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below is an excerpt from a nutrition section of a gymanstics forum, i think the first post below is from an 80 10 10er.The response talks about carbs inhibiting growth. just wonder if anyone could clarify. I don't think this would be the case though.


Are you suggesting he ate a diet solely of oranges? For how long? If not, then the other foods he ate even the day before, or a week before, would most certainly affect the digestion and absorption of the oranges. If the former is the case, then, for the record, I do not endorse a diet of only 1 food. Over the course of a year I might try over 150 different fruits, depending on where I am, sometimes over 200. And as far as vegetables go, easily over 50, maybe even 70 or 80 different kinds. I once interned on a farm that grew 350 different types of fruit. I believe in simplicity at each meal (mono fruit meals are terrific) but variety over the course of the year, and I do believe in vegetables as well, not just fruits. Sure, if you want some overt fat here and there, no worries, but I wouldn't go crazy, because from what I've seen it hinders performance and makes one sluggish in large amounts because it tends to linger in the GI tract.

You may be absolutely right about decreasing growth hormone expression. I'd love for you to send me a paper on that if you have access to one. That could be a good thing and a bad thing. I would guess that reducing growth hormone expression would keep cell mitosis in check. On the flip side, as you're suggesting, it would prevent muscle hypertrophy, or greatly slow down the process. I was 7% bf last I checked, but that was a while ago, and I may have increased a bit. I'd like to stay below 9% and just increase my muscle mass as much as possible, but I'm willing to be patient and let my body take whatever time it needs. I hear you totally though, and I think life's just full of trade offs, isn't that part of evolution after all?

I'm thoroughly enjoying this thread, and highly respect the opinions of the athletes on this board, just so all of you know and I wasn't misleading anyone to think otherwise. I'm here because my goal is to become as fit as possible through gymnastics and some other supplementary training I do with balance/stability/neurotraining.

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Re: Are we meat eaters or vegetarians?

Postby slizzardman on Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:09 pm

Oh, the effect of carbohydrates on growth hormone is well known. If I'm not mistaken, the problem is actually that INSULIN inhibits growth hormone, and carbs inherently elicit insulin secretion. So there's no way around it. I might be wrong about the role insulin has to play in the whole process, but search for "carbohydrates and growth hormone" on google. You'll get more than you can read :)

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Its funny, the same crew that snarf down animal corpses and compete/want to compete at world class level say 'you wont get enough protein or growth factor as a vegan..' but then they are downing protein powders, pills, bars etc and getting their team doctor to give em Human Growth Hormone injections...

They say 'show me gold medal olympian gymnast on fruit..' I say 'Show me the gold medal olympian thats not on drugs..'

Heck, even Carl Lewis was initially a vegan for performance enhancement reasons and he was on drugs at the same time. Now he sees the health, environmental and ethical bonuses, he has his own veg cook book.

If fruit inhibited growth hormones then I would be dead instead of smashing it up the climbs with the best cyclists around. Arnstein would be running 5:28 marathons instead of a 2:28.

Glad someone is on other forums razing things up. Im on a lot of non veg forums too. :)
But, if you get plenty of sleep (part of our mantra, right?) and don't eat 3 hours before sleeping, you can maximize your HGH production.

From: http://www.shapefit.com/late-night-snacking.html

late night snackingWhat happens when we fall sleep? As much as 90% or more of all HGH (human growth hormone) is released in 5 short pulses during deep stage rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. If you miss your scheduled 8 hours of sleep, your secretion of HGH will be less than optimal and the benefits of maximal HGH release will be effected.

According to researcher Dr. Bill Misner Ph.D., "allowing the body to settle into a fasting state 3 hours prior to bedtime totally clears gastric-related digestive activity, allowing the maximum 5-pulsatile human growth hormone (HGH) bolus to be released from the pituitary gland. The mechanism of postprandial diurnal pulsatile growth hormone peak is largely dependent upon lowering blood levels of free fatty acids, blood sugar (including insulin) which in general takes 3 hours before levels reach their respective nadir." [1] (read more on the subject: Dr. Bill Misner Article)



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