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I've just found out that the bottled water I drink contains 1.5mg of sodium per liter. I drink 4L a day so this means 6mg of sodium per day... To me this sounds like a very small amount but in the last period I've been retaining a lot of fluids and I don't know why so maybe this could be an explanation? 

I eat around 2500-3000 cal and I don't add any salt to my food...

Can someone help me with this?


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don't be silly.... of course not...

Not sure why you're retaining water, but we need a certain amount of sodium in our diets, something like a minimum of 200-300mg, which can usually be easily achieved by eating some plants and vegetables.  Consuming sodium naturally occurring in water should not make you bloat.

We NEED sodium! Sodium is an important electrolyte. (Or something. I don't know a whole lot about it)
Dehydrated seawater is not a healthy or whole food, but sodium found in water, coconut water, and veggies, etc is more bio available to us, and its nearly impossible to overdose in sodium unless you are adding salt to your food.



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