30 Bananas a Day!

is really saving my life right now..

the quality of fruit we been getting (me personally)

has been kind of crap the last few weeks. mangos are always brown inside etc

and taste is just not right..

so i had to find an alternative to fresh fruit

and i never really liked buying "fruit salad cups" or whatever because i have had them be kind of meh before.. but ive been buyin larger cans of sliced peaches + cherry fruit mix

+ i have to say its improving my north american winter mood ALOT

just thought i would share in case anyoen else like me is having to deal with poor quality fresh fruit..  + winter blahs!!!

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yeah i dunno whats worse. Throwing a few cups of sugar into ur smoothies coz of crappy foods. Or canned foods that are poisoned with BPA (through the lining in the cans). 

ednshell was writing this before in an earlier thread : (didnt know that...but its interesting) : 

"The processing and storing of the fruit releases methyl alcohol that is essentially as harmful as drinking aspartame or loading the body with formaldehyde, see this interview: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Woody Monte 

Real emergencies where you have no dates available (which you should always have), no fruit whatsoever, no frozen fruit, no fresh smoothies or fresh juices and you have a real problem with any cooked anything like sweet potatoes then I could see drinking eating canned stuff."

personally i rarely have ever eaten anything out of a can....  but i can tell u im happy to be eating these clingstone peaches right now.. because my mangos were garbage..(u see here in canada it was -19 degrees the other day, when fruit is that cold in the truck on the way to the grocery store it does something very bad) im sick of spending money on mangos being excited to eat em, and having them taste like crap, and all brown inside because they got too cold..  i understand that BPA is a concern but i also understand that there are a number of us within society that seem to get a kick out of occupying their mental space with conspiracy theories that the government is really out to kill everyone.... i have had bouts of this myself in the course of my life.. periods of time where i was convinced people were out to get me, paranoia is defiantely a possible mental state for everyone who is human, and theres probably a formula or way to bring it about in anyone similar to that "how to become diabetic" video about eating oil that was posted in recent weeks... I understand the concerns about BPA linings tho.. like i said i prefer to eat fresh fruit + if my mangos werent brown inside id be happily eating them, but this is helping me feel like smiling on a cold wintery day.. i guess u dont want any of my peaches;)

perhaps u could post a real link to the actual thread so i can learn more

She noted it in several posts of similar subject:


really? i might give them a shot. i'm fruit desperate too :-/

its WAY  down on the list of optimal  but the ones look best to me  are pineapple in its juice   no other thing in the can   get on raisins  dates   but may need something else to spice it up a bit     although  i like raisins and celery   when things get bare round here      until i get my tangerine fix

i agree but too much dried fruit can drive you insane

agree  i can make a mini meal of them of say 650 calories  and i am done    its a stop gap measure  to honey tangerines or grapefruit juice     

yeah fresh squeezed RIPE grapefruit juice is gold

i'm the same. about 600 calories of raisins and i just can't do it anymore

already had two meals of blended dates today

Chris, I hear you about the mangos!!!! I'm in the same boat and our temps are about the same. Oh and the young coconuts are brown and purple on the inside! Ewwwww! So I pulled out my food processor and went and stoked up on apples and tossed them in with dates and cinnamon  and some raisins and some dried mulberries on top! Killer!!!!! So good! like apple pie! Im eating it every day fr lunch! Try it, it'll take away these cold vortex blues!!!

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