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Hi, so I've been thinking about moving to Thailand or somewhere for a while. But I got sooo many questions I don't know who to ask. I'm 19 years old, living in Finland, and studying travel and tourism. I'd like to just quit the school and leave, and never come back BUT

-can I just buy tickets and fly there?

-is there some paperwork/visas/other stuff I need to do?

-how to get apartment and all the stuff I need, phone card etc. ?

-do you live/know someone who lives there who could help me get started?

Honestly, I have no idea about probably anything, even tho I live on my own my parents still pay half of my things and have always taken care of "adult things" I think I have never even get to know what they are..

Why Thailand? Because I've heard it's cheap and the fruits are amazing and it's easier to go than usa or Australia. If you know some other countries please tell. 

I know I can do whatever I want to. But I'd just like to know HOW. I doubt I can't just buy tickets and fly there, no? 


thank you (:

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Short answer no you cant just move to thailand. visas have gotten a bit stricter over the years, and by stricter I mean you just have to pay for them, you could pretty much extend ur thai tourist visa indefinitely making border crossings into laos. but eventually youll want to get a residency permit which isnt hard to do either. I took a two week long tefl class in thailand and got my certification. This got me access to english teaching jobs but also friends and info for apartments and all that. BUT, it seems like you are just fed up with school and want to make a quick decision. Thats what I did and I wish I had stayed in school and actually gotten a degree and a career that allowed me to travel and make money. instead I made barely any money as a teacher and back where I started. Before you make any quick decisions based on your emotions think about what you really want. if its to travel, would you rather leave now with no knowledge and have a bad job for a few years then have to return home or study for a few more years and make some real money wherever you want, thialand or wherever, but with a good job that allows you the real freedom to do what you want, speaking from experience... if you have any other questions happy to answer them 

My goals are to be happy. But will I be happy if I finish studying and get a Job I hate? Or will the job it make me just even possible to emigrate to thailand because it is so expensive or hard? I think when I seroisly get a permanent residency in thailand I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. It is paradise or am I wrong? You right it really depends on own goals. But I guess my goals are not a big career, it is just to do whatever I want. I guess nobody can get succes out of something you don't like to do. I considered emigrating because i think it really would change something in my life and make me happy at last and I see it as an real advature in my life, something that will may change everything. Even when I just got a bad paid job...

Yeah I have same goals as you. I'm also studying something I know I don't want to be working with so it feels kinda stupid. I could work now, get more money and then just go and travel around until I find some place I really like. We will find our ways. :)

I just arrived in Chiang Mai a couple of days ago. I'll give a quick list of some of the things I researched and did beforehand.

Visa - This will be based on your country and their relationship with Thailand. In America, I had the option of paying for a 60 day visa and the option of purchasing re-entries as well. I purchased a 60 day visa with 2 re-entries. So every 60 days I need to do a border run to Laos or wherever and then I can come back for another 60 days. Some countries may have longer options. You can also stay here for a year if you apply for a student visa and go to school here.

Inoculation - Shots/Vaccines may be required. Again, country dependent. There are vaccines they also "recommend", but I don't roll like that.

Travelers' Insurance - Your country's medical coverage has no power here. Traveler's insurance covers a ton of stuff from health stuff and injuries, to trip cancellation, to stolen stuff, etc.

Hotel - Things are booked up right about meow, because November is the beginning of the cool season here. Still, with a little research you can find a great place for a great cost.

Apartments - Everyone recommended that I get a hotel for about a week to give myself some time to find a place. Pretty easy once you get here from what I understand. Many offer month-to-month rates. My search starts tomorrow.

There are more things, obviously. These are some of the major ones that came to mind. One thing I'd recommend is to learn a little bit of Thai. Even just a few phrases will go a long way and is very polite in my opinion. Here's a couple of the basics...
sa-wat-dii - Hello/Goodbye
sa-baai-dii mai - How are you?
chai - yes
mai - no
khaawp-khun - thank you

Anyone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Wish you the best.

Wow thank you, that was useful! So did you just decide to go, or how long did you planned going? I think I could go next year around january-february when flights are cheaper and I have time to organize everything. Maybe you could share your experiences like when you get apartment and how everything's going? Thank you very much :)

You're welcome. Glad it was helpful. Earlier this year I had decided I wanted to go. That's when I started doing a lot of research and saving money. I booked my flight and hotel arrangements about a month and a half ago. Got a great deal on those. Now I'm here and super excited. Gotta get used to the time difference! Found a good restaurant close to my hotel with super fresh fruits and veggies, so life is good. I'll keep you updated once I find an apartment in the next day or so.

If you want to do it, focus, save, and make it happen.

Thailand is a great place to spend money but its not a great place to make money, so try and make some money before you get here.

Try and learn some of the language. Learning the Thai script is a great way to do this.

Become a teetotaler is you are not one already. Alcoholism is the downfall of many foreigners in Thailand.

Thai cities are tough places to live. Rural Thailand is much nicer.

Thank you!

I was able to find a very nice apartment for rent for $279 US per month. A beautiful view of the mountains from my big balcony (I put a picture up on my page for you). An awesome swimming pool, coffee shop, motorbike rental, etc. all on site. I also got my cell service set up through TrueMove at the local mall. They were very accommodating and activated the sim card for me and got it all set up. I had purchased an unlocked phone prior to leaving the States and brought it with me so now I'm able to make local calls and use the internet on my phone. There are a host of different options for phone service/companies and they all seem to specialize in either calls, text, or internet.

Good to hear, thank you!

How long is a piece of string....

The minimum wage is 300 baht a day so there are plenty of people living on 6000 baht a month.

Go grow fruits somewhere tropical.  LEARN how to grow and spread the seeds of these treasures that you are consuming.  If you go do some work trade you can practically stay somewhere for free.



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