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Hi All,

I'm still new to 811. I'm 23 days in and going strong. I just got into dates the passed 2 weeks and I find myself reaching for them A LOT. How many is too many in one day?? I'm on 811 to heal from cancer so I need to know if I should be sticking with fruits that have more water in them?? Fruits with more of a cleansing value? Or should I just listen to my body?? I can go through about 3 lbs in 3/4 days...For some reason, I am feeling guilty when I eat them, like I'm cheating or something. Thoughts on this anyone??

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If I had cancer I would focus as much as I could on fruits like grapes, berries, melons, and tropical water dense fruits. Not that I wouldn't ever eat bananas or dates though. I just know grapes and berries are particularly harmful to cancer cells. I'd consider herbs as well depending on what your comfortable with and the severity of your condition.
I agree with this...My body is telling me no dates for right now, I feel better and cleaner without them ( I can't explain why...) I've gone 2 days without them and that nagging urge to have them is gone...I am now more satisfied with my oranges. I am also doing a lot of melon.
Funny your posted this discussion.. cause I still feel guilty eat too many, too. But after reading this....  I seriously wanna mono on datorade!!!! Well almost, maybe I'll do the salad thing at night??? I always feel lighter on them too, but feel like I am supposed to have greens on my smoothie, or a huge salad at night... Enjoy your dates everyone!!! :) God Bless you Mango mama, and I pray this is the answer for ridding your body of cancer too :)
I personally feel that in a state of intense disease, like cancer, certain herbs can help "stimulate" deep detoxification and healing. Even wild monkeys will choose to eat some herbs that aren't that great in taste in a state of disease. I've read that some primates, normally frugivores, will eat wild garlics and other herbs in a state of compromised health. Maybe it's not that serious of a cancer in her situation though.
I agree with you Eric on the herbs..but all cancer is serious IMO. I will be seeing a ND soon and he will look at my iris. I'm waiting back to hear about stool sampling to see if I have parasites still or if I got rid of them all...

WOW, that's A LOT of dates!!!

Resting is my biggest challenge with a 13 month old who is walking/running....and ALL THIS ENERGY from fruit! haha

hey mama,


I'mkinda in the same boat as you and i'm also on a budget. What i am trying to do is buy fruits that to me seem the most filling and are higher in calories. I can't eat a huge quantity of fruit in one sitting like some of these people as well because i too am a beginner. I buy mangoes, bananas, watermelon, sometimes apples and recently dates. I try to eat as much as i can until i'm full then i try to eat a little more later on when i get hungry. I try to eat enough to maintain my weight and curve my hunger as well. :-)

Who compared parasites to cancer? I think they are related anyway. I like to go with what has been proven over and over again to work to rid the body of cancer. We get cancer over many years of toxins becoming deeply embedded in our body. In some cases it would be absolutely foolish to not use nature's gift of herbs in addition to fruits and vegetables. I'm not saying in all cases, but I personally know people who could not have rid the body of cancer in the time they had been told was left in their life. I would look into Robert Morse ND or Bernard Jensen. Combined they have seen over half a million patients and were very successful with the use of herbs combined with a diet high in raw fruits. How many patients have you seen and healed? I compared humans to primates because there is often a comparison drawn in the 80/10/10 crowd between primates and humans. I don't think that is deniable. OBviously you would ideally not need any herbs and there is no reason you would take them forever. In some cases it is absolutely VITAL to heal the body very quickly.
They are definitely related. See my recent thread on Parasites, I quote from Dr. Morse's book...most ALL ppl who have cancer have parasites. Parasites feed on dying/diseased tissue. I will be seeing Dr. Morse asap (he is 2 hours away from me) I am waiting for stool samples to see if I still have 'em or if they are all dead. Fasting is not a good idea with cancer b/c cancer is caused by acidosis and the cells STARVING...this is why Hippocrates diet is not good (no fructose)...the main function of the body is to use glucose/fructose as it's main source of energy (mainly fructose)...if it does not have this, all systems will not work properly. The main thing with cancer (and all disease) is DETOXIFICATION...not "treatment" of symptoms. It has nothing to do with the blood but of the LYMPH system being clogged and congested. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells, the lymph carries all the waste away from the cells. I personally have had a very traumatic 2 years with 2 major crisis-es and an emergency c-section with my son that bombarded my system with toxins and suppressed my immune system....I feel this contributed to the cancer - plus being a new mom and getting zero sleep, putting myself last for the majority of the time...it all added up. Dr. Morse says in his book that yeah...cancer can take years to form. But some cancers can come upon you in a few months...this is what I feel happened to me. I was in perfect health b4 I became pregnant. Had just finished 3 rounds of P90X...unfortunately during pregnancy some major negative events happened in my family that I could not control. I did the best I could with what I knew back then...luckily my son is in perfect health and happy ;) And I am on the road to that as well.
What I meant by "medicinal" in my original post..I meant to say CLEANSING.
Another thing to consider is that in many severe cases the body is in such a depleted, weakened state, a fast could be a rather unwise choice. If i had a relatively mild cancer I would prob go on a juice fast with no herbs. And I am not trying to be rude really. I am genuinely curious if you have heard of straight water fasting working to cure conditions like terminal brain cancer.
This doesn't resonate with me. I am very experienced with fasting too...I've done water fasting and coconut water fasts for 2 weeks straight. I think gentle detox is the way to go on this one.



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