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I think I may have a Candida issue, that just flared up last week, and has been making me extremely itchy all over my body with tiny little red pimple-like bumps, or clear bumps. Is this candida? I have been combining fat properly, if eating it at all. I haven't eaten fat in 1 week and this is still persisting. 

I have also never had this problem in my entire life, but since going 80/10/10 I think I may have triggered it. Not saying this diet is the problem, but do I have too much sugars in my diet? I properly combine foods too, just greens/veggies at night, and then fruit throughout the day (melons for breakfast, then later on many bananas and dates).


If this is candida, is there someway I can test it truly IS candida? I hate going to the doctors office they terrify me. Can I prevent this candida from happening? I mean, I don't really eat fat, I can't think of anything else I am doing wrong. I don't want to say that fruit is doing this to me, but I have honestly never had this issue in my entire life :S


Do I just go all mono, like just eat watermelon, or just eat all bananas for the next month? 




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I just put it straight on my skin, rub it in my hands then over my body. I use organic non-alcohol based tea-tree oil, very pure. 


Ps. You should give up ketchup, I am sure that may be the cause of your bumps!!

So not thinking I had a banana and berry smoothie last night with carob. Probably the worst combination of ACID and SWEET, hence the fermentation in my gut and the flare up of the yeast, my legs are full of bumps. I am pretty sure this is a fool proof sign that my issue is indeed candida, and that improper food combining makes it worse. Ugh, I've been doing so good all week, and now this. :(


Back to square 1 I guess.

I normally don't drink smoothies for dinner, but I had a night class and came home to make something quick. Anyway, I normally just eat a large salad or zucchini pastas with different tomato sauces with basil or orange as a kick. :)

Mono might help yeah, and I would recommend dropping the dates for now.

I have candida too :(

I don't think I had candida, or maybe I did? I still randomly get these weird itchy bumps popping up every now and then, but not as bad as before. Not too sure what it is, either pesticides from the 20% of food I buy non-organic or maybe mold in the house that pops up when it gets really cold in the house and then parts of the house get condensation and some mold shows up. I know it is very likely to get bumps and rashes due to mold issues. Not too sure how extensive the issue is, planning on moving within the year or so, so I guess I won't really know. Could also be water and all the crap they poison it with (ie. taking a shower)

Hi Carly,

You may be more sensitive to toxins - laundry soap is a common trigger. Also, you may be getting a new allergy (e.g. mold, pollen, etc.).

I had this issue six months ago and it stayed with me for months until I figured out what it was. I had demographism - my body was treating any pressure or scratching as an allergy (the result: little red bumps). The bumps came and went (sometimes they stayed for 30mins, other times days) and would pop up in different places on my body. I tried "writing" on myself (very lightly using my finger to spell the letter C and within minutes I felt a burning sensation, followed by a raised letter C in red - done on someone else's body this same light pressure has no impact - it shouldn't hurt when you're applying the pressure or after normally). I went to an allergist doctor and he immediately agreed that I had demographism (btw the easiest place on your body to "write" is the stomach). He prescribed antihistamines (which I did not buy) and told me the scientific community doesn't know the cause and that it may go on for months but that it goes away on its own.

I personally took herbal "antihistamines" (echinacea/goldenseal pills found in health food stores/Whole Foods) because it was driving me crazy. I NEVER take meds (including pain killers after a deep bone surgery) but I just couldn't handle the itching on my body. I progressively got off of them when the itching started to subside. I found that stress (including the stress from the itching driving me crazy) and tomatoes made it worst. There are foods that are histamine releasing and I expiremented with each to see the effect.

I don't know if you have the same thing, but if it is not detox, it might be an allergy. The allergy will likely go away with time as it does for so many people of 811lfrv. I would research it further to see if you can determine the actual cause.

Hey Caroline,

That is very interesting, thank you for your input! I eat TONNES of tomatoes, maybe I will try a couple days without them (once I get rid of my stash that is). This is all a learning process I suppose, and I have been stressed whenever these bumps come up (surprise surprise). University is a killer, so glad to be done soon. Thanks again! Sometimes I may scratch myself and then a bump will show up, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes it is more random.

They are pretty much gone now, they come and go, I'm hoping they just LEAVE soon enough, but I probably won't know until exams are done, and there is no more stress. Heheh. 



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