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can a gradual transition reduce the possibilities of side effects?

Hey!  My boyfriend and I have been looking into the 80/10/10 diet (should get the book in the mail soon yayy!!) and I'd really love to try it because I'm hoping to get in great shape and totally clear my skin.  However, it seems like most people that switch over to 811 go through a 2-3 week (minimum?) transition period where they break out like crazy and feel kind of crappy.  I'd (obviously) rather not go through this phase, even if it means the results aren't as dramatic at first.  I'm currently vegan, and I probably eat 90 percent unprocessed food.  I'm just cutting back on my fats since I was eating a lot of avocados, coconut oil, and stuff like that.  I also eat a lot of raw foods or do green smoothies and salads for most of my meals, they're just typically more green than fruity.  Do you have any tips for a gradual transition?  Would you say first go low fat cooked vegan?  Or is it more important to try to get more raw first or..?  What are your thoughts on chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseed meal since they have a lot of omega-3s.  Are those important?  What are your thoughts on chlorella?  Thanks, I know this is a lot of questions!

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100% is the easy way to go and according to Dr. D brings the most success.  Most people have no negative symptoms, just good energy, you might need a little extra rest at first. The stuff most people attribute to detox is just under eating or bad food combining or some other way of not following 811 to the T.  Reading the book first is really helpful.  Lowering your fat intake while still on cooked is a good idea, it is good anyway but it will also make the switch to 811 raw go much smoother.  It'll be great, you'll love it!!! :)

Proper Omega 3 and 6 Ratio? - DrDoug Graham



I was vegan a year before going 80-10-10 and I would say it's easier to just switch over 100% I didn't experience any detox or transition issues. I believe that poeple comming from SAD type diets are the ones who experience the most difficult transitions because eating this way is so different from what they are used to. The most important step for you at this point is to up the fruit. Fruit should be roughly 95-98% of your diet. Greens being the other 2-5%. This has been my experience. Good Luck

imo gradual transitions prolong the undesirable side effects
I just saw a post where someone is planning on going 100 percent in october and throwing down a challenge...I'm thinking of doing it!
Gradual side effects may indeed reduce the possibility of a transition.

lol, very well put Jack.


Take care


Adam x

Have you seen the latest reports on omega 3? It says they are not helpful. Check CNN. I came off a very bad sad diet. I had a major detox that peaked for 72 hours, on days 5, 6 and 7. I. Had a light, transient headache the for two weeks. Then no more.


I recommend that you go 100% and never look back.  What will happen is that as  your body starts to get more clean, you will learn that CHEAT DAYS = SICK DAYS.

When you mix two or more ways of life together, you are only doing a mix.

In some people, it is very dangerous to mix a high fat diet and fruit diet together.  High fat in the blood stream promotes high blood sugar which in turn can cause diabetic problems and candida problems.

Good luck and Peace, PK

yea I've heard high fat and high fruit it terrible!  I haven't got the 811 book yet (I can't wait till it gets here in the mail!) but I get the impression we're supposed to start out with only bananas.  What are your thoughts on if I did a "trial weekend" of bananas this weekend and see how I feel?  Will it be too soon for me to tell?


I actually read a bit more about banana island from freelee and she seems to think that it's ideal to be on a low fat raw vegan diet before doing it...so I think I need to work on cutting down my fats (I'm close, at 14 percent but still not there yet) and doing more raw (I still eat quinoa or rolled oats every day).  Tomorrow I'll try to have an all raw low fat vegan day and see how it feels :)



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