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Can someone give me the heads up on these?
I saw a video of DR drinking guava juice from a bottle and pineapple pieces from a can, are these ok to drink/eat?

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Just assumed that fruit juice from a bottle had been cooked and fruit from a can had sodium in it.

They are not raw if pasteurized but a back up plan.

Other factors to consider:

Besides the cooked factor there are two more really good reasons to stay away from OdwallaNaked, Bolt-house and Santa Cruz.

#1) One applies to all canned and bottled fruit and fruit juices: the processing and storing of the fruit releases methyl alcohol that is essentially as harmful as drinking aspartame or loading the body with formaldehyde, see this interview: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Woody Monte Real emergencies where you have no dates available, no fruit whatsoever, no frozen fruit, no fresh smoothies or fresh juices and you have a real problem with any cooked anything like sweet potatoes then I could see drinking fruit juice.

#2) OdwallaNaked, Bolt-house and Santa Cruz all contributed money to stop the labeling of GMOs in the recent California food labeling initiative.  That means they want to be able to or already are using GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)  in their products.  Stay far away imo.


List of financial contributors.

Thank you ednshell,
So flash pasteurized means cooked slightly right?
And any juice that last longer then 3 days would obviously be pasteurized?
The juice I bought is organic orange juice, but I've always been a little weary on it, even though it's organic.

Thanks again for your help

flash pasteurized is cooked: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_pasteurization

If a juice is fresh and un-pasteurized it should be obvious by labeling or by the fact someone tells you or you are at a juice bar, if it is not obvious then I would assume it has been pasteurized.

I think refrigerated would be better than shelved as it does not sit nearly as long.  

Uncle Matt's is the only juice company I know of that openly is against GMO's and says so on their site: http://unclematts.com/?s=a+letter+from+uncle+matt

Uncle Matt's is also telling it's consumers to eat less meat and dairy:


I do it in order to get 3000+ cals in the winter it works well for me.



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