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I started these horrible eating habits like 6 months ago, eventually found the right way to eat here, but in the process i got some deep cavities and got them filled (wish i hadnt)... now my teeth are more sensitive than ever.

i tried to eat a bunch of cranberries this morning and couldnt do it. i probably had like 35 calories worth. it hurt so bad to chew i ended up just gulping down a bunch of cooked food.

does anybody know of someone who healed cavities with raw foods? i need motivation here. i guess all i can do in the meantime is try to push through it and not eat acid fruit.

what gives, I thought fillings were supposed to stop sensitivity

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If I had to eat cranberries, I would be spewing them out immediately too! They are horribly sour and acidic! Why on earth would anyone eat them? 

Fruit needs to be ripe and sweet, and the keyword is both, ripe and sweet. Perhaps if the cranberries are very ripe, very red and soft, they might taste edible.

I agree with both Yogaranka and Yulia. Also, I was afraid to switching to eating more fruit so I bought sensodyne because my teeth are naturally more sensitive to anything, and haven't had the slightest trouble! Good luck!

i jave found my teeth feel better after a good green meal.

yeah those cranberries were a weird idea

I'm really interested in tooth soap - anyone have any brands they love so far?

very helpful thank you.

why no snacking???????????

Thanks Chris! I'm such a noob I didn't even realize it was a brand name, rolf ; D

I snack all the time and don't see any harm in it.

I don't think we should micromanage bacteria in any part of our bodies.. our body knows how to do that. Leftover food particles are broken down by our saliva, body is a smart machine! :)

not every one has the same saliva. Saliva is what re-establishes the normal ph in the mouth after eating. It takes about 2 hours before that happens. Within these 2 hours damage can be done. In time, cavities. Some people have a lot stronger saliva, with more concentration of calcium than others and it reestablieshes normal ph in a shorter time.....they never get cavities no matter what. And others are not so lucky.

--> Nonsense just like different blood types; we all have the same saliva what differs is the lifestyle factors, amount of damage we've done to our bodies, etc. but once you live a healthy lifestyle consistently your saliva is top notch.

Just because you eat HCRV it does not mean that you are immune to everything (a very popular ideology among many raw foodists of old and of now)

-->I never claimed HCRV is immune to everything

and that you should ignore ALL dental researches and experiences of many people and go with your belief instead.

-->I NEVER go with belief, I share what I lived, experienced and there's no amount of research that can change or invalidate that.

Maybe you do have a super strong saliva (I know people like that) and not have any cavities and you never will no matter what.

-->Nonsense again. In the first 32 years of my life I had lots of cavities and lost quite a few of my teeth. Past 3 years since HCRV no new cavities or any other teeth issues.

I have also heard that even people who never got any cavities, after being raw for x amount of years suddenly developed tons. 

--> More nonsense. It's not how it works. None of those people can show a before/after x-ray to prove it.

And there are people who get cavities no matter what they eat.

I have not been on HCRV long enough to say anything except that my mouth feels a lot better after I clean it. I do not play roulette with my teeth, I cannot afford that.

--> Who said don't clean your teeth? I brush and floss daily and that's what 30bad recommends too.

I am attaching a link here. Not for you Rawbert obviously, but for those who might be interested in avoiding pitfalls of many, those whose weakness is in the teeth as well and who cannot afford to play roulette and go with "faith" on this one.

--> Yeah.. infomercial fred and his scare tactics.. 'unripe fruit will mess up your teeth dude!'.. well that's what we're saying here for years.. apply the lifestyle correctly and you'll be fine.

I know someone who has healed cavities with raw foods. Me!

About six months ago I went to my regular dentist and back then I didn't take care of my teeth and ate a lot of citrus with some of the citrus being unripe too! My dentist told me I had one cavity and that I should get some super strength extra fluoride toothpaste in my mouth immediately! He also recommended other chemical products. 

... Well I didn't get any toothpaste or anything the dentist said, but I did start taking control of my oral hygiene. I now gargle with baking soda after I eat acidic fruit. I brush with Ecodent, a tooth powder which is basically just baking soda, twice a day. I floss once a day. And I also gargle with 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide twice a day. I'm not 100% sure if the hydrogen peroxide is really helping though.

Fast forward six months later and I went to a new dentist. A holistic dentist. She took a look at my mouth and told me I absolutely have no cavities and that my teeth are actually quite healthy. She told me she didn't know what the old dentist was talking about.

So either the old dentist lied about me having a cavity or I just healed that cavity away. Either way I definitely believe cavities can be healed on a raw food diet.

Swishing with baking soda after eating some acidic fruit probably helped me the most. That and always staying hydrated.

Have faith man and take care of your teeth!

Hi Brian,

Did your holistic dentist say how they treat cavities?

No they did not since I didn't have any cavities.

I'm sure I could e-mail them and find out what they do if you'd like.

Thanks Brian.  I looked it up online and it seems they repair cavities the same or will use ozone to disinfect an early cavity, which then re-grows. Unfortuantely I've had a terrible time with my teeth since going high raw (now raw) and am now thinking about possible going to a holistc dentist, if more probs crop up.  If you have time at all in the near future to email and find out that would be great! Thanksx 



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