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Hi, All.

I have been eating vegan for 2.5 months now. It has been very easy, even coming directly from SAD. I still have days where I binge on junk food, but always vegan. I am very overweight. I feel really good eating vegan. I have a lot of energy even though I am not losing weight. That will come later.

Anyway I have been trying to get some raw days in. I aimed to do 2 weeks raw but failed miserably. The days I have been raw I feel really good except I can't sleep on raw days. At first I attributed it to something else but now I see a pattern. I am WIDE AWAKE on raw days. It really sucks. Even though I still have energy the next day I feel emotionally numb due to lack of sleep. Any tips?

Another issue came up. Yesterday I was fully raw on bananas, strawberries, blueberries and mangos. For dinner I had a banana/blueberry smoothie. I have never had just huge smoothie for dinner. I have had this combo before. I couldn't sleep, as expected, but I was SO SICK around 2 am to around 3:30 am on the toilet! My stomach got so huge and bloated while I was trying to sleep then I was really sick! Ideas, suggestions? Other raw days I've had a salad with berries or other raw veggies without issue. That was probably my first 100% fruit day. Is it that my body can't handle that much fruit?

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My guess would be that raw days give you energy which prevent you from sleeping and the cooked day require more energy and thus allow you to sleep better, I'm thinking this would create imbalance because of the mix of raw and cooked days, perhaps try either rawtill4 if you wanna stay with cooked or just go all raw.

I come from a past histoy of melatonin use of over 4 years and xanax on and off and with occasional valerian and the such and I quit all cold turkey, couldn't sleep for 3-4days but now I can say I sleep decently everyday without anything, I'm raw only.

I also just got off long-term melatonin use a few weeks ago. Initially I attributed not being able to sleep to getting off melatonin but I tried raw at the same time. I was able to sleep regularly after about a week off melatonin. Now I see it is very hard to sleep on raw days.

Seeing "proof" of how much energy digestion uses is really interesting. Although I've heard digestion takes a lot of energy I can't say I believed it to the extent it is actually true. Thanks for pointing that out.

I will have to pick a time to go raw if I decide to. I may stick with a few raw days eating a large salad for dinner instead of fruit since the digestion is slower. I will experiment a little. I would like to have a few raw days a week for health benefit instead of going fully raw right now. I will experiment.

Your body is still transitioning...some can go cold turkey, others take months or years.  I would suggest not having so much smoothie as a last meal, but rather put your salad at night.  That little switch can change alot!  Sounds like you are still detoxing as well.  Get outside in the sun, vitamin d will help regulate your hormones and adjust your circadian rhythm as well.  Don't be discouraged from going raw...we've been doing this diet for over 2 years and only the past week have I gone raw!  I hope it continues, but I am not going to produce more cortizone by stressing about non-perfect days.  Like Alex suggested, you can try the Raw til 4 and see if that can get you through this and going towards a better feeling day! Best wishes!

Try drinking a smoothie instead of having a big dinner.  Put calming ingredients like almond milk/rice milk.  Or this site has great recipes http://everydayroots.com/sleep-aid-drinks !! You can substitute the honey and milk with coconut sugar and rice milk or almond milk. :-)

You can also have a scoop of tahini with a few celery stalks or have a bowl of oatmeal for dinner.

All of these are vegan and will help with sleep. Hope I was helpful!!

I definitely wouldn't add almond milk or rice milk into smoothies containing fruit.  That combo will mess up my digestion any day.

Everyone's digestion is different. If you heat a bit of rice milk with cinnamon, you'll sleep like a baby.

So when you say you can't sleep, do you literally mean that you get zero hours of sleep following raw days?  How many hours of sleep do you get following raw days?

I may feel sleepy as in heavy eyes, like I can't wait to get in bed because I think I am going to sleep great. Then I get in bed, eyes close, but my body is wide awake. I toss and turn, change pillows, change blankets, anything that could be inhibiting sleep. Sometimes I will get up and do something after about 2 hours of this. Other times I will just lay there until I do finally fall asleep, usually around 4 am. I have to get up at 6:45 am the latest in the morning. There have been some days I couldn't sleep on raw and had to wake up around 5:30 am. On a normal day when I am raw all day but have a cooked dinner I go to bed around 9:30 or 10 pm as usual and fall asleep within 30 minutes. Then I wake up between 5 am and 6:30 depending on what I have going on that day. I have only had about 6 non-consecutive raw days total.

Insomnia is the most classic symptom of under eating, easy fix! :)

2500 is the bare minimum for ladies, eat more for activity and extra weight.  Eating one fruit for the day will be best for your digestion.  I would skip the greens until your  digestion improves and your stomach stretches a bit.  For example, 3 mangoes, 5 times daily gets you to approx. 3000 calories.

A.  How do i know im not eating enough calories from fruit?

1. Other food starts to look and smell good.

2. Cooked food looks more then the second rate option it really is.
3. Your energy, power, strength start to go downhill.
4. Your attitude starts to suck. You just want to rip apart people and scream at them with frustration.
5. You start to question this whole raw gig.
6. You get cravings during the day and evening.
7. You start to rely on discipline to keep you raw.
8. You start to make raw pasta dishes, raw cakes etc.
9. You start to question if we really need to exercise.
10. Your so thin and weak that your athletic friends start to get concerned.
11. You start to question veganism.
12. You start blending maccadamias with dulse and spread it on 1inch thick flax crackers you made at 3am in the morning.
13. You wake up at night and steal your housemates fruit. If your housemate is called banana guns and he told you not to eat the papaya, and you did, you aint eating enough fruit cals.
14. You start to want to take fancy herbs and experiement with other diets.
15. Your actually eating pizza and reading this.
16. Youve got some Fred Bisci Enzymes in your pocket and your ready to try the 'all raw but 20% cooked rule'
17. You want to believe that Brian Clement is right when he says corn chips are better than fruit. 
18. You just paid aajonus vonderplanitz 400$ for a one hour consult and he told you to put an egg on a window edge for 50 days until its putrid and then to eat it. and you did it. you saw your dog eat some animal poo and you tried it too. ( true story i just heard).
19. You just cant sleep!! you are approaching insomniac.

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Well it sounds like you haven't eaten enough, I know that stops me sleeping, and fermentation causing your bloat and tummy problems, I guess from a bad combo or unripe or bad fruit.
Also I wanna point out that I get such good quality sleep on raw, the main reason I don't like eating cooked is my sleep is totally awful in comparison, feel like crap in morning coz of it.



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