GI...could lead to leaky gut issues. 

Idk about you but if I pinch my leg hard enough there is fat under there too!  Women need some fat to be healthy.  Can you see the cellulite when you don't pinch?  If not then don't trip! 

Hey! Thanks :) I normally eat potatoes (gold and sweet) and rice, but since I've started working at whole foods full-time (definitely not fun at all and can't wait to not have to work there), sometimes I'll eat a vegan pizza with no added fats like daiya or anything like that, or I'll eat some vegan pita chips. I totally hate that I'm eating these foods because when I used to work there, it wasn't an issue at all. I was able to stick to clean high carb vegan foods and mostly raw too! Just seems lie it's so hard when I've been on my feet for 8 hours straight and am pissed off (working there does that to me lol, it's terrible). But yeah, so I think those things may be contributing factors, but there's just a lot more cellulite than there used to be. Right under my glutes is the only place that the cellulite is slightly visible without pinching.

Hi Alex! :)  How are you?   Great to see another post from you! :)  Sounds like you are doing awesome! :)

Alex said> Lately, I've been having a super hard time with cellulite

Cellulite Schmellulite, the human body is beautiful and amazing how it functions, what makes us beautiful is health, physical and mental, the healthier we are the more beautiful we are.  Focusing on one aspect as far as beauty is concerned is not going to show our true beauty.  Only when we take in the whole integrated person do we see beauty.  For example if you look at someone's hair and admire it and say how beautiful it is then they take a strand out and put it on your shirt, well what is beautiful about that?  Or look at someones' pretty painted nails admiringly and then they cut their nails and put some pieces on the table for decoration, not so pretty any more.  It is only when it is integrated with the person that it is beautiful.  So my advice is to focus on how amazing our whole self is, body and mind, and how spectacularly it functions, despite all the obstacles, to keep us healthy, and marvel at all the ways it does that and try our best to keep nourishing it in all the ways we do. 

My grandmothers had cellulite and I remember every part of their body with fondness and when I see my cellulite I actually feel very happy about it and remember how I am like my grandmothers.

After reading below I'd say the under eating is also a factor as well as the other things you listed, we must eat enough to get enough nutrition to be at our best: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day?


Other factors that influence how much cellulite you have and how visible it is include:
  • Poor diet.
  • Fad dieting.
  • Slow metabolism.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Hormone changes.
  • Dehydration.
  • Total body fat.
  • Thickness and color of your skin.

Hey :) I'm doing ok; more stressed than I'd like to be and unhappy with things right now, but hanging in there.

Wise words! I guess I just get too laser focused on everything that is imperfect instead of focusing on the bigger picture. It is annoying though since I used to not have any (back when I was doing cross country and track, and running 5-6x/week).

I do feel quite chunky lately (probably from not being able to workout to my full ability due to a wrist injury-nerve impingement that isn't healing much), so that is not helping me appreciate my body since I know I would feel and look better if I could get back to my routine. 

Hey! I just wanted to share something that that has been working for me. I have a little bit of cellulite too and about a month ago, I started doing foam rolling everyday after workouts and I have noticed a difference.  The first week it was kind of sensitive/painful because you're really getting things moving and releasing toxins, etc. but it gets better and it's really good for your muscles too. You can buy a foam roller at Wal-mart/Target for $12-20 -I have a small one, I wish it was a little bigger to be honest, but it still gets the job done. This is a good video to watch: (not promoting them, but I liked the video so whatevs.) It doesn't say it helps cellulite but in my experience, this is what has helped! So--I hope it helps you!


Light and Love,


Thanks so much for this tip about the foam roller tip.  Time for some massage in the legs. :)

appreciate your sharing of what works for you. 



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