30 Bananas a Day!

So, I want to lose 15lbs.

I went from 236 down to 146 with the help of 801010 and exercise. I am 5'5''.  Now I want to be bikini ready. I am already confident in a bathing suit at the beach (minus some stretch marks :/ ) but still have some fat on me. I haven't had too much time to exercise because of school, and now finals are coming up, but I still have been going to the gym a few times a week.

I KNOW I can take in enough calories, so that isn't a problem, but could I be eating too many calories?

I know about mixing my fruits.

I know how to eat ripe fruits.

I can eat a whole watermelon no problem.

I can EASILY eat 1500+++ calories a day. (I have unlimited access to dates, (but eat more fresh fruit of course)

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just to reiterate the point you can gorge on fruit. I probably had to read it here and else where a number of times before i was brave enough to pig out which is what i wanted to do i was just scared i'd gain. I eased into it ya know few days of pigging out scale diddnt budge. Then it was like gloves are off i want another banana BAM i have one. I dont even think twice My only problem is if i eat too much i will still turn into that lethargic slob you might meet after a huge thanksgiving feast. Ya know when you jut wanna lay down your so stuffed and tired etc.. So i gotta be careful not to get to carried away like that or else i'm down for the count for like an hour then i perk back up and beam with energy again. Tho doing that prior to bed helps me sleep better.

I said easily 1500,
That's usually just dates alone
I eat other things
I eat more than I need to I'm not active right now I just sit all day
I eat a lot!!!!! Like nonstop and a lot of dates for extra calories
I eat at least 4 500/600 calorie meals and I snack a lot
How much shld I eat?
Idk eating can't be my whole life lol
I'm blending and chopping all day
I think I'm getting my calories in, my stomach just isn't getting flat
It matters to me! I don't want thunder thighs and my belly hanging over
Been there, done that, onto the next

Oh and I eat way more than I said
I kept good track so far today
7 dates
~2.5 pints of berries (rasp,blue,black,straw)
2.5 cups organic oj

15 dates

1/2plantain , a mango, 1/4 pineapple, 1cup oj, 1/2 cup coconut water
And a few berries for decor

I have a snack of an organic apple and a little over 2 cups of sugar snap peas to munch on

And it's only 1:30 pm and I'm not going to the gym today
I did it for 6/7 months last year :)

Check out Durianrider's videos.  As he explains, carbs don't make you fat.  Fat makes you fat.  You should be eating at least 2500 calories, more if you are exercising/menstruating/etc.  The reason your stomach 'hangs' when you eat 2500+ calories is because it's stretched due to water content and fibre, not because you have gained fat.  Over time, your stomach will adjust to the large amounts of food and the food's water content, and it won't do that anymore, or will go back to normal more quickly.  You have to give it time, and be patient.

You guys, I know it's not gna make me fat... C'mon
I'm just saying I feel like it is
I don't see an improvement yet
Sometimes I feel like I'm totally overeating

<p>I understand that it can be distressing. When I came to this I was underweight by about 10lbs, I'd been calorie restricting for more than 2 years to 1500 calories so not surprisingly I gained weight. At first I found it actually very hard to accept putting weight on (eating disorder mentality) but since I came to 80-10-10 purely for health reasons ( I had some very serious health issues) I have accepted not being as slim as I used to want to be and I'm very happy with my body now, because I feel so healthy. Saying that, I totally understand how it can be distressing to feel you're gaining but I really believe it will balance out for you, since you're working on your bodies health on a very deep level, so think long term, that's the massive pay-off to this, healthy weight maintenance follows your bodies healing. I'm still slim, not 'skinny'. If you're only eating 4 x 500/600 calories a day, then you are no way overeating, I consider that undereating. Your body has to go through a big transition, especially if you've been undereating for a long time. It's a different way of approaching weight loss to what most of us have been taught, so hang on in there, and sorry it's feeling a bit rubbish for you at the moment. x

I have the same feeling because eating such amounts of food make my stomach bloated for all day. I also dont understand really much how eating more its going to make me slim and eating less is going to make me fat. I know about the yo-yo stage or when my body can think im in "winter time " or "famine time" but I never undereat considering my feeling , I always eat until Im full !

Will keep looking at this post and seeing where is going =)

I eat even more after I am full. Because I can always eat, my stomach has the ability to stretch for miles... lol

if its any consolation i went from 275 to 140 i'm 5 foot 7 and i still got a  bit of a belly roll etc.. no abs on me and i run like crazy daily.

That being said i do see improvements there VERY SLOW but things are getting better. I'm about 15 months from my highest weight etc..

I cant speak for everyone but i've seen a lotta picks on some other forums of some very obese folks who are now body builders with razor ripped abs and had no surgery etc.. Sure many still have some stretch marks but they look pretty stinken good!!

Just gotta be patient I think. It sucks but I haven tfound a ;magical answer yet myself.



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