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Cardiology Clinic Done by Dr. Esselstyn - Smoothies are bad for you?


I was watching this clinic done by Dr. Esselstyn, author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and frequently touted by Harley as someone on the medical forefront regarding the prevention of heart disease through the process of eating a plant-based low-fat diet.

Anyway I was watching this clinic (drinking an 8 banana smoothie) and I came across this VERY interesting section where Dr. Esselstyn speaks on the topic of smoothies and how he disagrees with them. On the topic of what NOT to eat:

"...and what is not up there, and we now know is very powerful for injury is something like orange juice, apple juice, agave juice, honey, maple syrup, and why? - because of the fructose. Glucose we all have to have, that's how we thrive. But if we start stuffing ourselves with fructose - fructose is a toxin. That's why I'm so anti-smoothie. Because when you take an apple, you take an orange, take a banana and you wind it all up now you've seperated the sugar from the fiber. You eat that as a fruit, fine, but if you grind it up you throw it past the very most important part of your digestive system, which is your chewing and saliva. So it goes past all that into your stomach with that load of sugar and BOOP! Up goes your insulin levels And now you have it: the leading cause of non-alcoholic liver disease: cirrhosis of the liver."


The part in question is at 41:50

This kind of freaked me out, especially since I was drinking a smoothie. Now I definitely do chew my smoothie so I can produce saliva, but I'm still kind of worried if chewing the smoothie is enough? Is that act of making a smoothie in itself a bad idea? Would it be more beneficial to just eat the bananas without blending them?

I'm just now start the high carb raw vegan lifestyle, and I'm a good ways through 80/10/10, I also have planned to read most of the books that Harley recommends (as you can tell I've been watching cardiology clinics - not something I usually do). I'd like some input or advice on this. 

Thanks for reading.

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First of all, most people agree that eating whole fruit is better than blending.  Dr Graham, for example, and many other LFRV educators agree that the process of chewing is an important component of good digestion.  So that's nothing new.

This quote is a bit confused though. The quote states that when you blend, you separate the sugar from the fiber.  I don't see how blending a banana separates the sugar from fiber.  You're still getting the fiber.  Let's not confuse this with juicing.

Secondly, the quote basically implies that insulin levels go up more when eating a meal that's blended, compared to eating the same meal that's thoroughly chewed.  If anything, it would be the other way around: Thoroughly chewed food has been pre-digested by saliva, and so more of the carbs are broken down into glucose and ready to enter the bloodstream.  When blending, digestion is somewhat slowed down because saliva is not there to break down carbs.

And as with his claim that fructose is a poison?  That's just silly, and has been thoroughly discussed on this site. So is he claiming that we should chew fruit because it gets rid of fructose somehow vs. blending, because that's what the quote is implying, and that's just silly.

That's what I was thinking! Speaking about the separation of sugar from fiber just through blending. How can such a cumbersome process like blending possibly separate sugar from fiber?


Well said Bart!  

Cheers for this :)

Couldn't it be something like the sugar and fiber being tightly bounded in whole fruits. And blending separates them?

smoothies are bad for you

Juicing is bad for you

non organic fruit is bad for you

fructose is bad for you

oxygen is bad for you

water is bad for you

non supervised fasting is bad for you

greens are bad for you

chlorella is bad for you

wheatgrass is bad for you

low fat is bad for you

basicly-living is bad for us-let kill ourselves, cause whats the point anyway?

mashed us fruit is bad for us ?  WTF   warn all mothers against organic fruit baby food

maybe he means the commercial smoothies with added sugar ?  even so  i think he got this one wrong 

a lady ordered ham  & swiss with extra mayo and a  very large bag of potato chips and two boxes of equal a sugar substitute      sugar is an enemy above all others !!  sugar monster  for the  21 century rich world

For me, the real problem is fear of food. 

Honestly, I feel like -- if you eat fruit and veg, at the best quality you can afford, then you'll be fine.

Yes, each of us will die. We might even get sick before hand. It's part of being a living organism. So in th mean time, eat happily and healthfully, take good care of yourself, and enjoy as much life as you can. 


I was watching that same video last week and felt the same type of worry after hearing his remarks given how highly regarded he is in this community. With that said, I've been doing the High Carb thing (raw till 4, fully raw, etc) for almost a year now. I feel great and my blood tests are great. I've lost 80 lbs. I went from being a chain-smoking couch potatoe to a marathon runner. This year I hope to become an ironman. I thank banana smoothies (and Harley/Freelee) for helping me get here.


Essentially, even if Jesus, Mohammed and Yahweh held a press conference and said smoothies are bad for you i would still eat/drink them. If you want to take my banana smoothies away you would have to pry it out of cold dead hands!

good post michael    :  )   without the banana smoothie  i be drinking coffee now instead of fruit cals

go by our own experience   good to take every guru down a notch   they get something really right and other things really wrong    we get  to decide

I haven't read it but it seems kind of arbitrary.  I def don't chew my banana that well anyway...  If a smoothie helps you stay on track (carbed up) and eating plain bananas every day would get boring to you (I know it would to me) then you have to weigh the benefits with the drawbacks.  Seems like a very minute drawback esp. compared to the benefits.  Nitpicking, really



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