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From what I understand and have been experiencing Candida is caused by too much fat in the blood. It is also caused by too much sugar in the blood. I have no problems removing the overts but how do I regulate the sugar in the blood? Also after rereading the 80 10 10 book the Dr. said ( page 39 ) that if candida issues are not resolved in a matter of a few days they may still have underlying pancreatic and adrenal fatigue. I'm at an impass, thanks for all your help.

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I agree MGG.
I beleive that for some people all it takes is changing their diets and following the 80 10 10 rule and the candida will be under control. For those of us who have tried many different things and have had limited success I beleive that we have some underlying issues that we are missing. For some reason we cannot have long term results, it always returns. I have always had digestive issues and I believe that is a big part of the problem. Food combining or mono eating is very helpful. I also had my adrenals checked by a naturopath many years ago and they were extremely low. When I started the 80 10 10 about 8 months ago my symptoms dissapeared so I beleive that fat is certainly an issue. As soon I added minute amouts of overts it came back with a vengence and I am still not having any overts. I will continue on my journey of trial and error and someday the peices of the puzzle will all fall into place. ENOUGH ALREADY !!! On the good side of my jouney I have been raw for 2 and a half years and 80 10 10 for 8 months. I have enjoyed it tremendesly. I have no cravings at all and TONS of energy. Absolutely loving it....... Thank you

As B says, the issue is about high blood sugar levels. Fat may be a factor in the development of candida however there are other important factors too. For example, a high protein diet will cause elevated cortisol levels. Cortisol increases blood sugar levels, and so if the diet is also high in sugars, this may cause excessive blood sugar levels, providing an ideal situation for candida to proliferate. Consuming large volumes of refined sugars (eg. juice, dried fruits) can elevate blood sugar levels too. This is because in whole foods we have both fibre and water present. This helps ensure we do not over-eat at any given time, since fibre and water take up alot of space in our stomach. With juices, we have no fibre to slow down the release, and also to take up volume in the stomach. And with dried fruits we have no water, which means we can consume much larger amounts of food than we would if water was present. It also means that the sugars in the fruits will concentrate.

It's possible that smoothies may also contribute to this also, since smoothies allow us to consume more food than we ordinarily would be able to. Although nothing is removed, the structure is changed and we do not chew the food as much. Our body is designed to chew food before swallowing, which activates a signal in the brain to produce leptins (hormones that tell us we are full) within 20 minutes. When we consume smoothies, our meal may get into our system much faster than if we had eaten the food unprocessed and so we can trick our body into eating more calories before it is full.

There are also other factors at work with candida. For example, if we have exhausted pancreatic functioning, due to chronic high blood sugar levels, either due to high stress levels, high caffeine, refined sugar, cigarette or stimulant intake, or if we have lowered adrenal fatigue for the same reasons, or if our immune system and intestinal flora levels are imbalanced (80% of our immune system is produced in our intestines and is dependant on healthy gut flora), our recovery from candida overgrowth may take much longer. Another important factor is that parasitic infection may perpetuate candida overgrowth.

There are lots of factors to consider with candida recovery.

Your best bet is to exercise daily, drink plenty of water, eat lots of whole unprocessed fruits and vegetables and keep your fat and protein intake at healthy, but low levels. If problems persist for a long time, you may need to begin considering other factors. Adrenal and pancreatic fatigue will recover over time with eating this way, but a supervised water only fast may be needed to speed up this process. Similarly if Parasitic infection is shown to be a problem, it may be that herbalism or hygienic fasting may be needed to address this issue.

Take care

Adam x
Cheers. Herbalism...I don't know enough about herbalism to comment on what people should be taking if they have parasites..better to consult a herbalist really. I could recite some generic stuff, but its not specialised knowledge. Hygienic fasting means supervised, long fasts (ie. 21+ days) with lots of lying down with your eyes closed and relaxing.

Take care

Adam x
Adam you are so right when you say " unprocessed fruits and vegetables". Lately I had been enjoying my blender a little too much. I was trying to up the greens with banana smoothies and maybe was having too many calories and my body could't handle it. Thanks so much for your help, always appreciated.
You're welcome...eating this way is one big experiment. You have to play around until you get it right for you :o)

Take care

Adam x
Hi Pauline,
I feel your pain on this one. I've been diagnosed with excess candida. I have been 811 for almost 5 months. I ate no overts the first 3 months and seemed to be improving (not completely symptom free though) so I added back tiny amounts and things flared up again. I am wondering about the underfunctioning pancreatic issue. The test that showed I have an overgrowth of candida is called the Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis. It also showed that my level of pancreatic enzymes was low. Is this a sign that my pancreas is underfunctioning? If so, it sounds like the best remedy is continuing the diet with no fats and all the other aspects. As far as fasting, I did a 13-day fast last April. Unfortunately, I was at True North so they instructed me to eat cooked food afterwards. I did so for about 2 months and then switched to 811rv. I didn't really seem to get any benefit from the fast. The fast was a costly venture and I'm not in a position to do another one at this point. But, perhaps a short one would help.

Best to you in your continued quest for health.

Hi Mango GG, I'm glad you heard back from Doug and you are satisfied with your response. I agree with everything he writes here, I too was trying to say something of this effect to you, but Doug explains it much more clearly than I was able to. Many misinterpret Doug as claiming that an 811 diet will solve all health problems, or that if you're not succeeding on 811 then it always means its your fault. Neither of these are true of course. I'm happy that he was able to clarify his position. Thanks again for sharing, and I do wish you a speedy recovery my friend :)
Absolutely TRUE, MGG. And I posted on this a few hours ago, and I have been saying it all along.
Ya Maltron, I guess sometimes we need to hear it from the 811 Jedi master for it to finally sink in :)
Hi MangoGG,
Thanks for asking the Dr.. I feel better knowing that after all these years of limited success it probably wasn't just my diet, there were other issues. Since the 80 10 10 I feel much stonger and have tons of energy so with patience I know I will overcome this. I know I can find a balance. Many thanks.
i have one question...even if there is not overt fat in blood,still the candida must get plenty of sugar,even with low blood sugar...all the sugar must come to cells,and candida is present in cells as well..how can became"small",if get always a lot of sugar?is not it just "sleeping"?

i had problem with cancida,took off sugar,and in few days went good,but when i have started with dates smoothies,i got it back,litlle bit,not like before,and felt pain in pancreas.
can you someone tell me more about what is going on in pancreas if i have higer sugar in blood?i am going to get meter for sugar blood,to see..
does the pain mean that pancreas is producing too much insulin,even i dont eat any fat,becouse of too much sugar from date smoothie?
how long does it take to fix blood sugar in generaly?have u some experience with measuring?



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