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Hey everyone!  I'm new here, but I have a problem.  I am 1 of 5 in my family, the only vegan and consumer of large volumes of fruit.  They get on to me for eating all the fruit, but I need to eat!  I almost always go shopping with my mom and try to get her to buy as much fruit as I can; she's reluctant to do this though because lately our weekly food bill has gone up (because of all the fruit)  I am too young to get a job and I can't drive yet anyway, or I would offer to buy my own food.  HELP!  What do I do?

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Find your local wholesaler, some of them will even deliver to your door step!


Awesome!  I'll try that

I would try to find some way to make money.  I started working at around 15.  Maybe a paper route :)

See if you can calculate the avg amount that all of your food (pre-vegan) costed per month. Since your parents would be spending that money on you anyways, show them the calculations (or do the calculations with them) and ask if they will give you that money to buy your own groceries when the family goes grocery shopping. Then just budget really well. Mostly buy bananas and whatever is cheapest. Encourage them to go to bulk stores for grocery shopping, because it's significantly cheaper (Costco is my savior).

Also check out the group college vegans on here. We've had a lot of similar discussions on that group page (there are many vegans who are under college age in the group too).

Good luck!!

Great idea!  thanks!



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