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I got the 811 book on Interlibrary loan.

on pg. 47 it says, "Cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic environment, meaning one where the oxygen content is very low. Eating a high-fat diet decreases the oxygen content of the blood and tissues and creates an ideal environment for cancer cells to flourish. When we consume a diet such as 80/10/10, which is high in simple carbohydrates and water, we effecively raise the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, thus vastly reducing the likelihood that we will create cancer.

"The point is not to try to starve the cancer cells of their fuel, as that would effectively kill the patient as well, but to create a well-oxygenated environment that is inhospitable to the creation and subsequent survival of cancer cells."

Does this mean that switching to a 811rv diet can possibly heal cancer?

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no, no diet can heal cancer. all 811rv can do is to fuel your body cleanly to allow your body to heal itself. this might seem like semantics, but it's a really important distinction.
I'm reading it now too and he repeatedly states that no diet and no food can heal the body, only facilitate the process. As only the BODY can do the healing for itself. A clean diet/clean food allows for the optimal environment for which the body can best do its job...which is to keep us rockin' and rollin' sans dis-ease.
Did Dr. Gerson succeed in healing them?
For sure, Gerson put his patients on a low fat, (955) raw vegan diet (he stopped the calf livers after people got infections from them). gerson also put all his patients on daily b12 injections.

today the gerson institute still continues.

ALL the most effective cancer healers/doctors etc put their patients on a low fat, high carb raw vegan/vegan diet.
Debbie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading what you wrote on your blog. Thank you!

-Jade Bridges
My Dad had a disagreement, and was very pompous and irrespective of my opinion - he snubbed me for it. i said that the grape juice cure can facilitate health in cancer patients his response?

'If it is true that a doctor can use this treatment or any treatment for curing cancer, then he would be far richer than bill gates''

I said that this is untrue, as it costs very little in comparison to the radiology and chemotherapy, which is earning millions from people's illnesses - but he wouldn't listen to me - he was snubbing and scoffing...

Sorry Nick. That can be so hurtful when those we love and care about just blow us off. Especially parents.
Thanks for your kind words Joanne.
I am used to it - he does it all the time - and he won't stop doing it!.

I watched my Dad last year get chemo'd to death. The oncologist was so busy and numbed out, they didnt 'have time' to answer all our questions. I gave Dad the info and just accepted he didnt want to live anymore.

Some people want to go, some want to stay and we just have to accept that. All we can do is give em the info and let em do what they want.
Does anyone know of any studies done on this?

I know that omega 3 is considered to help with vasodialation, but what about the other fats?
I truly believe that when we give the body the pure nutrition it was designed for, it  works as it's marvellously designed to work. The body is self-healing - just like when we cut or burn ourselves and it knows exactly how to repair the damage, the body can reverse cancer when we stop taxing it with a thousand other tasks. I can't speak from experience about cancer but I do have a benign tumor in one of my breasts which has been reducing in size. 
I found the lump about a year ago and while it didn't grow during all that time, it never shrunk either. Until October, that is. I went for my usual checkup to be told that the ultrasound showed a reduction  to 1.7cm from 2.0. And this after only ONE and a half months of eating 811 raw! I'm fully convinced that this was due to the change in my diet and I'm looking forward to the day I go back and the ultrasound shows nothing abnormal at all! 
 Stick with this, it WORKS!!
That's fantastic to hear. A living example of the benefits and rewards of healthful living. Congratulations and all the best for the future. May your light shine to those around you and lead them to healthier lifestyle choices





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