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I know this question has probably been asked a bajillion times (although I looked in the search bar and couldn't find an answer), so bare with me while I try and explain:

I am a 20 year old female who is already somewhat fit (5'7", 134lbs). I currently do yoga, pilates and other body-resistance exercises, and own an elliptical machine which I use every other day. I am an ex-competitive figure skater of 10 years (quit due to dislocating my knee and now I can't use treadmills due to the high-impact), and enjoy both skiing and mountain biking when either the weather permits (I live in Canada, so can only bike a few months a year) or I have the money (skiing is expensive and I must go alone as none of my other friends ski .. and if they do, they can't afford to go either), and had recently taken up jogging this summer (which it now seems too cold to do, although I'd really love to start up again).

Due to my sporting background and recent inactivity both due to it being winter and my graduating of college and thus acquiring a car .. I have become quite a bit self-conscious about my weight creeping up ~10lbs, which is still normal anyway (although, because I have suffered EDNOS/anorexia, my perception of "normal" is a little skewed, and I have also always preferred to be on the slim side) .. and the fact that I have always seemed to grow massive thighs (from figure skating beginning at the age of 6), larger breasts (hereditary), and my hips have definitely rounded out ever since I turned 20, which I am totally not used to. All of this happens to make me look a little curvy, which I kind of don't like.

SO .. in order to tone up and slim down .. which should I focus on; cardio or toning? Or both? I prefer toning because I love stretching and resistance, but I'm not sure if it's really -doing- anything for me at all..

And how do I get inspired in this freaking cold weather? I have recently become pretty lazy because I really don't want to take off my sweater and work out when it feels nicer to bundle up and relax lol.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

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That sounds absolutely terrifying lol. According to wikipedia you have to take yourself up to 170% VO2 max (that would be 200bpm for someone my age?) for 20 seconds, and rest for 10? How in the heck would one manage that? Sounds like a heart attack on an exercise machine, lol.

Alrighty well if it isn't that scary .. I'm all for it! Can you do any type of exercise? I love crunching, lunges, and running. Would those all work?

I love the idea of all of these intervals! Sounds like it'll be really effective (and only as hard as my body lets it be) :) Really appreciating these great ideas .. especially to work out to get warm instead of turning up the heat! I have a workout DVD with 5-minute sessions focusing on individual body parts; so if I am feeling extremely lazy, that will no doubt be an option if I'm cold and need my heart going!

And yes it is very icy out right now .. so as much as I love running I'm going to have to stick to indoors :(

Although I -was- thinking of getting a mini-trampoline to mix it up by rebounding! I don't really know how, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

Please send me some full length photos (I saw none here). Seriously. Send them to me if you want my advice. I am quite an expert both from a physiological and aesthetic experience. I have been teaching this professionally for three decades, and have my own brick and mortar fitness facility and teaching kitchen and many clients. I also come from an art background (professional, international, and my dad owned and directed a gallery on Madison Avenue New York City for 33 years. Also traveled and represented famous artists all over the globe, and my grandfather was a well known impressionist painter a well, and my mom a professional ballerina). Plus I literally transformed my own body which was difficult to do. But I did it anyway. Long story short, your case interests me. I would be willing to review your photos (that is the most important part, and include your height and weight and please show me what you look like- very important, and give you my best advice.


Chris Califano

The Best Weigh Longevity Center

108 Forest Avenue, Glen Cove NY 11542


You need to drop weight? lol!

How about increase your health and get more rest. Tone up a bit if you want to. 

You want to look like an 8 year old boy? Are female and dont want curves? Sounds like you need a reality check.

Lol thanks DR. I guess I do need a reality check! I really needed to hear that .. and I'm not being sarcastic! Just a little jealous that everyone can get so skinny and I finally have hips now haha.

And yes, getting my sleep schedule in order is a definite priority!

Toning would probably be a better idea :) it's best not to focus on the scale number; after all, muscle weighs more than fat!

Fitness is DEFINED as 1) Strength 2) Endurance 3) Flexibility and 4) Body Composition. In order of importance. This according to the American College Of Sports Medicine. All experience, science and research proves this out.

Those who do just cardio are eating soup with a fork, wasting 60% of energy for nothing, when they could become so much better- enduranced and have better health, bone density FOR SURE, flexibility, and especially- BODY COMPOSITION. I have found, being a "skinny malink" all my life that it is especially important to set a good example with a good shapely body when you are vegan, and a RAW FOOD VEGAN! Not to mention a Low Fat Raw Vegan!!!  With all the ribbing that we get you would think that weight training (the proper way- the wholesome NOT the POPULAR HEALTH CLUB LYCRA CHROME AND FERN way!!) would take precident over cardio. I am NOTagainst cardio but let's face it-- We have all experienced 300% INCREASE in endurance just from going on this diet (I HOPE YOU HAVE !!!) since even a high raw vegan diet cleans out your blood vessels so well that it at least doubles V02 max efficiency! I see this happen all the time with my food clients - even if they hardly exercise at all. 

Plus it has never been shown that cardio exercise actually prevents or reverses heart attacks. DIET does that in a New York minute!@ 

So while cardio is cool and I like to see how much I can hypertophy my ventricle too-- and kick cooked food athlete ass--- NOTHNG can compare to proper progressive WHOLESOME systematic (non exhausting) weight lifting training for self esteem and to REALLY kick some "sand into the faces" of all those who challenge this diet! Let's go people@! Do your duties! The best eay to silence these annoying SAD eaters who insist on challenging the truth is to just LOOK BETTER THAN THEM. Great when we feel so much better anyay. But they can't SEE the say we feel. Hey and why not get some shape in the meantime? Never hoit....  :)

hey chris! your replies are always amazing. so informative.

what kind of weight training would you recommend for a beginner? and how often?



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