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after hours and hours of video watching and blog reading i am still entirely confused why eating more calories than needed do not lead to weight gain. I know the sugar gets stored as glycogen until later use but if it is not used quickly or there is too much to sure where else does it go? Im so confused please help me either by answering my question or just giving me a link to a source that gets STRAIGHT TO THE POINT rather than pages and pages of information. Any help would be appreciated

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I have no idea why this false idea is being perpetuated here. 

If you're eating more calories than you're body is using, you 100% will gain weight. The weight gain could be fat or muscle, depending. But it is utter nonsense to say that you can't get fat if you're only eating fruit. Its very UNLIKELY that one would be able to eat enough excess fruit to gain substantial fat, but it is entirely possible. Its just physics and chemistry. Fruit is great, but its not magic.

The reason you can get away with eating more fruit than junk:

Eating 3000 calories of fruit per day will yield less (or no) fat gain compared to eating 3000 calories of junk food.

Here's why:
1. Absorption. You're body spends more energy trying to break down the fiber in the fruit, and you end up not absorbing 100% of the calories from the fruit you eat. Whereas, you usually absorb all the calories from junk because it is so highly processed already.
2. How fruit affects you. When you eat fruit, there is not a strong insulin response because of the fiber. Therefore our body doesn't go straight into fat storage mode, as it would if you ate a big cake.

There are probably a couple other factors too. But, no matter what, if you eat more calories from fruit than you are using, you will gain weight.

Overall, if you are taking in more calories (minus absorption deficit), than you're body is using, you will. gain. weight.  The weight could be fat, muscle, bone density, etc, but your body will put it toward something.  100% guaranteed.   It's physics and chemistry.

Even though what you said is true, I believe that due to the massive amount of fiber and water in fruit and vegetables excess will just flush through your system too fast to be absorbed fully. Or least this has been my experience. I usually don't eat far beyond satiation, but when I do I end up getting indigestion and pass out the excess food fairly undigested, it doesn't cause fat gain. Though I do gain muscle when I am eating a surplus from carbs. I'm sure it's a little different for everyone.

I agree that what you said is a possibility for a lot of people, but we cannot go around stating false ideas as presented in the OP, if we want anyone who is educated out there to take this diet seriously, and possibly try it.  Educated people know that there is no magic involved in any diet, and that standard biology must apply.

So, while it is completely acceptable to say "One can usually get away with eating more calories on high carb raw vegan diet, than on another kind of diet, because of absorption issues,"  it is so NOT accurate to say, that "eating more calories than needed (or than your body is using) on a hcrv diet will not lead to weight gain."  The plain and simple fact that the statement says you are taking in MORE calories than you are using will 100% lead to weight gain. Every time.  But, like I said, you can usually get away with eating more calories without weight gain, just not more than you are using!


De novo lipogenesis is the scientific term for the body's ability to convert sugar to fat.  It can (and does) happen, but it is an inefficient process, losing about 30% of the calories in the conversion process.  The sugar is stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles until saturated.  

"Glycogen storage capacity in man is approximately 15 g/kg body weight and can accommodate a gain of approximately 500 g before net lipid synthesis contributes to increasing body fat mass."

So while it does happen, what will usually happen is that your body will burn more sugar for energy and will burn less body fat for energy (and store any ingested fat directly as body fat).  

Also, with the increased sugar consumption, you should have high energy levels, so start exercising and moving your body more!

Is this why high fat diets promote burning fat better than carbs?

From what I understand, the predominant macronutrient of food that you eat is what your body will adapt to burning as its' primary source of fuel.  If you eat high fat, your body will burn more fat for energy and will store more of your carbs as fat.  If you eat high carbs, you'll burn more carbs for energy and store more of your ingested fat as body fat.

From published studies, over a 12+ month period there's no difference in weight loss between a high fat or a high carb diet.  Over a 6 month period, a high fat diet is more effective, but that's if you can manage to stick to a high fat diet.  I personally love how I feel on a high carb, low fat diet vegan diet.  I have insane amounts of energy, something that I never had when I tried a high fat diet.  I felt slow and sluggish on a high fat diet, and I never had energy to go cycling.

thank you so so much for taking the time to explain, yeah im just so confused why i have not gained waight eating around 2600+ cals a day with only a few hours excersice a week xx


Your body uses sugar/carbs to run the machinery, protein to repair things here and there, excess is flushed out or something.. fat is directly stored as body fat basically (unless you're eating too little).

Whole plant foods high in carbohydrates are very calorie dilute, it's hard to eat too much...

excess sugar/carbs after your glycogen stores are filled up are usually burned up for heat and fidgetting if you consume more carb calories (so excluding fat and protein) then the total amount of calories you burn then de novo lipogenisis can occur in a very wastefull way, unlike fat that can basically be stored the same way it gets in. we're not cows or pigs that have a lot of de novo lipogenisis going on.

Who can physically eat 8000 calories without exercising? Bananas, rice etc cannot make you fat. 

Prob already been mentioned but as fruits/ veg/ carbs are less dense in calories while being high in fiber/ water, you might think omg I'm eating to much but in reality you have very likely consumed less calories then you imagine. If you can manage to eat excess carbs what usally happens is excess water retention. I'm sure you can get a little chubby and gain fat on fruit but it takes some determination to stomach excess calories over a continued period. Most people don't overeat every day due to wholefoods being very filling. So it's not impossible to gain weight, but it takes some real effort to get fat fat.
Eating less calories definitely doesn't lead to weight loss but read these conclusions: https://authoritynutrition.com/23-studies-on-low-carb-and-low-fat-d...



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