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I am really tired of wearing unethical clothing. I don't like the feeling of knowing that children have slaved over making the clothes I wear. I don't accept the killing of animals, just so I can wear their skin. 

My last belt is wearing out, can you help me buy an ethical belt?



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Where do you live?

i live in Vienna, Austria right now, but i'm guessing that i'll be ordering my new belt(s) online

what style?  

formal or casual?

for now, it doesn't matter, i'd just really like to find ethical clothing, and i figured a belt would be a good item to start with...

I had the same issue and was very happy to stumble upon this one:


it suits for casual and formal styles greatly because of simplicity

the issue i have with the belt from the Gap is the mystery involved. 

we don't know, really, the conditions under which the materials were obtained, and we do not know the conditions of the manufacturing process. 

i'd like to be sure. 

i found some vegan belts online -- but even those websites appeared to concentrate on the end result only. so: this belt does not have any animal products "in" it. 

ok, but was it made by slave workers? was it made by kids who work 12 hr shifts? was it made by kids who work "only" 8 hour shifts, but who are exposed to toxic chemicals and who fall ill and die in their 30's? 

for me, i have distilled my desire down to a simple principle: i refuse to gain at the expense of harm. 

so, really, i am looking for a belt where i can be sure every aspect of the creation of the belt, was wholesome and ethical. 

I only buy elastic waist pants and shorts now ;)  If 90 year olds can do it, so can I lol.

Any thrift or resale stores in your area?  

You know, I posted this request on Facebook, and a few people have suggested that I "buy second hand," as if that somehow "deleted" how the product was made. 

The reasoning seems odd...

Good point, but it depends on what you buy 2nd hand.  Plenty of obviously vegan choices that way too, + you save money.

If you do choose new, check out REI.com.  They cater to an active lifestyle and would be able to break down any materials questions you may have.



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