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I recently talked about my diet on a dutch forum. I got a reaction of a lady who had said that a friend of hers recently died of cancer after being a raw foodist, possibly fruitarian, for 20 years. I was not really convinced of that being possible in the Netherlands, never heard of somebody being a fruitarian in Holland for that long. But it made me curious if it's possible to attract cancer on 811. Does anyone know of someone who got cancer on 811 or a very high fruit diet? 

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Sounds like an interesting personality. thanks for the link. most people who start this lifestyle seem to have a pre-existing medical condition, which will of course have had it's toll on the body.... 

I don't know any but even the best living conditions will not make us live forever and there are things from our past and in our current environment that will kill us/make us sick.  Cancer is a normal part of the body and is kept in check by a healthy immune system so it makes sense that when the body is on it's last leg that the cancer would proliferate.  Also, radiation from nuclear testing and bombs and nuclear power plant leaks and accidents  are a huge factor, some official study attributes most cancers to this.  No doubt that 811 lifestyle will give us the best chances for the longest and happiest life.  Living in the southern hemisphere is not a bad idea either!

pesticides is another worry for me. I can't eat 100% organic, unaffordable and too little produce. Hope the otherwise clean diet will offset the negative impact of this poison.

I also wonder about pesticides, I must be eating a lot of them with all my fruits. I also think there are 101 ways to give somebody cancer. The only thing I am sure of is that eating fruits is not one of them. (btw would love to see some pictures of your fruit hauls as fellow dutchie)

Hi Jelle,

Here a pic of a fruit haul! In a proper dutch bakfiets! We even almost share the same name btw, mine is Jelke...

That's a nice looking haul! :)


People report the same benefits on conventional 811 as one gets on organic 811, healing of all kinds of diseases.


I have read enough on pesticides and GMO's to go to great lengths to avoid them.  GMO's can severely injure one's digestive system.  Pesticides and herbicides and heavy metals are also hard on our bodies and are all found in much higher concentrations in conventional produce. These days it is really beneficial to become a fruit and veggie connoisseur and know all about soil and ripeness, grow your own and know those who grow for you.  If you are a fruit and veggie connoisseur you can pick and choose organic vs. conventional with some confidence.  I find taste is one major indicator of quality produce with quality soil which usually means less bad chemicals.  Of course radiation in undetectable taste wise so this is where knowing where your food has been grown and who grew it comes in.


You can never buy organic cooked packaged food with any confidence since they can now add carcinogenic flavor enhancers without labeling.


Things like stress can be huge, too.  Diet is extremely influential, but it's not everything.


This is usually in the case of a high fat diet.  Fats cause upsets in blood and lymph chemistry and then our cells cannot absorb blood sugars and nutrients. 

Then other things proliferate such as candida and possibly cancerous cells.

Peace, PK

Totally agree. Almost al of our veggies are organic, and the bulk of the calories of our fruit (bananas, dates) as well, and apples we buy for the kids. The rest is non-organic. Like I said earlier, it's too costly otherwise plus limited diversity of organic fruits. I try to buy only thick skinned fruits, hope it will reduce pesticide intake...

If I had cancer, I would probably take a plane down to Florida to see Dr. Robert Morse.  Prior to learning about him, I would have probably taken a plane down to San Diego to cross the border into Mexico and visit the Gerson Clinic.  Both places have scores of testimonies and I actually personally know of someone who was given six months to live and went to the Gerson Clinic -- six years later she lost about half her weight, looks healthier than ever and is cancer free.  I mean the medical establishment can tell me all day long that there is no scientific proof that those treatments work, but the proof is in the pudding.

I am now more of a fan of Dr. Morse because I frankly like his plain-spoken yet still knowledgeable style.  Not to mention that he explains in a very simple manner the nature of disease, which he claims does not really exists (it's an intriguing viewpoint) and how cancer develops and how it can be arrested -- with fruits and herbs.  

I should mention; however, that some people absolutely do not like Dr. Morse because a) he is not super skinny though he admits to not being 100% raw anymore and b) because he is known to use glandulars in his bag of treatments.  However, leaving that aside, his discussions are very enlightening. 

Here are links to the 7-part youtube videos where he explains cancer:









As already noted here, I have a concern about the connection between cancer and fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides.  I mean, you can eat the healthiest food in the world, but if at the same time you consume chemicals . . . well . . . maybe you're better off skipping the fruits and veggies if you can't get organic?

A good question, I sometimes wonder about this myself



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