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Did Andrew Perlot eat 'too much' or is it metabolic damage from forced starvation? (fasting)

I've been listening to Freelee and Durianrider when it comes to my calorie intake. I haven't lost any significant amount of weight, but slow and steady. There are a lot of people saying that if you eat too many calories, you'll get fat; even if it's fruit. Here's a video I found. Let me know your thoughts. :)


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Andrew did a 30 day water fast earlier this year first off. His metabolism is further screwed up because he has always operated under a calorie restriction model. 

I work at a grocery store, and considering 66% of people at least are overweight that I see, I don't see anyone with tons of whole food high carb plant foods, whether it be fruit or starches etc. They are loaded to the brim with meat, dairy, and refined packaged foods with added oils. DR challenge still stands I think, $10,000 to the fat fruit or carb muncher. 

The only time I would say you are eating to many calories, is when you begin to vomit your last meal because your stomach is so full. Other than that, eat as much as you care for. 

Totally agree. :)  I have been under-eating these past few weeks listening to everyone saying that fruit can make you fat, and I have been more depressed and tired than ever.  I also fell off the raw wagon and ate some rice.  It's all about calories.  You have to get enough to stay on the raw train!

Get dem carbs in ^^

Great insights there CC. So true.

carbs are a poor converter of fat.  you'd have to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables all day long to get fat on them.  you'd have to be rich and not have a job have a couple buttlers preparing you massive smoothies that you chug all day long non step and then you might get fat (fat you eat is the fat you wear) eat all the carb foods you want until you're satisfied.  if youre belly gets big from a lot of fruit, its just extra water and fiber in which you will pee and poop out,  fat takes forever to get rid of.

You gotta remember Andrew Perlot gave himself 'metabolic damage' by fasting earlier this year. Give it a few years and he will be back to normal.

Im pretty surprise Andrew Perlot would do a fast given his personal goals are to be lean & fit like myself and Freelee. 

Here is a non biased post fast opinion regarding weight loss.


This girl is still really overweight. Maybe one day she will 'get it' and start taking advice from girls like Freelee.

Andrew Perlot used to be obese and was doing great on this lifestyle. He really thru a spanner in the works by fasting. I mean you lose so much fitness when you fast and force fasting is just stupid unless you want to GAIN weight after. Sure, if your body WANTS to fast and forces a fever on you then yeah, thats normal and natural. Ive just seen too many people die or have real issues with weight gain post fast to recommend fasting anymore. If someone has great supervision and just wants a personal challenge then yeah, go for it. See what it feels like to live on water for a month but don't expect good things longterm for weight loss cos you won't get em. Fasting for weight loss is like using a credit card to get out of debt: works today but you will pay back with EXTRA interest later..

Andrew Perlot has IMMENSE discipline. Anyone that can deny their hunger drive for longer than a day has IMMENSE discipline. Freelee and I don't have that yet by following simple food choices and lifestyle habits we get to 'biohack' our genetic blueprint and make being really skinny + high energy REALLY EASY. 

I still wouldnt call Andrew Perlot fat. Sure he is heavier than his ideal weight of around 140lbs but he aint far off that if he just keeps nurturing and nourishing his body. I SO WISH I could do 'body swaps' with people and then hand em back and say 'SEE!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!'. That would be really cool. Id turn out of shape guys into lean greyhounds and chubby girls into stripper physiques. But hey, people don't really want that. They do this lifestyle for 'health reasons' right? ;)

I don't think Andrew was following 30BaD calorie recommendations prior to fasting, so he was never following the 30BaD lifestyle as such. He was practicing caloric 'adequacy' ie. eating just enough to sustain his weight and meet nutrition targets. 

In his case he seems to have been at a stable 'ideal' weight in the past whilst following his calorie restriction/adequacy model, eating HCRV, and meeting his fitness goals. So from his perspective there probably isn't much motivation for him to adopt the 30BaD excess calories model at present. If he's happy & healthy then it's difficult to criticise what he's doing.

I think his experiment with upping his calories after years of (relative) restriction is really interesting, but it's a shame that he attempted it so soon after fasting. According to the video his weight was stable for 2 months prior to increasing his calories but the fact that he was putting weight back on after fasting was always going to compromise his trial.

It's impossible to know if his recent weight gain is from eating too much or from a metabolic shift (either from the fasting or the previous years of restriction) because he stopped his trial too early. Maybe if he'd continued to eat higher calories he would eventually have slimmed down, then again maybe he wouldn't have. 

Thats also assuming Andrew is eating what he is telling us.

Ive met a few 'longterm fruitarians' that eat cheese, chocolate, chicken burgers etc but tell people they are 'strict fruitarians'. They are easy to spot cos they are always overweight. Doesnt make em bad people but it sure can make it confusing for the noobs that just trust 100% what any person on the internet says.

Good point

Thanks for the great feedback! I loved your analogy for fasting; it is just like a credit card. So it just takes time and people need to patient.

Hum, some sign of restriction seems there since he did not eat emotionnally or force himself, he said he just eat all the fruits he desires to. Usually when you are out of restriction mode and don't use food to stuff your emotionnal issues, you eat close to your need and don't desire food when you are not hungry anymore...so yes it seems that this experiment was following a restriction period/years....

i don't think that ANYONE here has been hcrv for long enough to know the answer. the truth is there are so few long termers and they probably all haven't experimented with different ways of eating hcrv the same way. so we are all the guinea pigs for the 1'st large generation long term raw fooders and we are figuring out the rules through experimenting throughout our lives. As far as I know Dr. Graham the only long termer I know and he says yes, too much fruit equals fat. Why his expert opinion is completely over looked and denied is beyond me. We are all different. Think of the bell curve, the same applies for 80% of people, 10% need less, 10% need more. And there's nothing wrong with that. Can't we all just be a little more responsible with our lifestyle and make subjective changes based on GUIDELINES and not laws that state, yes this is with out a doubt a one size fits all true statement. Its like we're trying to set such simplistic  rules to cover every being on the planet just to say, look how easy this lifestyle is, no worries, you don't even have to think for yourself when you become hcrv, just listen to 2 people who have been doing it for less then 10 years that totally figured it out for all 6 billion people on earth. I wish all this petty arguing over silly little variations would end and we would all just focus on the one thing we all agree on here, that David Wolf is a fraud and should be taken out back and kicked in the nuts repeatedly.



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