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I'm a 5ft6 15 year old girl and I've been doing raw till 4 for 2 months now, I generally eat 4000-5000 calories a day. I do about half an hour of excersize per day on average but I'm worried that I'm eating too many calories?

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Easy to get that many calories if you're eating refined sugar. This is where a lot of confusion comes in for people I think.

Well i have gained a bit of weight but i was kind of expecting that when i came to the lifestyle because i come from a past of calorie restriction but I always eat 100% vegan ( and will do for the rest of my life) and stick to the Rt4 guidelines as closely as I can though it is difficult at times because my family are'nt eating the same way as me. And I know freelee and Durianrider say that it can take a long time to loose the weight and they also say that you should eat as many calories as you want. and for me 4 or 5 thousand calories doesn't even seem that much but i'm just concerned that i'm gonna keep gaining the 'initial' Rt4 weight. 

I understand where you're coming from, however, keep in mind that Freelee does NOT consume 4-5K calories on a daily basis. If you listen/look carefully, you'd notice she's consuming between 3100-3200 on most days. Having said that, she also maintains a regular exercise, which involves moderate-to-high intensity movement, which is more than what you're doing.

Durianrider is completely different story, as his physique and exercise routine simply need the increased caloric intake. This is why he consumes more calories. 

What might be useful is if you log your food on cronometer.com one day & post a screenshot. This would give us a better idea of how you manage to pack that caloric intake. 

P.S. By no means am I behind any form of caloric restriction. I am simply trying to understand why your body is in such need of energy, with so little exercise. :)

Usually over half of my calories come from fruit then the rest from rice pasta or potatoes, I don't often reach 5000 cals though tends to be about 4300

That's... impressive.

Granted you are a growing female, I'd say you would need 2400-2800 (max)/day, but like Jade said - if you are not gaining weight and feeling well (not bloated, belly-heavy, etc) - go for it.

I would advise you to exercise a bit more. Maybe 50-60 min (more intense), every other day?

For reference, I'm a 22-year old male & consume 2100-2300 a day. I am constantly on my feet, walking fast. I find that this caloric intake is more than sufficient for me. Please note, I do incorporate complex/cooked starches into my diet (not necessarily after 4 pm.)

I hope this helps as a point of reference. 

Hi Izzy.

I have a background with eating disorders. Often I would restrict severely, and get so hungry. Then I would binge and overexercise.

It took me a long time to heal from years of abuse.

When I started eating more (inspired by Freelee about 4 years ago) I found myself obviously gaining weight. But I felt so good that I didn't care. 

I didn't eat quite enough though so I started eating more high fat vegan rather then increasing fruit or cooked carbs.  Gained even more weight and it stayed pretty steady for a couple years. 

Finally a bit over a year ago I started decreasing the amount of fat and salt, increased my average cal intake to 3500 and have been slowly but steadily losing the weight.

If you're feeling hungry enough to eat that amount, then listen to your body for it was deprived and may need to catch up.

Keep on track with high carb low fat, tons of water, sleep and regular exercise and maybe in a year or two(totally depends on the person could be less) you will naturally get to weight that your body wants to keep.

:) peace

As long as you're not cramming in the food till you puke and following the rules (which it sounds like you are) then no problems dear :) your body is trying to make up for lost calories from your restriction days

Listen to your body. If you are hungry for that much food, then that is the amount that you need to eat. I consume 3500 minimum whether I'm working out or completely sedentary. It's not all that uncommon for me to go over 4000. I find that if I eat much less than that, my stomach is growling all day long and I can't sleep, I don't have much energy, and I can't concentrate. I just don't buy the idea that there is a set amount of food that a female of a certain age or height needs. I would fall off the wagon in less than a day if I tried to limit myself to what someone my size "should" require. I would say that if you're hungry, you need to eat. As long as you aren't stuffing it in past satiation, that is the amount of food that your body needs. 



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