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I think I may have a Candida issue, that just flared up last week, and has been making me extremely itchy all over my body with tiny little red pimple-like bumps, or clear bumps. Is this candida? I have been combining fat properly, if eating it at all. I haven't eaten fat in 1 week and this is still persisting. 

I have also never had this problem in my entire life, but since going 80/10/10 I think I may have triggered it. Not saying this diet is the problem, but do I have too much sugars in my diet? I properly combine foods too, just greens/veggies at night, and then fruit throughout the day (melons for breakfast, then later on many bananas and dates).


If this is candida, is there someway I can test it truly IS candida? I hate going to the doctors office they terrify me. Can I prevent this candida from happening? I mean, I don't really eat fat, I can't think of anything else I am doing wrong. I don't want to say that fruit is doing this to me, but I have honestly never had this issue in my entire life :S


Do I just go all mono, like just eat watermelon, or just eat all bananas for the next month? 




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That sounds more like skin irritation due to detoxification, although it could be candida. How long have you been eating this way? Anything else you can share like other health problems, sleep, water, lifestyle, etc?

I have no other health problems, I have mainly been raw since January, however not LFRV (but I don't recall eating much fat, but was mainly eating smoothies during the day, buckwheat/banana cereal in the morning - raw buckwheat soaked - and then for dinner some fats with greens). Anyway, as of September I switched to 80/10/10. 


I recently ordered dates from Bautista, and that is when the issues sort of arose (when I started to consume loads of them - haha), but I really can't attribute it to dates because I have been eating dates forever (and in large amounts, I don't see how bautista dates are any different). 


I am currently on Birth Control, and also trying to get OFF Birth Control, just waiting until the right time, which will be in the next year or so (BC pills have never given me weird bumps like this before, ever, and I've been on them for like 6 years). I sleep up to 8-9 hours every day, I am in university (high stress), and drink 3-4 litres of water a day. I dance from 30min-60min each day (vigorous, crazy sweaty dancing), and do muscle work 1 hour each day, with a rest day of course. 


Menstrual cycle - this week, probably will come tomorrow. So these symptoms started and have continued for 2 weeks before this date, so I guess when I was ovulating? 

You mentioned the birth control.  One of the wonders of this diet is that your body will get cleaned out, and start building healthy tissues.  When this happens, a clean body will become more sensitive to toxins.  It is possible that you are reacting to the birth control.  Perhaps you can explore other hormone free safe methods.

Peace, PK

Sometimes the bumps flare up really bad, other times they are good. last night was the first night I had a hard time falling asleep due to scratching. :(

I'm thinking it's your body detoxing. Through skin is one of the top ways the body detoxes. It could very well be the Birth Control pills your body does not want. Birth control is horrible for you. It screwed up with my hormones and with many people as well. I would stop birth control asap.

Before when you were on BC and not eating healthy your body did not have a way to detox this. The bc was trapped inside you. Now that you are feeding your body the right foods, waking up your cells with the fruit, your body is getting healthier and wants this bc control out. Skin rashes are common when detoxifying.

It's not really a rash though, just like random pimple like bumps that just pop up, separately, never in a pattern, just random. I know the skin is a major organ and it detoxes, but I have a feeling that this is not a detox symptom. I think I MIGHT have had a similar thing during summer when I was just raw, and improper combination of fats and fruit, but it came and left very quickly. This is just persisting, and eating dates makes it worse. 

If you are 100% low fat raw vegan, then usually within 48 hours, candida itself clears up.  If your skin issues are candida related, it may take a few weeks to heal even though the candida is in control.

There may be other reasons for your skin irritations:

1.  Detoxing other toxins from the body.

2.  Use of soaps, lotions, and other cosmetics.  As you body gets cleaner, it will become more sensitive.  Many of our members only bath with pure water.

3.  You may be allergic to some fruit you are eating.  My personal problem fruits are pineapple which gives me a sore mouth, and avocadoes, even though I love them, give me a similar skin reaction like you are describing:(

If you are still new to this diet, you may just need some patience, and give your body a few months to detox and heal up.  Keep going 100% because Cheat Days can equal Sick Days.

Good luck and Peace, PK

Thanks PK, 


I actually have been eating lots of MUSHROOMS lately, which are a fungus, and may be contributing to the problem. I won't eat them for awhile and see what happens, like you said, just gotta figure out your body. I do not wear makeup (anymore) and only use coconut oil as a moisturizer (do you think this may be bad for candida, applying it on the skin? Since its a fat?) 

Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, so keep using it on your skin. Also, mushrooms are on many lists as a big no-no for Candida, so give them up for awhile and see if things don't improve.


Sorry this response is late.  

It is my opinion that you should not use any oil on the skin.  The skin has many pores which the body may use in detox, but also, some of our oxygen respiration is done through the skin. The oils will block the pores from this process.

I actually do not know how putting oil on the skin affects candida. 

I personally do not not use any oils or lotions on my skin.  In winter time, I eat one mono meal of oranges a day, and after that, I have no issues with dry skin.

If you feel like you have dry skin, give your skin a few days to heal and for the glands and pores to start working naturally.  In the meanwhile, you can eat one mono meal of oranges a day to help. 

Peace, PK

sounds like detox. give it some time...

I have stopped eating dates and mushrooms. Let's see what happens in the next week or so, I'm thinking it will go away, if I THINK it will go away my body will be strong enough to remove it. Power of the mind is incredibly strong, and positive thinking too :) ... I think it is important that this happened to me (whether detox or candida, whatever it is), because it helps strengthen a person to learn their body better and what does/doesn't work (when consumed in large quantities I think that's when our body can finally recognize it and be like OH, THAT..yeah I don't want that! haha). So yeah, hoping for the best, tea tree oil works wonders to subside the itching completely



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