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i'm tring to start de HCRV plan, but i can't stop drinking my coffe in the morning, i drink a cup of coffe with soy milk, is it wrong or can i still do it?

Can somebody help me?

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do you want to stop drinking coffee  really?   if you do here is how i did it

1. drink 1 liter of water first thing in AM

2.have massive banana smoothie 8-12 banana  

3. drink coffee if you want it 

you may find as i did not wanting it  after three days cos banana gave me mood & energy i was drinking coffee for

so go big on carbs first     if your carbed to max  you blow off coffee for good  : )  starbucks is my toilet now after 30 years of 2 toxic cups a day...

thanks ;)

For me personally, it took a while to wean myself off coffee, specifically espressos. I was drinking 4, 8 ounce, lattes daily. It was an addiction for me. What I done is I slowly weaned my self down every few days. Before I would drink it, I would ask my self if I really needed it. For me, it was more of a mental addiction than a physical one. When I got down to one cup a day, I started replacing it with green smoothies. Where green smoothies are thick and take up more room in your stomach (or at least for me it seems to do that), I was able to break the mental/habitual cycle of drinking it. Best of luck! C:

When I started I had just started drinking coffee again after going 7 years without.  I think Durianrider said that if can't go without it without getting side-effects, then it's not food and isn't good for you.  I would get a headache if I didn't drink it or I drank less than I did the previous day.  I was up to about 16 cups per day (2 pots).  I determined that if I really wanted it, I could have decaf, so I went cold-turkey.  5-day headache and I'm free.  I don't need it, just water and I have more energy and clear thinking than I ever did on coffee!

It's your decision...the chemical properties affect your brain so it is dependent upon the caffeine and makes weaning difficult.  I still enjoy the smell, but I don't crave it...don't even want decaf.  Remember coffee is dehydrating and requires equally more water to flush through your system in addition to the water required for healing and everyday functions.  

Hope you find a way to kick it!  Best wishes!

I think you'll find once you give up it'll effect you way more than ever before, especially with eating raw, or even mostly raw.  I used to have energy drinks and I fell for a coffee when I was ill.. and it made me feel like I was vibrating and racing, it wasn't a good feeling.  

Anyway, I highly recommend magnesium supplements, mine had B vits and taurine too.  They worked a treat to replace the caffeine habit, and was much easier on me when it had run out, because it wasn't going to be something I craved, it's just a vitamin supplement :)    

So I was a crazy coffee guy. I use to drink 4 cups of extra large dunkins coffee every day. I had crazy headaches when I stopped drinking them. I started to slowly cut back on them to reduce my headaches and I feel a lot better being off of coffee. I get the right amount of sleep all the time. If I am tired at 830 at night so be it I just go to bed. I am far more in tune with how my body feels.

So was it established that decaf with almond milk is ok? I'm in the same boat as a lot of others that I really just enjoy my coffee (while acknowledging that caffeine is the devil) but I'm totally addicted and want to wean myself off...

it's not ideal but it is vegan.  For optimal health I would say it is not the best thing to do.



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