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has any one done this i recently saw a video of a gentlemen that eats a raw food diet that eats soaked raw potatoes. is this ok to do? If so why would you or why would you not eat potatoes raw:)

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I just turend raw, so don`t know much, but my grandmother said that her mother ate raw potatoes to have her teeth in perfect shape. And realy - she never had any problems - she had all her teets till the end of her life. But maybe it`s just coincidence.

nothing special it seems...

I did it back in some more desperate points in my life (like in college when I had no money or food and found some potatoes in the cupboard), and I might try it again if I were that desperate again, but it's not an enjoyable experience personally speaking so I'd probably just cook them if I could before I'd eat them raw.  (I ate them without soaking them..Not sure if soaking them would change the experience)

Some people dehydrate them.... never done it myself so I don't know how it tastes. But I imagine if they were sliced really thinly, they might get crunchy if you left them out in the sun or in a dehydrator.

I agree dehydrated foods aren't optimal.... but I don't think that makes them "cooked".


I sometimes use dried tomatoes and I dry them myself because I can't find salt-free oil-free ones at the store.

Hmm I don't think freezing actually does denature food. Seeds can be frozen under the snow, then when spring comes and the snow melts then they germinate.


Freezing does however cause the water inside cells to expand and the cell walls burst, which is why thawed foods turn to mush. Maybe freezing makes nutrients inside the cells more available to our body? I never thought of this before....

have you ever eaten eggplant raw? seems hard no? but one year i was working in an organic farm and eggplant were frozen in the field due to cold temp. when the sun warm them we collect thinking they will be through away...and i taste , in fact their taste was...cooked! amazing and delicious , but after two days of eating those de frozen eggplant i began to sneeze and my energy was really really low.....i stop eating these eggplant and everything went normal!


in fact according to my experience , the level of denaaturation caused by freezing is directly linked with the product's water content

nut frozen are quite no denaturate cause their water content content is really low , banana frozen are quite ok , but try just a frozen watermelon....awfull it's like...cooked! (and i'm not fan of watermelon BBQ)

I think Norman recommended Raw Potato juice for varicose veins.  (I may be mistaken, 35 years since I read all of his books...)


I like playing with the starch at the bottom of the juice--it's weird.  Is is solid or liquid?

thank you everyone for replying i respect your input:) i hear something about grated sweet potatoe and i think there is a raw recipe that sounded good this was a while ago and it just came back to me:)

Some animals will eat them raw such as pigs. I suppose they have the enzymes to digest them. If you have access to fresh fruits and potatoes then it's an easy choice. If you are near death from starvation and you have only potatoes at your disposal then enjoy them cooked or raw.

i have eaten raw potatoes and i've a friend that eat some regularly (but we are laughing at him since he's from belgium , he 's looking for the raw french fries!!, curing some emotionnal link with his chilhood perhaps......)

raw potatoes are perfectly eadible , but they are very special thing and if your body don't need them the taste will be awfull....it's all about instinctives needs

if you need their amazing alkaline input thei r taste will be fresh , juicy , with a slighty "oily" favour (taste quite like french fries , i swear) but if your body don't need them the taste is awfull , you can't even eat a slice

no possibility to cheat with them!

however i consider it should be interesting to test their taste sometimes.....

yucky-poo! first off, does it even sound appealing? The fact that you have to question it should tell you right there. What's more appealing...10 bananas, oranges, mangoes, etc. or 10 raw potatoes or or even 10 cooked potatoes? I'll choose the fruit any day and week.



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