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i'm tring to start de HCRV plan, but i can't stop drinking my coffe in the morning, i drink a cup of coffe with soy milk, is it wrong or can i still do it?

Can somebody help me?

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Caffeine is a stimulant and not good for your health. All it does is irritate you so that your body generates adrenaline so you can keep going through your day. If you need it in the morning to wake up, you aren't getting enough sleep.

my problem is that, i'm drinking it and at the same time i know it's not healthy so i'm trying to quit.

I'm just afraid that interferes with the raw vegan diet.

thanks :) 

I'm in the same boat with you. I quit and then started back up because of lack of sleep. Now i Need to quit again as I should be getting enough sleep. Unless your really sleep deprived you shouldnt need it. Its easy to say I should get enough sleep but sometimes life gets in the way.

My other gripe is I honestly enjoy a hot cup of coffee. But i'd be ok with decaf or herbal tea etc.. Not sure if those are safe choices *sigh*

Coffee is tough to give up. I've snuck a cup in here and there. However, the longer I eat raw, the less I want it. Cut back slowly if you can't do it all at once. The taste and need for it goes away. Also, I do a bit of meditaton and exercise when I first get up instead of watching the news. Sometimes you have to change your routine to avoid cravings.

One cup of coffee might not seem like much, but from your post, it sounds like you want to quit drinking it but feel like you can't.  Seems like that one cup is enough to keep you addicted! 

I used to be insanely addicted to caffeine (Iced Americanos were my fav)--was up to almost 1,000 mg a day at one point.  I decided to quit because I didn't want anything to have that kind of hold over me any more.  I didn't want to NEED anything to feel good/normal (other than food & water, obviously).  I tried to go cold turkey and it completely sucked, so I had to taper down.  It took me 2 weeks to go from 1,000 mg to nothing.  I haven't had a drop since, and that was 8 months ago.  It is doable!!  You shouldn't need any amount of coffee/caffeine to feel normal or to wake you up.  My advice is to taper down and eventually drop it altogether--and have some fresh squeezed oj instead!!

your right when i quit before i was at about your level it was a painful few days and then i was free. small price to pay for the freedom. I gotta muster up the bravery again here myself. I'm going with the cut back approach tho this time cold turkey like last time was pretty rough.

yes i'm trying to quit, i'm just drinking in the morning. Maybe in a couple of weeks the desiree goes away.


Happy to help! 

Not to sound rude, but I don't think the desire is just gonna go away if you don't change anything.  Maybe try adding a little decaf to your cup until you are drinking all decaf? 

that's a good idea.

i'll try that.

thnks ;)

Its not raw, but if thats the only thing your having in your diet while eating HCRV your way ahead of most people. I've been HCRV for several years and I drink coffee because I like the taste. My health is better than anyone I know and I'm 55. I'm basically of the thought process where I don't obsess about the small stuff.

thanks ;)

Coffee beans are vegan. So is cocaine. Both work as a stimulant as they are neurotoxic to the human body therefore as a defense mechanism, adrenaline is released to force more sugar into the cells and we get a buzz.

Have caffeine if you want but realize its a neurotoxin. Save it for an emergency if you have to stay up all night looking after a sick person etc. Even then though, you are going to have to get extra sleep and rest that week to recover proper.

I havent had a cup of coffee since 1999. Tea since 2003. 



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