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Hello everyone,

I joined yesterday and this is my first post although I have been roaming on these forums every now and then for the past year. I'm on the same diet as you guys and I've read the book by Douglas Graham.

I'll tell you a quick story of my situation, which is downright terrible. I started with severe psychological problems and tried to cure them by psycholocigal means ofcourse, until I realized that nothing had worked. At the time I was curious about low carb diets because I wanted to loose weight. So one day after browsing low carb forums I ran into the term "Candida". After viewing the symptoms of Candida I was soon positive that I had it. Because I was already experimenting with low carb diets I decided to try the low carb Candida diet. 2 Months and all of my symptoms were gone. Before the diet my sleep had been terrible for the past 10 years (getting only 4h sleep with sleep medication), there were horrible moodswings and anxieties, severe depression, fatique and odd pains all around my body.

I was so happy to get rid of my symptoms. Keeping up with the diet was hard for me every now and then I slipped and ate something I shouldnt and the symptoms would get back. This went on for a bout 9 months, until I started having severe bloating and pains in my stomach anytime I ate meat or oils. At this point I paniced, what would I eat now? I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Little after that Cronic Fatigue Syndrome aswell.

Did a research online and found out about 80/10/10, tried it and it worked. It's just that everytime I eat a fruit other than bananas, pineapple or grapes my insomnia comes back? This makes no sense. Insomnia has always been for me a sign of candida outbreak. How can there be an outbreak even if I stay strictly 80/10/10 and eat nothing but fruit and some legumes? For the past year I ate any fruit I wanted without the insomnia, but then I still used my sleeping medicin (Mirtatzapin). Now I quit it during the summer and since I've noticed that most of the days I've eaten something else than those fruits I can't sleep. I have come to the conclusion that the only way for me to get all the nutrients etc is to eat steamed veggies also, but I'm afraid I will never be completely cured because of that.

I'm in deep agony, I have so many diseases and my options are so limited I feel like in a cage. I can't step any direction without ruining tha day for myself. The only thing I can eat without Insomnia or other symptoms are bananas, pineapples, grapes, raw greens and steamed ones. The space I'm allowed to move is really small. Same thing was with the low carb high fat diet, the only thing I ended up being able to eat on top of raw and steamed veggies was fish.

Any ideas? :P

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Hi there! I'm really sorry to hear that you are having a hard time at the moment - I hope that I can help :)

Looking at your history, I have a few ideas. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people do well on low-carb diets because they are coincidentally no longer eating gluten and grains - it sounds from your description that you might have difficulties with gluten, as this often causes psychological problems, and symptoms similar to candida. So if this is the cae for you it wasn't the carbs causing the problems, but the fact that carbs often contain gluten.

In terms of the insomnia, bananas, grapes and pineapple are low allergenic foods, so a good place to start from with your diet. Bananas are actually known to help you sleep. What other fruits have you tried eating so far when your insomnia has gotten worse? Straight away, I would say to avoid tomatoes, bell peppers, citrus, and berries. Have you tried mangoes, pears, or melons?

Let me know what think and I'll try to give you some more specific advice.

I started out on this diet in a very bad place, only able to eat one fruit for four months, so I know how tough it can be at first - but things will get easier for you :)

Take care and wishing you all the best,

Eseperanza xxx

Thnx for the support :)

Yes grains and gluten are definitely the biggest bane of my existence. As for the fruits that have given me hard times to sleep include: Watermelons (every third time), berries (rarely, but they do), avocadoes(maybe, ate them the same day I ate pears and couldnt sleep that night), sometimes pears and apples. Other than that I dont really know because these are the fruits that I have tried. It's just that I'm not very keen on starting to test which fruits do this to me because I always loose a night and such a night is filled with agony and during such times I am very close to eating basicly anything just because I feel so bad and am so depressed :P

Tomatoes and bell peppers dont give me this problem, I eat them every day. I dont eat much citrus fruits. Esperanza I watched your video, what a transformance! It gives me hope. You know it might be that I havent given my body the chance to regenerate itself despite the fact that I've been doing this diet for some time. I hope that after a while I could start eating a larger variety of fruits, but atm I have no alternative options but to eat a bit of steamed veggies instead.

This is a new thought for me, that things could change. I always thought that if there was a certain diet then it would work 100% right from the beginning and thats why I have been so worried. Maybe I just havent let my body regenerate itself. 1 month is the longest period I've stuck to this diet without breaking the form. I wonder if smoking a pack of cigarettes and eating a normal meal in a restaurant could sort of "reset" the whole process of healing? I don't usually smoke but after my illnesses I havent been able to drink or anything so I've felt that I have the right to do something(I know, stupid!), so every now and then I smoke, usually during the same time I slip with my diet. Now I've hit my head against the wall so many times and always bit horrific consequences that I'm ready to go all out.

You gotta wonder what is giving me these sleep disturbances. I mean it is the fruits but what in them? What is the mechanism? I've read the book on this diet and alot of information on Candida and this is just plain weird.

Peter hehe that totally blew my mind. I couldn't stop laughing, but the evidence does make sense, we've basically altered all aspects of life and now we're paying for it :P

I totally get why you wouldn't want to keep trying different things that might make you ill. My advice to you would be to stick with just the fruits that you are getting on well with for now. Let your body heal for a bit on this limited diet, and then you can try introducing other fruits once your health is more steady.

I'm really glad you found hope in my video - I never thought that things would change so much for me but now I'm really glad that I stuck with this diet through the tough times as it's been so worth it. I'm sure it will be the same for you :)

Give your body time to heal on this diet, be patient with it, and remember that things will get better :) If you need any more advice just ask - I'm very happy to help. Take care, Esperanza xxx


There are some people who don't have one food that they can eat without digestive upset so you are better off than them.   You could stick with bananas, grapes and tender leafy greens for a year no problem and as your body heals up, you could try adding something else.  (just make sure they are ripe, pineapple is very unlikely to be ripe in Finland), I would make organic a top priority, much higher vitamin and mineral content and much less toxins to deal with.  


One question is are you tracking calories?  Sleeplessness is often caused by under eating calories so it might be that you are switching high calorie fruits for lower calorie fruits and unknowingly under eating on those days causing sleepless nights. Oh and thumbs up for the squat position for elimination! 

Thnx :)

I'm glad to hear that its okay to not be confortable with all the fruits right from the beginning, I was afraid there was something wrong. I did track my calories long enough to get on the idea, I always do that with a new diet. I am confident that I get enough. This insomnia has plagued me for a decade so it is nothing new and atm it is not nearly as bad as it was. I no longer use any kind of medication for it. Yea pineapples are rarely good here in Finland, especially now in the summer it seems like there are none. But in the winter there is one supermarket in my city, where there are always ripe pineapples, the supermarket is like my secret treasure house :)

I started fasting today in hopes of speeding up the healing process. I've never fasted before, but I was thinking of going for atleast 4 days. After 4 days I'll see how it feels and then maybe continue until a week has passed. I'm doing a water only fast. Read a book about the subject so I think I'm good to go.

Oh good to hear your insomnia is better on lfrv and no meds! :)  Tracking calories in the first year on 811 is extremely helpful, checking again every couple of weeks and with any change in activity or food.  It is so easy to under eat, especially when you are feeling so good, have so much energy  and then get real busy doing stuff, lol.  

Your secret supermarket for pineapple eh?  Typical selfish frugivore hoarding all the good fruit! ;)  

Dr. Doug does not recommend going over 3 days without supervision, he has seen people run into serious problems, so be careful.  Here are a few 30BaD threads on fasting:





 Ann Wigmore & me. My cancer healing story

WATER FASTING, who has done it??? Please share your experiences?

Yea thats me alright :P

Yes many people have told me that you shouldn't fast without supervision, but that sounds to me like a precaution for those rare cases that go wrong. I'm not going to fast for a month, I can't see what the worst thing would be that could happen on a week long fast for example. Also I've done everything by myself so far and succeeded in basicly everything, just by reading books and studying the subject myself, so I have great trust in mysself. However I do understand the concern. It was the same with quitting the meds, I never consulted a psychiatric and everyone we're like "You can't stop the meds on your own!" yet I did and succeeded, because I had read the requirements that you must meet before stopping them and I met the requirements. There was nothing new the doctor could've told me. When I go see the doctor they are always on the same track and tell me nothing new, so I don't see a reason to visit them that often. It's not hard to walk into a library and loan the same book which the great all-mighty doctor is basing his opinions on. Don't mean to discredit anyone, but I'm certain these things can be done alone if educated on the subject.

I'm now on my third day on the fast and will proceed atleast for tomorrow. Earlier today I had severe nausea and diarrhea, which went away on their own and now I feel good. Other than that my insomnia got worse during the first few days, think it had something to do with my liver cleansing itself just like the nausea. Now is the first day on the fast that I have started feeling really good, a bit tired but otherwise good. Clear mind, stable emotions and overall good feeling.

Don't worry, few more days and it is all over. I've decided that I will fast on juice from now on, so I can go on longer without supervision. I don't have the money to go on a supervised fast, I'm a poor student who can't go to work because of my illnesses :P Let us hope that there will be a change on that.

Your message strongly resonates with me. After 2 years as a, mostly compliant (too many fats on occasion), 80/10/10 raw vegan, my physical, mental and emotional health began to deteriorate. 6 years, countless water/juice fasts and attempts at every other diet known to man behind me, I realized that my stomach was not producing any hydrochloric acid (achlorhydria). Betaine HCl supplementation did help to a certain degree. However, my teeth would turn brown after a few days eating any sugar, whether it be high fructose corn syrup or a raw-ripe-organic apple. And my stools were always unformed, as if I had dumped my food directly from the Vitamix. I'll spare you the complete list of my ever-worsening conditions. For years my intuition had been leading me to HCRV, but it seemed that my body was on a different wave length. B-12 supplementation (methylcobalamin) has proven to be the missing link. I've spent hundreds of hours learning about the digestive system and the roles of B-12, HCl and bile. I don't doubt that it may take many months for my body to completely recover from such a severe B-12 deficiency. Nevertheless, I feel better than I have in years, and I'm eating the foods that I have intuitively known were ideal for my body. I enjoy my meals AND, finally, feel nourished and satisfied..at peace. I expect to continue improving each day. Best to you on your journey.



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