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Hello, I'm new here and I am from Argentina. I wonder if you could help me with Candida albicans. Im almost absolutely sure i have it. I am doing the raw till four or HCLFV diet, and i think i am experimenting some sort of detox. I would appreciate if you could share how it was for you, is it possible that i am expulsing it when i poop? I know it is disgusting but recently when I defecate it looks like there is a mocus or something like that on it. I don't want to go to the doctor as he will kill me if I tell him how my diet is :( Please help!!! Also i am experimenting some allergies, some kind of a flú and skin itches. Thanks and fruit love <3 

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Hello Lauri,

nice to have you on the forum. Not sure If I can help you, but back in 2011 I also thought that I have Candida. I was living the high fat raw diet. I felt never satisfied with my meals and had a lot of "cravings" for cooked food. Then I went to a doctor to check if I got Candida or not. And guess what? All my levels where normal. Then I found out about the 80-10-10 diet and boom - my life turn around 180°.

How does your diet look right now? What are you eating for breakfast, lunch in dinner?

'm doing 801010 and mostly raw till four... maybe one day a week fully raw and if i run out of fruits I eat cooked meals but always low fat low sodium. I have been eating like this for almost two months now.. I am getting worst. Trying to get enough sleep, staying high carb and hydrated. Not eating seals, oil and any fat i could care. I would love to check my levels but the problem is that there is not a single doctor who actually believes it could be that, i mean, they told me it doesn't exist such thing.

Breakfast: 1 liter water, and then 8-10 bananas + 3-4 hydrated dates (blend)

Lunch: Lettuce + bananas or oranges (it depends on what i feel like and what i have at home, about 6-8).

Evening: some dehydrated meals, like grapes, dates, bananas, figs at university.

Dinner: whether fruit (blend again bananas and dates) if i am fully raw, or cooked meals like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, whole grains like rice, corn (pasta or flour), sometimes lentils or other legumme... always having some salad with the meal or before it. 

I am being more aware of staying hydrated... i have always had my bottle with me but now im trying to have at least 2 liters, if i can get to 3 best. 

Thanks for your time! <3 

Also trying as much as I can to stay away from gluten... I now it may take some time  to heal, im patient... but i'm getting worried about how i feel :(

Hey Lauri,

for it seems like you are doing a lot of the right things. I think it can be detox and to some point it surely is. We are all detoxing throughout the day and this process is never ending. If it would end we would die from all the toxins that accumulate in our body from eating food, drinking water and breathing air.

Do you experience any other symptoms? Are you exercising regularly? If you like you can leave me a private message.

I am walking 30 min 2 days a week, running 6km 1 day a week, and trainning about 1.5-2 hours (muscle trainning) 2 days a week. Sometimes I replace the walking or running with biking, it depends on how i feel..

Another thing i am experimenting is that even though i am drinking sufficient amounts of water (more than ever) my skin (and lips) are REALLY dry, and it itches.

And something i started noticing yesterday is when I am finishing my blend (bananas and dates) i get REALLY cold..... and my hands look a bit blue and dry, they look like they are from an 80 year old woman. I think it may be caused by the bloodgoin to the stomach to dggest, but it is quite annoying and umconfortable.

I am concerned because I haven't read any of these symptoms in any other post... 

I had never thought about detox like that, you're right !! 

Thanks for you time!! 

Hey Lauri,

so I think you definetly get enough of exercise. You write about dry skin and lips. I never heard about that but what you can try is to use a little bit of virging coconut oil from time and you are from Argentina right? I guess Aloe Vera grows there so get a lot of the leaves, cut them and put the yellow liquid on your body. You can also use thicker liquid as well. If you cut a bigger piece you can peel the skin and put it your smoothies too,

About the cold feeling after eating: I experienced somehing like that the first months when I started eating a more fruit based diet.  But I never had blue fingers or something strong as that. Also I read in a german book about raw food that this can happen because all the blood is going to your digestive system know, so hopefully it's just that.  Are you experience this kind of symptoms only after your banana smoothies or after other meals, too? 

How did you felt to day?

Kind regards,


Always (since child) getting cold after eating (if I ate a big meal), but only with bananas this bad. Today I've tried eating lettuce before, and not having such XXL blend, I think I used 8 bananas (medium size) and it didn't happen... maybe I have to always have some greens before... I will continue this way and see what the results are.  

Today I could say I felt better, I am using argan oil in my skin (face, hands and hair) and it feels like it is helping a lot. I keep on having this sinus infection feeling :| 

I had 1 liter of water when I woke up, then 1 orange before my muscle trainning, after that more water and then lunch (lettuce + blend: 8 bananas, 3 dates and 1 cup of dehydrated grapes). At work I drank water and after it some dehydrated bananas. When I got home I had a quarter of strawberries, another orange and an apple.. I am thinking what my cooked meal will be. maybe potatoes and greens.

I noticed that drinking water before eating is making me have a better digestion. 

I would like to know what are you eating these days. 

Thanks! <3 <3 



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