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So, I want to lose 15lbs.

I went from 236 down to 146 with the help of 801010 and exercise. I am 5'5''.  Now I want to be bikini ready. I am already confident in a bathing suit at the beach (minus some stretch marks :/ ) but still have some fat on me. I haven't had too much time to exercise because of school, and now finals are coming up, but I still have been going to the gym a few times a week.

I KNOW I can take in enough calories, so that isn't a problem, but could I be eating too many calories?

I know about mixing my fruits.

I know how to eat ripe fruits.

I can eat a whole watermelon no problem.

I can EASILY eat 1500+++ calories a day. (I have unlimited access to dates, (but eat more fresh fruit of course)

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<p>+1, totally agree tim. I've stopped weighing myself these days, it means nothing to me anymore, even though i can see I'm losing weight. It's not a useful way of measuring progress.

I don't usually weight myself
I was just checking to see what was up haha
My stomach was feeling larger

There is only one reason that any organism will hold onto excess fat beyond its natural desired reserves.  To hold safely any toxemia that it could not eliminate sufficiently.  It needs it to deal with the toxin deficit & bodily toxin debt.  To eliminate this excess fat and only have reserve fat one must increase the quality of their lifestyle.  Clean more efficient way of life along with more sleep and rest.  Cleaner air, water. More sunshine on your skin. 

If you are serious about loosing 15 lbs then you can do it by altering your lifestyle even more to a purer and giving extra time and energy to the body to do its job.  Other option which is 100% guaranteed is to do a fast of 15 days should do it.  Your body will not only consume a bit of its reserve body fat but will shed its excess fat along with toxins stored within it.  Look at the video on my youtube healthsupercharger channel where a Lady does a fast with Loren Lockman and looses a fair bit of fat and how beautiful she looked. 

Fasting is not a perfect example how to maintain a perfect weight but it is a tool a catapult which can get you there and from there you got to live clean eat clean and think clean to maintain your ideal weight.  About the calories u eat, that is simple, listen to your body and eat as much as it takes to be satiated.  Eating too much is not good, if you feel bloated or sluggish stuffed after a meal then ease it down, have more meals instead of consuming a bucket of fruit.  A woman of your size should rarely consume more than 1.5 liters/lbs of food in one sitting, just eat when hungry.  Everyone has a certain digestive capacity listen to your body it will tell you what it can handle at each meal.

Yeah summer comes for more hikes and less toxins
Maybe because I moved from north California where air quality is better to southern where air is so polluted?
Water and a smoothie for breakfast or bananas/dates and berries
Usually not per sitting, ill eat half get up do something eat another half lb haha
Drink some oj
Drink water
Eat some bananas
Drink water
Eat some mango
Drink water
Eat some berries
Drink water
Eat a bowl of greens

Some days ill just do melons and bananas and a salad in the evening

<p><p><p><p><p>Hi,well done on coming so far, you've done so well  but you're not eating enough! I'm not surprised you're hungry all the time, your body is telling you something and overloading on water isn't going to solve your need for calories. 1500 calories a day is no where near enough, and absolutely do NOT do a fast, you'll slow down your metabolism even more if you've already been under eating. Loren's programme is not recommended on this sight because of his continued stress on fasting and calorie restriction, which only teach the body to function in a state of deprivation.<p> It took me  along time to get my head around eating more calories to lose weight because I came from a background of fasting and calorie restriction which forced my body to lose weight short term but made me ill long term. When I really upped my calorie intake I put on some initial weight because I was underweight at the time and my metabolism was badly damaged, but it was still only about 10 lbs. Now I'm eating 3000 calories a day and my weight is going down. Not all calories are equal, that's the whole point of 80-10-10, carbohydrate calories are not the calories that are going to make you fat, They'll fuel your body, but you have to give it time. All the long termers who have been doing this for years are lean and they do NOT under eat but it's a long term health goal not short term weight fix.<p>I'd be a lot more worried about too few fruit calories than too many, fruit calories are NOT going to make you fat long term and they'll turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine, unlike depriving yourself.<p>And man, I'd kill to be able to have an unlimited supply of dates! I hope that helps in some way, and I wasn't too blunt! Keep eating as much fruit as you can, you lucky thing. :)

<p>+1,You're looking pretty amazing Martin, and more importantly you look happy, like you're enjoying your body and life, which is what it's all about in the end. :)

I do eat as much as I feel hungry and more cause the more I eat the more inwant

+1 yea listen to that allison andrews interview i posted if you under eat your body freaks out and switches from fat burning to fat storing because it thinks it's going to a hard winter or something or a famine and if you under eat less than 2500

dana has much to say too


<p>That's such a good point in the first vid, cementing the vegan part of raw vegan. Even when I don't eat 100% raw it never occurs to me to even consider going back to animal products, no way, no how! I know raw fooders who include raw goats milk and eggs, yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!



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