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I think when we call non-human animals animals it makes it sound like we are not animals.

We should call them people, because they persons. 

Or if you're talking to a bigot who wouldn't understand you, you could say non-human people. 

I think this would encourage people to think about their actions against non-human people more ethically.

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This could be as complex or as simple as one wants to make it.  

I like to refer to them as individuals.  My kitty companion has many things in common with other felines, but at the same time, there are aspects of his personality that are different than other cats I have lived with.  (About 20 since I was born.)  

But for communications sake, and to make generalizations, then I might refer to kingdom animalia aka animals, genus, species etc.  This can help those scientist types pull the right reference files out of their brains when communicating.  

Having said that...

Calling humans behaving badly animals might be an insult to animals.  

I do not know what to say about bigots.  

Peace, PK

I agree...when I hear people calling a human a 'dog' as an insult, I'm like hey dogs are nice...and yes...it is an insult to the doggies. 

I guess I understand your point but wouldnt quite agree. First, it depends on what you mean when you say words like, animal, people and person.

I like to see animals as God's creatures or God's creation and in that way I think I respect them the most I can. But, also I don't think we are the same as animals, nor are animals the same as plants. We have everything animals have but animals don't have everything we have, and that is a spiritual side of us. Also animals have everything plants have but plants don't have everything animals have, and that is emotions basically.

Every living creature has a spirit

Well, I just don't agree, only humans have eternal spirit (among species of earth)

Do you have any evidence for this belief?

Hi Maja, you claim god created creatures and that animals have emotions, but they don't have spirit?

I am not convinced spirit exists, I have never seen an ounce of proof of spirit. If spirit does exist, there must be a lot of evil spirits floating around.

I do believe in emotions however, and you yourself have stated animals have these to which I totally agree. What is more important? a spirit that we know not of, or real emotions that we can literally influence with every breath?  

I am pretty sure Humans ARE Animals. Otherwise I might need to re-do my biology course.

How can we be the same as animals?

How can a chimp, dog, or cow be the same as animals? You need a definition of what you deem animals, if you claim we are not them. You can then judge each living sentient being vs this definition and either class them as animal or not.

I believe, as crazy as it sounds, that we are all just animals, each different, but all with certain similarities, one being 'breath' , and I'm sure you could think of many other activities you personally do, many of which that you have little or no control over, things you share with a dog, monkey, whale, cow, chicken.

I said we have everything animals have so that would mean we share a lot in common. But we have spiritual level as well, this is my faith and I have also experienced it through a lot of prayer/meditation, I don't have any doubt about this.

Humans are made in the image of God, so we have a capability to love on spiritual level not only emotional.

We have material similar somewhat to animals, but animals do not have spiritual side.

Animals are completely material beings. Angels, for example, are completely spiritual. And humans are material and spiritual at the same time.

I know animals have some physical capabilities different than humans and even superior sometimes, but I'm not talking about that, because that all falls in the same category - material.

When an elephant recognizes the passing of a member of an other species and mourns it, it is expressing a knowledge, perhaps a spiritual knowledge that that being lived and died.

What most people call spirituality is really just an extended ability to think of what we cannot experience in the physical realm. 

If the elephant can mourn a being when it did not know it, or, in a sense, even know (for sure) that it ever was alive, then that elephant has a spiritual understanding of what happens in life. 

All animals have this ability. It is whether it is shown or not that concerns you it seems however. 

"In the image of God" Then is God human? or are we Gods? Spirituality does not make sense when you compartmentalize things like this. How can you say that I see red the same way as you do when you have no idea.How can you say that other animals do not pray, meditate or live on a higher level than you when you have no idea. For all you know, they are all already enlightened and just waiting on us.

very beautiful, liberty! welcome to 30bad!

For all you know, they are all already enlightened and just waiting on us.

is it any wonder that sages of the past so often told parables through animals!

in friendship,




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