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Lately I've been getting most of my calories via dates, and according to Cronometer my fat percentages are down around 2-3%. I'm not really eating a LOAD of greens because I'm not craving them. I do eat tomatoes, bell pepper, and celery most days in a big salad.


Is there such a thing as eating too little fat? Should I eat overts? Does it matter?


I'm not feeling any different, still doing my usual exercise/activities etc.


Thanks for any insight!

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I have 2 questions...


1. How long are you planning on having dates as your main calorie source?  Dates are great in my opinion, but the only way I would want to have them as my main calorie source for several days or weeks at a time is if I was in Australia and a meal of bananas would cost me $100.


2. Do you enjoy avocados?  I love love love avocados!  And yes, most people LOVE having some avocado in their salads.  If you don't enjoy the taste of avocados or you simply can't eat that much avocado before you start to feel sick I certainly wouldn't encourage you to eat them anyways.  Nuts and seeds and young coconuts are always an option and if they are blended with other stuff they will makes amazing salad dressing for your salads.  (Plus if the dressing is good it will make you want to eat more greens!)  If you don't like overts at all my suggestion would be to simply eat more than just dates as your main calorie source.  (According to Cron-O-Meter they have 0% fat.)

Have Doug talked about soaking the nuts/seeds? etc or culturizing them like some raw foodist think is so great ? I know nuts can be hard to digest.

I hate avocado :p i was on the high fat raw stuff for to long and avocado was my banana/dates on 80 10 10. So it just became to much for me :)

Hey Jared, yeah I'm in Aus right now with a major lack of ripe (and cheap!) bananas so I've been eating dates. Right now they're more cost-effective than bananas. For the last week or so, I've been eating 1/2 to 3/4 of my total calorie intake in dates (total cals usually around 2300 - increasing this number is a work in progress).


I do eat other fruits, this time of year in Melbourne it's grapes, figs, oranges, some pineapple, pears, and occasional persimmons and bananas.


I don't eat greens every day, probably a lb of romaine every 3-4 days. I do enjoy avocados, but tend to eat them only when craving them (which I haven't been doing lately). You are right about making a dressing for greens - I used to blend tomato, bell pepper, lemon juice, green onion (scallions?), and avocado into guac. Maybe I could thin that out and make a dressing for greens...

I think i dont get enough since my major is banana and dates. for my two meals.

The third meal varies between grapes, orange, water melon. Mono ofc. Or a salat withou fat.

Maybe i should add some good fat sources.

What about coconut oil? i know people love that

Since i dont like avocado and im a litle sceptical about nuts and seeds :)

Any good suggestions? i cant buy durian etc i live in scandinavia :D

ummmm. So I have been LFRV for a little over a month.. Do I have to have fats??? Or do the fruits and veggies have enough??? I have been having dates with a nana for b-fast and lunch, But I do have other fruit~ys  at night... and I feel soooo good, I am afraid to mess anything up with nuts or avocados or any fats....

80/10/10 says you should be getting maximum 10% of calories from fat, on average.

But agreed. All here should definitely read the book.

Hey guys.. Yes I have the book and read it... I am using the cron-o-meter... I never look at anything but the cals...oops :/ I thought maybe after I lost all the weight I needed to then I would add in the fat???  And I was having tons of greens in the beginning, but then I didn't want them anymore, plus my tummy didn't feel all that great with them either... I did have a green juice today though :) does that count?? :)
EFA... essential....

For about 5 or 6 weeks now I have been eating dates as my staple. Up to 3000 cals daily.
Occassionally custard apples, apples, grapes, bananas, persimmons, as extra on top of that.
Some salads in the evening on 4-5 days (tomatoes,cucumber,spinach,lettuce,celery).
I just looked over my entries into cron-o-meter for the past 8 days and my fat percentage is:
from 1%  to 7%
Higher days are when I eat custard apples which sit a bit higher in fat. 

Tonight I am going to add in 1/4 cup soaked sunflower seeds to bring my day up to 7% fat.
Without adding them I will sit at 2% fat. 

Its mega rare that I eat any overts. 
In the past my daily fat levels have always stayed in the 4-7% range.
So I am interested to hear any effects from staying pretty low.

I eat over 3000 each day. 2000 didn't work very well for me. I was hungry all the time.

Not like crazy. Besides cycling everywhere I need to go. Joy rides and stuff too.
I use to exercise pretty intensely everyday, I burnt out a bit, and got stress fractures in my toes running barefoot. I eased out on it for a while.
I've started running a bit again.
I really love dates. Its only for the last few weeks that I have started buying boxes of them every week. 1 box doesn't even last a whole week.
I am not doubting that fat is required. I doubt it will trouble me in the short term. Especially since I am not hardcore working out. P90X or Insanity style.

What are you eating to keep your levels up at 10%??

Yeah durian is awesome.
Nuts don't tend to sit very well with me. 
I just reminded myself.

Avos are nice, but make me feel queasy.

How does tahini go down?
I haven't eaten any since I was cooked vegan.


Does anyone know where Doug Graham got the 3% minimum fat number? It is not very clear in his book. I think he probably just chose that number because most fruits don't have less fat than 3%...



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