30 Bananas a Day!

I tried & I failed.

I cannot do it, they taste so awful to me still...

Please help me with green dressings.

How do I make them eatable? what can I add to them?

I have tried vinegar/lemon

I cannot use oil. salt/pepper right?

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get some tahini or avocados and you won't have that problem. i don't like the sweet dressings. i like the fatty dressings. i'm not saying it has to be straight oil like most dressings, but if you play around with tahini and avocados you will be making some legit dressings in no time.

it doesn't sound that good, but mix like 2 or 3 tablespoons tahini with some grapefruit or lemon juice. it's amazing.

make sure you get raw tahini

What greens are you eating? Have you tried eating iceberg, romaine, or celery by itself? Organic or conventional?

Maybe forget about the greens for awhile... I haven't had them in a bit, you won't die.  

but I am craving them like a an alcoholic craves alcohol!!! I need to eat salad so so bad, I do not know what has come over me.... Its so strong...stronger than craving chocolate and sweets when I was on SAD

Sounds more like an addiction... I used to crave salads too, especially since I associated them with condiments. Also there are supposed to be opiate like compounds in lettuce... 

I'm open minded to greens, honestly, I am. But I'm also questioning them at this point. I know what the deal is about the calcium phosphorous ratio, the nutrient density, development of hyperthyroidism, and all that stuff... but I think there is a bigger picture here.

Anyway, good luck. 

MIC, do you think I am addicted to the vinegar? could that be why the craving is so strong?

Addiction - the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

I prefer the phrasing/definition "unable to stop performing an action that is harmful and that the person wishes stop" 

Anyway, yeah, I think you might be. Salad dressings were an addiction for me. My first year on this diet they were the main thing preventing me from being 100%. Every night, I had a salad dressing, I figured "Hey, I eat healthy enough" eventually I got tired of it, and decided to go 100% which is definitely better.

I don't know much about vinegar specifically, other than that its a poison that isn't good for you. Perhaps there is something about it that creates conditions for addiction, I'm not familiar with its chemical makeup, but if its causing you stress and you crave it, that sounds like addiction. 

My recommendation, eat a variety of high quality fruit, get lots of calories in, and keep yourself busy with productive activities. Even now, I find myself with subtle cravings for various things when I am either not getting a variety of fruit, or when I am not eating enough, or when its not great quality. Otherwise, cravings and temptation doesn't exist.

Also, if the desire to eat greens is going to perpetuate this dilemma for you... it seems like it would be beneficial to set them aside until you can figure out a better method or get yourself in a place with better greens. I've gone months without greens, and many have gone years. 

wow I didnt know vinegar was so bad, I thought it was just fermented fruit

What I've heard, is that its a chemical found in chemistry labs that has a skull and cross bones on it. 

it is all about taste, im sure if you had your own garden and grew it yourself you wouldnt mind eating it just plain:D ive tried the lettuce at the store too, its definately sprayed with something.

Yeah it is for sure Nathan, but organic is very hard for me. Can I not eat them with a dressing, is it so bad to do so?

Hmmm, if you're missing traditional dressings, you could try blending ¼ of an avocado with lemon juice. This would be a great sub for the classic oil/vinegar combo, as it's creamy and tangy. The lemon juice will also help with the salt that you are craving.

If you want something a bit more adventurous, try blending some tomatoes with mango or peach or avocado, or check out some recipes from FullyRaw Kristina / Megan Elizabeth if you feel really stuck. They have some great step-by-step dressing and salad recipes on YouTube.

thanks Jade, ill go check them out



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