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Foods I react to:

apple, appricot,cheery,kiwi,nectarine, peach, pear, plum, prune, anise, beans, caraway, carrot, celery, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, green pepper, lentils, pasrley, parsnips, peanut, peas, potatoe, tomatoe, almond, hazelnut, walnut, sunflower, melon, orance, watermelon, canteloupoe, honeydew, pineapple, papaya, mango, cucumber, zuchini, collards ( I am sure there is more but this is the list they gave)

So I have been diagnosed with oral allergy syndrome- a case where due to the outdoor allergies ( grass , mugwort, ragweed , birch & cats/dustmites)...I react also to a protein of fruits that mimic these main allergies..and end up with what looks like acne/hives all over my neck-jaw-mouth-cheeks, and get a swollen tight throat, and sometimes depending on the fruit/veggie red flushed face. --> it's nice to know I was not crazy and imagining all this, as I honestly thoguht i had an allergy to everything...and well now this explains a lot, but its also really sad & frustrating for me...as

1) I spend almost all my free time in nature/all my passions revolve around nature...so being allergic to this...well its beyond devastating.

2) I cannot understand how them most pure things on thisplanet my body is rejecting ( apart from the idea that its severely damaged inside and chose to punish me in the sense of not wanting the healthiest foods to cure itself)

I also..on top of this have PCOS ( the thin/normal weight version..not overweight) + had severed psoriasis I developped and cured once I cut out dairy. And have IBS with certain foods I notice.... ( strangely enough not  pure pasta/ plain yukon gold potatoes.. if they are the base in my diet + dates)...So my body is just really messed up and sensitive to A LOT.

this goes on to the next point which many of you will have something to say for sure about:

the only way I have ' improved/healed' my symptoms of the acne/rash/pcos/swelling was ONCE in my life...this past year when I avoided all foods on my allergy list ( this was before I even knew what kindo f allergy I had), and would only strictly eat - my eyes looked clearer, my hair was getting thicker again:

Brown korean sticky rice ( glutinous one)

steamed tender spinach

a little bit of garlic, and occasional thyme, occasional seaweed, randomly some red pepper steamed and - yes this is bad I know...but I took Cod Liver Fermented Oil from green pastures...and noticed, and others around me also...a whole big improvement in the way I looked..as long as I had avoided the other foods on my list.

and a sliver of wild  fish (ie. sardines, black cod)  twice a week steamed ( size of my thumb ) : the reason i resorted to fish after being vegetarian my whole life almost...( without dairy..but cheese yes on special occasion only after 16 years old:I am 21 now) , was because I wanted to take b-12 pills, but would always no matter what kind I tried get huge rashes all over my body/face...and on top of the fruit rashes..I really looked like some disease walking. I also

and occasionally vitamin D3, though I tried to stay away from synthetic vitamins ( though cod liver many will argue is synthetic in a sense..)

- I never got sick while eating this way ether

However, the reason I stopped this and am dealing with the symptoms, because I just cannot come to accept that I can eat such a limited number of foods and be fine...and never in my life be able to come near the 'purest' things on this planet. 

I have a really messed up background of food eating...no one in my family has these problems...only me-meanwhile I always thought I was the healthiest due to my eating style...what a joke! Now I am paying big time, and really would love help/ guidance from people with experience or know actual first handedly people who have perhaps cured their PCOS + Oral Allergies with this lifestyle....I have not really found information.

If you recommend any books too?

I heard about water fasting..I would love to do this if I can alone...with a friend/family around me to help me around...if you know that can be done/safe? Because I really do not have thousands of dollars to be spending on a fasting retreat..if I could I would...I am already on governmentloans during my school and barely have money to buy food let alone...do that fasting.

I really want to heal myself, get rid of this..heal my gut, heal my IBS, cure my PCOS...get a period back ( though people say if I dont have one its natural...but having cysts on my ovaries I do not see as natural) never get rashes again... but I am in a rut. My sister who is a doctor...not to hate.. but she is the most modern style doctor there is...really is no help apart form doing what I already did...avoiding the foods ( good success...but sucky life, mind you I didn't mind eating brown sticky rice everyday, every meal as I loved it... but hard to travel or do anything...) 

So if you think there is any advice / way of life I can go about to not get these symptoms, while still being able to live a life I love : rock climbing,  camping,  traveling,  not relying on cooked /dehydated foods...unless dried fruits I guess count?

All my kindest regards


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arm test


Even if you had a million dollars it would be a bad idea to go on a long water fast.  Those fasting retreats are big rip off operations and they don't even understand fasting.   You could very well be injured there. 

As one's health declines under the modern cooked diet all sorts of problems manifest.  The metabolic systems for regulating the nutrient levels of the blood are put in disarray.  In addition to the well recognized diabetes and hypoglycemia there are subacute metabolic disturbances related to sugar and protein.  When one then tries to go on a long water fast, starvation that can be quite injurious, manifests.  The diseased metabolic systems are unable to maintain the minimum levels of sugar and protein in the blood needed for cell function. This is particularly critical for the brain as it can be injuriously traumatized.  The dizzy spells are the first signs of protein starvation and are not "cleansing reactions" .

I recommend a fruit fest with grass juice.  You can go for months on this.  Some days you have plenty of fruit and grass juice. No nuts or seeds!  Some days have just fruit. You can also add in other vegetable or sprout juices.  Some days have just a little bit of fruit.  I've gone on several. I usually eat plenty of fruit and grass juice every day the first month or 2. This should restore some metabolic competence.  And then go on 100% fruit for a month or 2 with some days eating very little at all.  Always be on your guard against the trauma of starvation.  You don't have to starve yourself. You can actually gain weight if you want to on this program.

My favorite program: Head up into the high Sierra Nevada mountains for the delicious wild grasses sprouting up as the snow melts off.  Just chew up the tasty tender wild grass sprouts, suck down the juice, and spit out the fiber.

I am allergic to grasses and it might not be a good idea for her to chew raw grass. I would likely die if I did that. I can't even walk by a lawn. Freshly mowed with having an asthma attack. My. Grass allergy has gotten better this year because I have guinea pigs and I'm allergic to their hay.

Personally, i succumb to chemicals because if I don't take antihistamines, I'm coveted in really itchy hives 24/7. And my Asthma would probably kill me.
You can eats MOST of those foods cooked. If you can't eat it cooked either, then you have a true allergy to that food.

ALLERGY SHOTS CURED MY ORAL ALLERGY SYNDROME. Also try eating tiny pieces (like one small bite) of something you react to. Start out once a week, give your body time to heal in between. Exposures. However, true food allergy a will get worse with each exposure, not better! I suggest trying everything you are allergic to in very small portions COOKED before trying exposure therapy.

Go see your allergist and learn about treatment.

I have been to an allergist already hence the photo of my arm ( that is from testings she poked into my skin) --> The option they gave me is a 400$ course of shots for...5 YEARS!!!!!

I truly believe deep down that there is another way to overcome this. I just cannot make myself believe and accept this is the only way . I know I have had this since a young age but not to this point where the hives are all over...perhaps because I am eating more raw fruits, and as for the grass I know I had allergies since a young age as I would always itch after sitting or playing in the fields but assumed it was form sweat not the grass...since I was always active in those cases.

I am wondering if it was due o my vegetarian diet lacking on good nutrients that my two sisters grew up eating normally...perhaps it was all those soy veggie burgers and soy drinks...which are now just coming out with all the unhealthy hormone messing consequences that I have no had the luck of being exposed to with lack of internet and lack of understanding of nutrition to go to a library and check. I am going to resort to shots as the last option...just like resorting to Accutane as the LAST deadly option for my acne- which I believe to be largely impacted by diet and hormones.

I do appreciate your time both of you for trying to help out !! :) xx



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