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Before beginning the 81010 lifestyle I generally never had issues sleeping and would wake up around 10-11 am ( if not working earlier or having to wake up for school). I also used to make sure I would wake up to work out at least four times a week. Now, I wake up around 12-2 pm ! I have never slept this late in my life! While I feel great sedentary on the 801010 life-style, I am finding it difficult to work out because I wake up so late and have to get to work ( I work at 3pm so Im not forced to wake up early).I should also mention that I work till 12 AM, 5 nights a week so I go to bed around 1 am. But i am still ranging around 12 hours a night! I feel like i shouldnt feel so tired. I am curious if I should just listen to my body and sleep till whenever I feel like waking  up.. or if I should begin to set alarms and wake my lazy self up to work out although I am feeling so tired? Does this extensive sleeping issue happen to alot of raw foodies?

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I can tell you when I first started this new lifestyle I noticed I was sleeping a lot deeper and for longer periods of time for days in a row. This lasted oh maybe a week or so for me. After that I still sleep deeply, but if my body doesn't need a lot of sleep I will wake up naturally after 7 hours. Sometimes it's ten hours. This is pretty normal for me now. Absolutely if you don't wake up after 12 hours then your body needed those hours.

If you wake up repeatedly through the night, but just fall back to sleep easily because you can... that's fine too. I'd say as long as you're not forcing yourself to sleep when you're not tired then there isn't anything wrong with more sleep. Dream it up!

if you happened to have been abusive to your adrenal glands in the past (by taking stimulants, exposing yourself to too many stressful situations, or being underslept long-term), then your body may be going through a recovery phase right now where it wants extra rest to sort of catch up. i kinda felt this way at first too, although i still sleep 9 - 11 hours.

i mean obviously it'd be good if you could go to bed earlier, but until you find a way to do that, if it were me, i'd probably just continue to get as much sleep as i can to help myself heal.

is there any way you can imagine that you could change your life enough to be able to go to sleep around sunset? even if you can't do it yet, i think it's good just to imagine it so maybe you can do it in the future at one point.

Thanks for the post guys :) I get so jealous of people who can go to sleep around 7,8 or 9.. Must be so nice. It also makes it easier to not eat late at night, this is an issue I still struggle with because I try to eat my dinner around 5 or 6 maybe 7 the latest and around 11-12 I am hungry again! grrr

No harm in eating late at night :) If you're hungry eat!

I have no bloating or bad digestion eating fruit before bed. I would say if you're eating difficult to digest things like meat, grains, or a bunch of nuts or seeds right before bed then sure this would cause some bloating and adversely effect your sleep.

I basically go to bed with a full stomach (Buddha belly) and wake up slim again and fully rested.

There is always a lot of controversy on this subject, I feel best in the morning when I go to sleep on an empty stomach, but find it difficult to have my last meal at 5-6 when I go to bed around 6-9 hours later. I am not sure what the exact "proper" thing to do is on this topic.

its better to eat your last meal during the daylight cause that's what we would do in nature. i dunno about 3 hours before bed.  if youre eating fruit, fruit only digests an hour. sometimes before bed if im hungry ill eat. like today i realized i was hungry thought back and realized i probably underate and smashed in some dates

life and circumstances permitting, the ideal is that "if you feel like sleeping, you should."

You may be working through something that requires extra rest.  

Your body is very wise and worth listening to.

I definitely felt this way the first week I was HCRV. I couldn't do my 'regular' exercising. The second week things improved greatly. I think I also have to make sure I get enough calories in.



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