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Did Andrew Perlot eat 'too much' or is it metabolic damage from forced starvation? (fasting)

I've been listening to Freelee and Durianrider when it comes to my calorie intake. I haven't lost any significant amount of weight, but slow and steady. There are a lot of people saying that if you eat too many calories, you'll get fat; even if it's fruit. Here's a video I found. Let me know your thoughts. :)


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Well David and the colostrum is bad, and being out of integrity is usually its own punishment.

The rest of your post is reasonable to me.

I have some of my own experience to add, having fasted many, many times over the past 40 years or so.  For years I enjoyed 2 40-day juice fasts a year regularly.  For me, it has been a great experience.  One fast on fresh juice was 400 days, and was awesome both in how I felt and the Divine grace and peace that came to me.  I never got too thin.  Two years ago, I spent about 2 1/2 months breatharian, which was involuntary and did get too thin.  However. the peace and grace during that period were amazing.  I am not advocating anything, just sharing my opinion.


As a raw vegan for many many years (and now fruitarian), I've never had animal products, grain products, and only very rarely feel a need for steamed vegetables (maybe a dozen times over the years?).


I have children older than Freelee, run daily, and have very difficult circumstances in my life, and am 99% of the time happy (which I attribute to God and the Genesis 1:29 diet (lfrv) and being an est graduate! 

Love and Self-discipline are really the keys for me.

no creature on earth restricts its calories    why should we ?  

Doug Graham is a master but maybe he got this one thing wrong? 

who gets fat on a belly full of these gentle fruits? 

eat like every single other creature on earth its specific diet all you can buffet : ) its vast and abundant 

great point, Dr. Graham could certainly be wrong. But no other creature on earth buys its food from the market that's imported from all regions of the world then goes home and makes a huge banana/date  smoothie. Also im not sure why the argument that animals in nature can get fat isn't ever mentioned. I am by no means talking about obesity but when an animal eats less it gets skinny and in times of abundance it gets chunky. Ive seen some pretty chunky monkeys on Animal Planet. Look at the dominant male lion or silver back gorilla. The one that gets first pick of the food and eats the most is the most robust. But people are so different then animals at this point in our existence from generations of unnatural lifestyle that im not sure if we can even use animal to reflect in ourselves. Im still sticking with in 70 years from now when we've all been hcrv for a life time, then we will have a better answer. I just don't think we know enough yet. Perhaps if Andrew continued eating unlimited fruit for 1 year, he would be super skinny. Maybe for him it would have taking 15 years. Maybe I could do the same in 4 years. There's just no way of knowing yet.

agree bobbi & andrius 

no animal uses a tooth brush or paste either   i get you 

we are learning but taking only  some cues from nature 

i guess its really an inner thing for me  that rings true for the all you can eat lifestyle 

good to keep open mind as that was the key for trying out the fruity way 15 months ago   as you say we are all young in this game 

think critically even with the masters or especially with master cos we think they know a lot

and may blindly follow 

Yeah- bears get fat every year, and then in the spring they come out of their cave all skinny again. Salmon restrict their calories- stop eating- before they swim upstream to spawn. There are many other examples in nature. Animals may naturally refrain from food if they are sick, injured, or bereaved. I read about a dog who broke his leg- he stopped eating for 23 days. At the end of this time, the leg was healed enough, and he was running around again same as ever.

As a general comment-- fasting is a natural process; when done correctly and intelligently it can be a great tool for healing. However, when abused, it can become self-destructive, and there's no doubt about it, dangerous. Like anything really- eat well, and you're healthy; eat badly and you're on a fast track to all the lovely diseases that civilisation has to offer!

Thank you all for your replies. I've just been so confused lately, but I'm sticking with Freelee's and Durianrider's philosophy. Carb the fruit up!

No animal blends 20 bananas in one go or put half a pound of sugar or eat a box of dates in one go. So I would be on Dr. Graham side, and you also save some money buy not wasting so much food.

Why eat more than you need, and force your body to burn that extra excess energy you take. For me makes more sense eat reasonable amount that is necessary to maintain your desired weight.

yeah i saw the video - i cant see that eating 75 days minus 15 days = 60 days of eating LOW FAT raw fruits & veggies would make you fat UNLESS this guy has been pigging out on bowls of guacamole (avocado being a fruit) and cashew nut creams (cashew being a fruit) etc. 

Just one note on this whole discussion; I have repeatedly heard Dr. Graham say "Eat all the fruit and vegetables you care for".

She did not do any research before making that video and is misleading people about what is taught on 30BaD, she was informed of her mistakes on that video, not sure why she still has it up.  30BaD does not promote calorie restriction.

The second video doesn't clarify anything, just more of the same.  It's of course up to you what you want to learn.  But when posting on 30BaD please adhere to the guidelines you agreed to read and follow when signing up here.  Prad explains beautifully here:  Take it somewhere else



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