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Hi All,

I'm still new to 811. I'm 23 days in and going strong. I just got into dates the passed 2 weeks and I find myself reaching for them A LOT. How many is too many in one day?? I'm on 811 to heal from cancer so I need to know if I should be sticking with fruits that have more water in them?? Fruits with more of a cleansing value? Or should I just listen to my body?? I can go through about 3 lbs in 3/4 days...For some reason, I am feeling guilty when I eat them, like I'm cheating or something. Thoughts on this anyone??

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I agree, (to my experience) dates are not as cleansing as high-water-content fruits like oranges and melons.


Days that I eat only oranges or melons (no bananas), I cleanse like CRAZY - my tongue gets a coating by mid-day and my energy is through the roof.


Days that I eat dates, I feel good, but not necessarily high-vibing and my energy is lower.


Also, dates have significantly less enzymes than fresh fruits.  That's why they don't break down and decompose after a week the way fresh produce would.  My theory is that the "vibrational matrix" of the naturally occurring combination of water, nutrients, and enzymes in a fresh fruit that does something magical for the body.  Just my opinion.

Bravo!! I couldn't have said it any better myself! My thoughts exactly :) I'm ALL about those high vibrations right now!
Big thumbs up on this, I and many believe as you do on this one.

Hi Mango Mama,

3lbs of dates in a day is not an excessive amount for a lfrv. I might make a meal eating a head of greens and 1lb of dates or more. If there's nothing else to eat I'll do this 3x a day.


My favorite greens with dates are romaine and kale (surprisingly good! tastes like a macaroon). Celery is good too. Datorade blended with greens is also nice. Dates + greens are a great way to get your calories AND a hefty dose of cancer-fighting omega 3s, carotenoids and fiber all at once. Nothing to feel guilty about, unless you feel sorry for your cancer getting its @$$ whooped. :)

hahaha! AWESOME B!!!

Here's a good source that is local to you:

http://jourdansbeautifulfood.com/  They may even be helpful for finding farms. I would also suggest this place:



Also if you get the chance to get down to Whole Foods in South Beach there is a great guy who works there named Jordan (different person) who is into raw foods and can be a helpful resource for info. Great

Thanks!! I'll look into this :)
I've done the whole sale thing...all I could find was organic apples so far...not my fave fruit ;) Could you give me the recipe for dateorade? I keep hearing about it...thanx
MM, as a breastfeeding mum (this can require about an extra 1000 calories a day!) and an active woman, ur needing a lot of calories...and then ur also trying to heal from BC. I'd be going a little easier on the cardio and upping my sleep, sunshine and rest and doing regular yoga where u focus your breathing on cleansing your body of cancer cells.

And instead of seeing ur desire for dates as a bad addiction, re-focus your thought process to appreciate that your body recognises a great energy dense source of nutrients that its been needing/craving so that it can nourish you to heal.

I'm a breastfeeding mum and I have been around the raw movement for over a decade, and my background and uni degree is in health and exercise science, and I've worked with people who have healed from cancer, diabetes, etc. Get a hold of Dr Doug Graham's Perfect Health cds. One of the things you could do with hearing him say is that whether ur healthy or healing from disease, you need to eat the same diet. So if dates are good for a healthy 811er then they are healthy for an 811er healing from cancer. A healthy diet is a healthy diet...it's the warped medical model that says you should treat a diseased body differently, not the health model.

As for Harley's post about your financial commitment to yourself, I have to say I agree with him. I am a single, stay at home mum with 3 kids and I have cut the unnecessary things from my life (and let's face it, most of the "stuff" in our modern life is unnecessary) so that I can commit $350 a week so my kids and I can eat all organic produce. Let's face it, what's the point of a nice house, car, clothes, health insurance, etc if ur dead from breast cancer. You sound committed in your heart, so now it's time to commit your purse to ur healthy 811 life.
Great info, thanks!! We have totally cut our costs on everthing and have tripled our food budget...back in the day we were only spending $50 a week on food. Now we are spending $160. But I talked to my hubs about it again and now I have $200. I can do a lot with that :) PLUS I just ordered 2 cases of fruit - oranges and bananas...we'll see how it goes. I like buying cases so far b/c I'm not scared of running out of fruit! LOL

Mango Mama,


My prayers are with you in your fight with cancer. Look online for your dates. Much cheaper than stores. Try the date people and others to buy dates in bulk. It will cut your food bill dramatically. For bananas, buy them by the box (40lbs), and don't worry too much about them being organic. They have a thick skin, so sprays don't really penetrate to the fruit. I get 40lb boxes of bananas for $15.75/box

Hope this helps

Thank you! Prayers are always appreciated <3



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