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Hi, my husband and I are eating lots of raw fruits and veggies only together, and I have been having usually 2,700 calories a day, my husband 1,500-2,000. He seems to be developing more canker sores in his mouth, and they seem to be staying longer than usual. Would anyone be able to give any input on how long these should last, what helps to prevent or reduce them, and if they will appear less often in the future than what he has experienced before the raw fruits and veggies?


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You don't say what kind of fruits your eating, but my guess is he should stay away any acidic fruits like oranges, pineapples, grapefruits, etc.

Canker sores are so common in society that they have special creams in EVERY pharmacy etc.


I know Freelee gets em if she looks at a tomato, lime or lemon.

I had a huge one a couple weeks ago and I'd just bought a bunch of ripe pine3apples.  I only ate bananas and papayas during that time.  Anything that is hard to chew or acidic will hurt...also try smoothies, a lot of water and a lot of rest.


We've also decided to cut out nightshades, in our family.  Or at least severely reduce them for special occasions.

I had a big canker sore phase, pineapples hurt so much! But I'm not bothered by them now, the bad part was about 2 months raw.

Interesting that you mention canker sores. 

I used to get around 1 per week and they were very painful. I actually noticed the other day that I haven't gotten any in over a year! Long term you won't have to worry about them on this lifestyle. Just make sure that your husband is eating ripe fruit. 

Hi There,

I start eating the RV lifestyle about 1 year ago.  I turned LFRV in june but not 100%. I ate cooked foods on weekends and between Oct and Dec i was eating alot of cooked foods. I have picked myself back up again and about 21 days ago I started eating LFRV again.

I have to admit that I am really struggling with these mouth ulcers or canker sores. I got them last year too. They usually last about 12 days and its not just the affected area that hurts , its usually the whole side of my mouth including constant tooth aches while the canker sores are there.

Its a really difficult time for me. Iknow im doing the right thing but the pain is unbearable  alot of the time.


Please tell me that this is a phase or a detox sympton that will dissapear.





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