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For those of you who have followed my story here over the last 2 1/2 years may remember that I lost a cousin at the age of 46 to a sudden heart attack - approx 2 years ago.  Then, to be proactive, my mom had a cardio scan done of her heart.  She was on the operating table in 2 weeks undergoing a quadruple bypass surgery.  My mom is obese, probably considered morbidly obese.  I have tried to tell her about the vegan lifestyle, explaining how she could get off meds for diabetes, cholesterol (which by the way, statins criple her), etc.  She always listened, but never took action.  I have researched veganism for the last 3 years and feel like I explain myself to others pretty good.  But, I think my mom has to hear it from someone who is a medical doctor or someone who has 'officially' studied the field, not her daughter who has a bachelor's degree in finance.  :)

So, here is the good news.  My mom had a cardiologist appt yesterday and took my dad with her, who is by the way scared to death of hospitals, doctors, etc.  While at the appt, the doctor told my mom she needed to lose 50 pounds and pointed at my dad and said, "You can afford to lose some, too."  He was pretty forward, but sincere.  My dad is not too overweight, but does have a little extra around the middle.  Before they left the appt, the cardiologist said for them to get a movie titled "Forks Over Knives" and watch it as soon as possible!!!!

He went on to say medical doctors rarely focus on diet as part of their recoveries and that most doctors do not think it plays a major roll.  He, however, now disagrees and is using diet as part of his healing protocol.  He told my mom he does not want to have to cut into the new veins again in a few years because she did not take care of herself - and that her diet plays a huge roll.  He went on to say he wanted them to begin being more active and think about this as being a lifestyle change.  

I was about screaming at the top of my lungs with excitement!!  I so dislike that no one around me GETS IT!  My mom's dad, baby sister, older brother and nephew all died from sudden heart attacks and her other sister underwent a quad bypass.  HELLO!  I could not be more happy to hear that such a reputable cardiologist is NOW prescribing a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle to aid in recovery and to PREVENT further complications!!!  

I just wanted to share the news with others on here who may have doubts about this diet and lifestyle.  Thank you!!

{{Rant over........}}

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thats great news. I hope they follow through!. I wish my mother would get serious as well. its very hard and sad to watch when you know what they need to do to get a better qaulity of life but in my case getting them to listen and be serious if futile. 

I have been 'harping' on my mom about simply moving her body for years.   The thing is my mom will listen, but always says she has no willpower.  My dad is like me and can be over the top on things, so I think being talked to at my mom's cardiology appt will be enough for him.  :)

That's awesome new!! My dad had a heart attack and couple of surgeries to put stents in his heart about 6-7 years ago.  Since becoming vegan and learning about how this lifestyle can ultimately reverse heart disease i told him all that i knew in the hopes he would become vegan also.

It has been about a year that he has been eating a plant based vegan diet and more recently has been working with a vegan doctor to try and get off all of his heart medication.  So far he has been successful in dramatically reducing his medication dose and we are hoping that soon he will be off it completely.

All the best to your parents - i hope that they listen to the advice you and the doctor give them and stick with it!

That is awesome to hear, Cristina!  I hope my parents are committed and can get off meds, too!  Both of my parents take them.  My dad was told he had too much stomach acid 20+ years ago, maybe longer, and has been on meds for it.  I told him the docs were wrong about 4 years ago and when I was diagnosed as having low stomach acid and no good gut flora, I thought my dad would understand and 'get it.'  They are old school and trust the doctors.  I have never trusted them 100% - always researched what they told me and came back with loaded questions.  Thank you for sharing!

It's hard to change people's beliefs but hopefully because the doctor has told them about the nutritional side of things they will be more convinced to give it a try.

Keep us updated on how they go :)

Who is this doctor and what planet is he from??? :)

there are some good ones out there!

Did mum seem more receptive now?

No kidding!  I was so elated when my mom told me.  I could barely hold back from screaming in her ear.  Yes, she seemed very receptive because a doctor told her so, not her daughter or a book.  I actually had my mom buy The Starch Solution over a year ago.  Guess where it is at?  My house...... She never even opened the book, so I asked to keep it in my stash for now.  Told her last night it is coming back to her house.  At least there are some recipes she can start with to transition.  

My parents are old school and believe and trust everything a doc tells them (so does my brother who is a really bad celiac).  Frustrates me to no end.   But, I am glad they are finally listening.  My parents have a full freezer of meat and my mom texted me last night asking if they have to give up meat.  I, of course, said yes to ultimately reverse their health issues and heal their bodies.  I could tell she wanted a pass to eat the meat, which will take them another 6 months to use up.  I told them it is the perfect time to donate the food to a food bank, even though it would be nice to see everyone go vegan.  My parents are frugal and she will eat it vs throw it away.  So, I *think* they are loading it up and donating it over the weekend!  

My mom and dad watched Forks Over Knives last night and my mom was very intrigued.  She is lost, asking me where to go from here.  So, I think they are on board!!!!!!!  It may be a vegan Thanksgiving in our family this year!!!!  :)

thats awesome news. theres some great recipes out there. I find a lot of people who are apprehensive to switching need fancy recipes to help them get excited about what it is there gonna eat.

I'm lazy myself and just eat stuff in its simplest form more often then not. 

Like one time it hought i'm gonna make black bean burgers so i went through allt his trouble to cook the beans mash em up season them then to recook them in a frying pan to make a burger? then i put it on a bun took a bite and was like why didnt i just eat beans by themselves? or heck just put the beans on the bun why did i have to go through all that? lol.

I do make soft tacos tho with red lentils seasoned with cumin and chili powder i cook em so they are like the consistency of mashed potatos then i spread that on a homemade corn tortilla top it with salsa and cilantro DELISH! 

Got an update from my mom.  They are struggling with the lifestyle change for sure.  I offered her many ideas, pulled things out of my cupboards to show her how easy it is to eat.  Made her two meals while she was at my house, breakfast and lunch.  They were both cooked vegan meals - so she could see for herself how simple it is to eat on this lifestyle.  

She actually came over with her new purchase "Forks Over Knives" Cookbook.  She actually took it upon herself to go buy it!  I never said a word about the cookbook.  She and my dad went looking for it at the bookstore.  They are definitely making a conscious effort.  I shared several YouTube channels with her as well, so she could do some of her own reading/listening/research.  So far, so good!  

EDIT:  Oh, and she grabbed her copy of The Starch Solution off my kitchen table on her way out the door!  I loaned my copy out to a girl I coach at the gym.  Never got it back, so I borrowed the copy I bought for my mom over a year ago!  ;) 

Proud of your folks for their sincere efforts, and of you for never giving up on them or yourself, FF!

Great stuff!

Doctors sure aint doctors!

They are just every day people too and some are switched on and some definitely don't want to be switched on!



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