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Hi everyone,

Been a while since I've used the forums but I'm still stuffing my face with bananas and lingering in the background :)

ANYWAY, before I get side tracked...

So, I've been cycling as my main form of transport for 2 years now, I've even stopped driving completely in the past few months. Now I've never had any issue with my lungs in the past but I've been getting trouble now.

*Since December 12 I've been getting short of breathe with ANY light exercise, even just going up and down the stairs (not like me, at all)

*Since May 13 I've had a cough which formed into a chest infection (Still not recovered and I had to take time out of work due to this)

*Since June 13 my doctor decided I have asthma and has given me a bunch of inhalers

*Since August 13 my doctor told me I should really lay off the cardio

Now the doctor did tell me that asthma can form at any age and maybe that is just the case with me. I wonder though, I cycle 15-24 miles on a usual commuting day (going to work etc) and around 60 mile routes sometimes at the weekends and the majority of my routes are on road, in traffic, during rush hour. That is a lot of fumes that my lungs are inhaling and the more I thought about it, the more I thought maybe road cycling is the cause of my lung issues, thoughts?

Anyone else had the same issue?

OR something similar?

Do you think traffic pollution long term like this can cause permanent damage to my lungs?

Or do you think it is simply just a case of asthma developing?

Starting today I'm using a carbon filter mask as I cycle, I look TERRIBLE, but you know what? I simply can not give up cycling, I love it too much!

Much love <3

P.S I've been eating high carb since August 2012, in case you think that is of any relevance

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Hey Figtato.

He just said I need to give my lungs time to heal as I still have an ongoing infection.

Most of my cardio is from cycling but I've been adding in more long walks too.

I don't think Cardio is damaging them, I'm wondering whether it is the car fumes :)

Good call using the mask!!!  Great idea for everyone!!!

Perhaps you were exposed to some burning Styrofoam or other very harmful fumes in an acute way one day?

All those carcinogenic fumes over time can add up of course.  Something to be aware of folks!  Asthma is on the rise for sure amongst the general population cause our air quality is not getting better right now.  Gotta spread the vegan and fruitarian message!!!  Another good motivation right here!!! :)

I thought so too Ednshell!

I've even bought some disposable ones to wear over it. I plan on having a "mask party" with my friends asking them all to make me something stupid and I have to wear each of them to work, hehe :)

Have you done any b12 shots? Pro cyclists and runners do these to boost hemoglobin levels aka easier breathing for the same given wattage.

I had a mate that after his first b12 shot said 'It felt like I rode home on one breath!!'. 

Pollution is a factor. Not sure how polluted your commute is. I personally could not live longterm in a heavily polluted place. I was coughing up a lot of crap at the Woodstock Fruit Festival on each run we did. Exercise helps pump out the lymphatic system.

Also cat hair is an issue for me. Not as bad as it used to be but I do notice it. 

Also to consider that fruit meals are higher in volume per calorie so will hinder breathing for about 30mins after smashing down a mega high water content meal. This is normal, natural and healthy and stops us from doing any intense exercise that would slow down digestion (from blood diversion). All top runners and cyclist leave at least 3hours between a meal and training. This allows the stomach to empty and the diaphragm can now extend fully.

Id say no to the asthma meds. Find the cause vs treat the symptom.  If you need it for an emergency stand by then thats fine but you certainty dont have a deficiency in asthma med steroids!

Hey DR! :)

I've never had a B12 shot, it is something I would consider though.

I last had my b12 checked a few months ago and my levels were fine then (whatever that even means as it was a bloodtest)

I live in Wirral, England just outside of Liverpool city. Most of my cycling in the weekday is getting to work, so everyone else are doing the same in their cars and I get stuck behind them at traffic lights (England LOVES traffic lights and seems to not have so many cycling paths outside of big cities)

Funny you should mention cat hair ... I split up with my bf in May and moved into my mums house for a few weeks before I found my new house. There were 5 cats there at the time... this is when the cough started so this could be another factor.

Speaking of fruit, carrying so much of it in my back probably doesn't help, this morning for example I had my clothes for the day, one liter of smoothie, one of water, a bag of around 12 figs, box of grapes, mangoes and lettuce ... I was used to carrying so much even before my chest issues though.

I do carry my inhalers everywhere, but I've only used them a couple of times when I thought I was going to black out with breathing so fast. My doctor keeps trying to supply me with antibiotics and gets very annoyed when I later tell him I did not take them :P

So you have had a chest infection since May 13th?  Healing your lungs should be your number one priority.  I would start on banana island and put an extra few hours of rest with eyes closed on my schedule everyday starting now.  Do not use the inhalers unless you must, that is don't think you can do something you know will cause you to use them.  They are full of fluoride and other very bad things.  This is one of those instances I would go do a supervised water fast if at all possible ASAP.  Putting off a lung issue can lead to worsening of symptoms.

There is a medically supervised clinic called True North Healing Center in Santa Rosa, CA. U.S.  You can call and talk to one of the Doctors for free about your condition.  They say they have excellent results with Asthma clients, so much so that they are in the process of making a documentary on it.

Just curious if you had any dental work done within a year of getting these symptoms?  I am currently reading a book on the topic.

No I've had a cough since May, my chest infection started at the start of June. The infection has slowly been healig up but the other lung issues are still there. My Doctor gave me a breath monitor, I get a reading of around 390 L/min ISO (not sure what that means) but my doctor said for my age, build, fitness etc I should be getting well over 460.

I live in England so going the states right now would be out of the question, unfortunately, but thanks for the recommendation.

I'm not sure I would do so well on a water fast, I have a very active lifestyle and a busy work schedule so I need a load of yummy, sweet carbs to get me through it each day. IF I under eat a little I turn into a ratty person and I don't like that!

I've not had any dental work in about 2 years now :)

I would never advise under eating.  A water fast is a natural hygiene method that works well in acute illness and injury.  Both of which sounds like you have.  It would require total rest and anything longer than 3 days would have to be under supervision, usually away from home.  You could search for the places in Europe.  I like to refer folks to the medically supervised one so people see the legitimacy in it easier. ;)

At the very least I would start on banana island and get a lot of extra rest and of course check your other 811 factors like making sure you are peeing 10+ times daily.  The body needs rest of the digestive system and physical rest to heal the best.  I would also go over to Vegsource and ask Dr. Graham for advice on this issue.

YEs I'm all over banana island :) I bought in 2 boxes of bananas so once I've used up my other fruits I'll be islanding it up :)

Also I do think I need to drink more water




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