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Can ANYONE show me the longterm 811 person that has teeth issues DIRECTLY caused by fruit?

Dental issues as a result of their fruit eating? Ive travelled the globe, surfed forums, read all the books, talked with the raw authors, watched the doco's...I still cant find a single person with dental issues from this health and fitness fruit based lifestyle that we preach on this site.
Its a bit like the 'fat fruit eater'. The 'lost my teeth from fruit' person is just as elusive. Maybe I should put my energy into finding big foot or the loch ness monster. Maybe they both like eating durian and I could hybridise an durian with a water lilly that grows in Scotland and lure out the ol' nesse?
Maybe big foot is living with the toothless longterm 811 and the fat assed fruit bat? 
The closest thing I have found is when someone sent me a picture of doug with an 8 pak and said he was 'severly overweight, now pay me my reward'. and then someone said 'Harley, your teeth on that youtube video dont look the same as my friends teeth that cost 20k to make'.
Is there anyone out there? Please help me find them cos I looked and looked and looked and even this ultra endurance athlete that has cycled all over the joint gets tired too!
Help the Durianrider find the toothless fruity and the fat assed, double gut banana muncher.

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or pearly yellows haha
I dont know anyone either
Good time to recycle this one.

If you have advice for people on their teeth health (who are following a low fat raw vegan lifestyle) please be consistently following the lifestyle yourself, for at least one year and have healthy teeth. I have only ever seen peoples teeth IMPROVE if they follow this lifestyle BUT you must follow this lifestyle 100% or you are NOT following this lifestyle or giving fruit a fair rap. I have remineralised one of my teeth and have heard of others doing the same.

Going back and forth off and on a LFRV lifestyle is likely to lead to teeth problems BUT IT'S NOT THE FRUITS OR THE LIFESTYLES FAULT.

* Eat fruit ripe, do not eat unripe fruit
* Don't make dried fruit a staple (although I would NOT blame it for teeth problems)
* Learn to combine overtly fatty foods like avocado with the appropriate fruits
* Do NOT go back and forth off raw and cooked food and blame fruit
* You do not have to limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to fruit. This is a fallacy.
* Please provide evidence of fruit being the cause of your teeth problems
* Brush teeth twice a day with water. Fruit is not the reason for your teeth problems.
* Please do not put unending faith in dentists or expect to leave with a mouthful of unnecessary fillings.
* You do not need bi-carb soda and you may be doing more damage to your teeth than good.
* If you feel you need to eat greens for your teeth health then eat them please however do not think they are the panacea. I know people who eat PLENTY of greens and have the WORST teeth problems i have ever seen.
* Stop ingesting acid-forming foods and blaming alkaline foods such as fruit for your problems!
* Keep hydrated. Get sufficient sleep, sunshine and exercise. Lead a lifestyle that the 80-10-10 book and 30BaD recommends.
* Remember if you come to LFRV with teeth problems this is why you have teeth problems not because of the ripe raw fruit you are eating.
* If sugar was the culprit in teeth problems then cultures with the highest sugar intake would have the worst teeth health but they do not.

Just like the rest of our body, our teeth naturally become more sensitive (good thing) and healthier when we consistently eat the diet nature intended for our physiology. Then when our 'guard is down' we go and SLAM our teeth with acid-forming cooked non-foods again. Then we go back again to gentle fruit...undereat....then get hungry and eat acid sticky cooked foods again...start to develop teeth problems and because of conditioning from dentists particularly - we blame the fruit.

This practice of going back and forth in itself is very stressful and acid-forming for the body and teeth.

We don't hear of frugivorous animals in nature suffering from teeth problems.

It always hits peoples bodies and minds harder when they go back and forth from cooked to raw.

Thanks. I don't agree that we LFRV's need to doubly take care of our teeth over cooked fooders and this has not been reflective in long term LFRV's or animals eating their natural diets in the wild, it's also not intuitive. Toothcare products were created for cooked fooders firstly not raw fooders.


Soft toothbrush with water. The most important thing is to be consistent on this lifestyle, stick to the principles listed above (which is following the lifestyle) and not go back and forth from cooked to raw.

Raw Fruits are not the cause of teeth problems. 

Cooked fooders are exposing their teeth to much more acid and stress than 100% consistent LFRV's.  It is VERY important what lifestyle Jameth recommends because that will show whether his advice is worth taking on board. Is he or has he tried a LFRV lifestyle exactly like we recommend here?


I have dial up so I can't watch :(

Jameth: Now when I was mostly a fruitarian, I had a few cavities when I was a kid, I think four, and when I was mostly fruitarian, my teeth started rotting out of my mouth. I got many, many cavities, and that was during that similar time of athletics when I was eating so much sugar. Now, someone would say, "Well, I'm eating this raw food, vital, healthy, magnificent fruit," and I'm not at all an anti-fruit person, but by no means do I recommend fruitarianism either.


- Great a MOSTLY fruitarian. Jameth is yet another example of someone not doing this lifestyle correctly but abusing the fruitarian term and associating it unjustly with teeth problems. Fruitarianism didn't fail his teeth, the other side of MOSTLY did.


Jameth:  I've actually never met a long term fruitarian who is healthy or who didn't cheat.


- Yes that means they are NOT a fruitarian so fruit is not the problem but their CHEATING is. Fruit always gets the blame even though people are eating other foods and calling themselves fruitarians.


He is also against 'eating too much fruit' because he obviously doesn't understand why its vital.


If you call yourself a 'mostly fruitarian' and are against eating 'too much fruit' then you were obviously not eating enough fruit to be able to stick to a fruitarian lifestyle. I just get jaded by all the misinformation out there sometimes, especially about teeth.

I like Jameth Sheridan. We have to remember he did his share of drugs back then too. People think its the fruit though...



Drug usage



GERD issues

Yo yo'n back and fro.


All these cause issues and people forget about em.


If it were TRUE that fruit gave dental issues, Id surely have ZERO teeth by now since starting my 'overeating on fruit' back in April 2002. A good friend of mine that eats all raw and lots of raw animal products is experiencing RAPID decline in his dental health. He eats more greens than anyone I know in Australia. All my high greens, high animal producting eating friends have teeth issues.


Ive yet to meet someone that has dental issues DIRECTLY related to 811 or fruit eating. 

If you have advice for people on their teeth health (who are following a low fat raw vegan lifestyle) please be consistently following the lifestyle yourself

that's pretty good general advice too freelee.


i find it remarkable that we have lfrv flunkies going around giving advice to people on how to do lfrv 'their' way - full of compromises, conveniences and cheats.


if you haven't 'made it' as an lfrver, then you are not in a position to tell others how to do stuff.

let those who know how to do this, provide the way and those who don't can learn.


in friendship,


"if you haven't 'made it' as an lfrver, then you are not in a position to tell others how to do stuff.

let those who know how to do this, provide the way and those who don't can learn."


thanks Prad. Yes I've always thought this should be a prerequisite.

People just get confused otherwise, not to mention burdened with inaccurate advice.

Free, I know you wrote this over a year ago but could you explain what you remineralized on the lifestyle? Do you mean you remineralized some old cavity or some enamel damage or something else? Also what did you do (like spent more time in the sun for Vitamin D perhaps?) and eat during that period? 

I really need advice because I think I'm suffering the consequences now of having had my body abused and neglected thoughout my childhood and up until going vegan, and then yo-yoing these past 8 months on and off fruit (which as you said can do damage for sure). I need to remineralize now or else the doctors and dentists will force me to do things I'm not ok with.. however I'm not sure how to do it and the internet is full of false information on this subject. I'd be so thankful if you could share some advice but I know you're a busy lady these days. x

"You do not have to limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to fruit. This is a fallacy."

Freelee, can you explain a little more on this one?  I'm not really convinced, Graham still suggests we brush our teeth- be it with a soft bristle and water- meaning that we are in still needing to clean off the stuff, therefore limiting the time it's on our teeth. 

If you don't have time, I'll be researching it. Thanks

I got a comment today: "S***! YOUR TEETHS ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL!" I didn't have any explanations why, she wouldn't believe me. ^_^



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