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For months now i'm constipated as f...

my varicose vein on my right leg is getting bigger cause i try to force myself to shit even though i don't have to... stuff starts to rot inside cause farts smell like rotting stuff.

The first few months when i went into this i only ate fruit, i didn't use crono i only counted calories by weighing and using a dutch site to do the calculations, then there was no problem (that was february 2013) my crap looked basically the way it went in with a brown tan, when i ate oranges my crap smelled like oranges etc.. then around june or something that year i started eating white rice and lettuce, as far as i can remember still nothing was wrong.. then later i also started eating pizza with whole wheat pizza crust.. i think then later it went to most of the days constipated and 1 or 2 days a week it came out like when i only ate fruit. that went on till, i don't know,a couple of months ago or so, basically, i quit gluten then around the time there wasn't a frequent release day or however you like to call it, so i quit pizza.. cause i thought it might be because of that, maybe i have celiac and my intestines are messed up because of that and i'm also still looking for the cause why i at least don't absorb b12.

But now a few months later i'm still constipated, at most it got worse..

some days i only manage to push a tiny bit out once a day.

They say unripe bananas cause constipation, but ripe don't and might actually relieve it (bs in my case cause basically everything i eat when i google it in combination with constipation they say it's some kind of magical cure for it while i'm looking if it might cause it, when you google for fibre the only thing they come up with is eat fibre, while i eat nothing but fibre)

But what's the difference between a ripe and unripe banana.. sugar vs starch right..?

But i don't hear other here complain about constipation on raw till 4..

Here's what i eat basically now:

1kg pears or 1kg nectarines or plums or whatever sometimes i eat half a kilo tomatoes before

sometimes 1-3 bananas if the calories demand it, every day 530g (dried, soaked over night) deglet noor dates blended into dateorade.

~100g lettuce and 1 or 2 celery stalks

(250g brown rice with steamed carrots (sometimes also some mushrooms for B2 on crono)) or (250g corn-rice fusilli with 250g spinach (frozen weight) with curry powder, bit of black pepper and some dried basil)

I'm not constipated as some meat eaters or whatever that don't crap for a week, but i crap once a day with effort, and it's not a good crap just some rabbit drops or whatever.

Overactive pelvic floor might have something to do with it.

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Really don't know. From what you eat your stool should be soft, fluffy, voluminous and regular.
Dr. Greger recently made several videos on this topic. There's some seating-position hints for constipated people like touching the ground with your hands while sitting on the pot helps it to get into the right angle for easier relief.
But with your diet you really shouldn't even need that.

So, sorry, but I don't know what it could be. :(

Today might be the first day possibly in my entire life that no poop was pooped.

Make sure you drink at least 3 Litres of water a day, if you need more drink more. First thing in the morning, 1 liter of water, wait 30 minutes and than have breakfast. You can try kiwis and pineapples. Also, Carob powder has A LOT of fiber, you can try that. And dried fruit, even if it's soked overnight may give you constipation. Always go with fresh fruit. And exercise 5 times a week at least! I hope to hear good things from you! Good luck! The water is the most important here :)

What about water?

If I don't drink much I can only go twice a day too... Also I noticed that if I don't eat much fruit then I have troubles with getting to the pot twice or more too. Best for me to go to the potty really are ripe banana smoothies. But you maybe want to try strawberryleaf tea? I heard it helps a lot with digestive issues but not as a laxative more like healingpurposes...

Hope you'll find comfort in that soon. I get so concerned if I can't go so I understand how you might feel

Your bowels are dehydrated.  Could be a combination of too much fiber and not enough water, but there could be many reason.  It could be weak adrenal glands, because the adrenals are responsible for producing that peristalsis motion of the bowels.

If it was me, I'd get some prune juice just to get things flowing again while you figure things out.  A cup in the morning might be enough, if not add more.  Then play around with fiber amounts, either increasing or decreasing, and drink more water, see if that helps.

the morning i start with 1 liter of distilled water  before the dates (same if i eat 1-3 bananas before the dates) i drink one glas (approx. 0,25L) of water with at least 15 minutes in between. the dates have more then a liter of water added to them, before the cooked meal, i drink 1 liter of water (i don't use 30 minutes but 15 minutes)

And before i go to sleep i drink half a liter or something (2 glasses)

I don't drink in the 2-4 hours waiting/digesting times in between the meals.

Should i be drinking all day like i used to when i never heard of food combining or anything diet related? in stead of choking in 1 liter before i have a meal like i do now.,?

cause i often hear things here "you shouldn't drink in the first hours after a meal that messes your digestion up etc. etc."

I don't know much about the adrenal thing, but my brain always feels like it isn't get enough nutrition/energy/oxygen, so i definitely think there's more going on then just not being able to absorb b12, but that was the only thing i tested so they're only with tunnelvision looking for a cause for that probably thinking that everything else is ok.

What does your sleep schedule look like?

usually go to bed around 22-23 (10-11) and wake up around 9:30 or so, on the two work days that i have i wake up around 7:00.

I think it's now pretty much official that today will be the first day of my life that i have not crapped one bit, i've sit on the toilet multiple times to try, but there has not been a moment that i had the idea that i could actually crap one bit.. i hope tommorrow morning so much comes out that the toilet will be constipated in stead of me.

I read that too much fibre can cause constipation and even blockage and too much fibre is considered more then 40g.. i eat about 100g a day, i guess that's normal for any 30bader..

 40 g fibre too much?, ya right, maybe relative to the fiberless constipating sad diet.

i know it sounds paradoxical but try white rice instead of brown rice. grain fibre can cause problems in some people. we are much better adapted to fruit and vegetable fibre.  load up the greens when you eat your rice because white rice alone is constipating. 800 calories of rice should be eaten with about half a head of iceberg lettuce as an example.

still weird though man.  constipated on what you said youre eating? but ya might be the grain fibre. you said you started getting constipated when you started eating whole wheat crust pizza. go back to the white rice and lettuce and see what happens.  maybe do just fruit for a week or two first to clean yourself out.

sorry to hear about this problem that you are having.  Are you doing any exercise during the day? regular physical activity can help with constipation.  Also try drinking more water throughout the day rather than just drinking it all quickly prior to eating. Try drinking another litre on top of what you are already doing.

you can also try incorporating more lettuce in your daily meals - i hear this is good for digestion.

Try rubbing your stomach in a circular motion to sooth the bowel. I sometimes suffer with constipation when i travel and what i find helps is actually giving myself time to sit down and just wait for the urge to go to the toilet to come.  I find that if i don't just give myself 30mins to think about going to the toilet and being patient with it then i can go the whole day without going to the toilet.

Also look up the squatty potty for the best positioning for pooping

Lastly, constipation is somewhat controlled by your mind, the more you worry about it the harder it will be for you to go to the toilet. I know that this is hard to control since clearly you are worried about it so it is hard to not think about it!

i hope some of this is helpful!

not really exercise, i cycle to the shop every monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday, which is 3km*2 = 6km

Every wednesday and friday i cycle to work, which is 10km*2=20km

And before meals i usually do pushups or something.

on sunday i do absolutely nothing.

Yeah i think i'm going to sip some water throughout the day, maybe that helps. maybe i should drink a liter of water again before dateorade too, cause i used to do that in the beginning but then i thought i add more then a liter to the dateorade so that's probably overkill, cause i've read your kidney's or liver or whatever organ does it can only handle a liter of water an hour.

I refuse to add lettuce to fruit meals if that's what you mean?
 Or eat just more with the cooked meal?

I don't really care about not having to shit, but the smell of farts, especially when i have to work that's messed up, though luckily i work fairly in isolation.



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