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Calorie Restriction Works Well...

I live in the Philippines and work with the poor, so I see it all the time, kids so skinny and starving to death from calorie restriction.  I have held a dying child in my arms, 4 years old, but light as a new born - calorie restriction works!  If you have never held a child the moment life left them, you have no idea what I mean.

I know that most of the governments in the world agree there needs to be a population reduction, and no government wants to actually admit to actually trying to reduce the number of people by calorie restriction.  No one says it publicly, but many governments consider calorie restriction, usually called malnourishment, a good form or way to fight "over population" - over population that does not exist!  Over population only exist in the minds of people who think it is good to take the food these people need (calorie restriction), and feed it to animals, so the animals can be killed, and fed to the rich, to kill them!

These rulers have a plan, kill people by feeding them flesh.  Kill people by telling them calorie restriction is healthy.  Kill people by starving them to death!  In each case, Calorie Restriction Works Well to kill people faster!

A more serious question about calories I posted at:


I hope DurianRider or FreeLee will answer how to figure the minimum calorie needs of very tiny people.

Nonetheless, I believe if you want to kill yourself, the title of this post is true!

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Yes Catherine, we need to be the change we want to see.  We have helped many "on the verge of death" so people recover.  One girl was 20 years old with a tennis ball size tumour in her breast. After removal surgery it actually burst in the lab!  The doctor told me that she was within minutes of dying when we brought her in for the surgery.  Minutes!  But the doctor told her to eat more fruit and vegetables and to Avoid Chicken.  He told her it was hormones in the chicken that caused the tumour.

Last year my very best friend in my life died "from lung cancer", he was one day older than 60.

Early on I had gotten him to switch to a low fat, high greens, raw fyuel diet.  His doctor told him he didn't understand it, but the cancer was going away ("remission").  However, his family (children are professionals, one is a lawyer) pushed him and and forced him and told him he was crazy to torture himself with stupid eating.  They fed him milk, coffee, sugar and meat "to give him strength."

Then they insisted he listen to the doctors and take the first round of chemo.  They also isolated him from "too much" contact with me.  The last time I saw him he told me he was trying to eat more greens, but it was hard because his family made his food.  They sent him for another batch of chemo.  The last week of his life I was sick with a bit of a cold, but that week he was begging his family to call me, they refused because the doctor told them not to feed him anything that was not cooked and to restrict his calories.

Everyday I miss my best friend in my life.  I cannot look around my room or my home without seeing things that remind me of him, like the frame he built for a cross stitch my little girl made for me, a little girl that is now getting married in a few weeks.  He was, without doubt, one of the kindest most caring persons I have ever met in my life.

However, I do not think he died from cancer.  I think he died from ignorance, from greed (chemo), and from food.  Just like I do not think I have Celiac Disease, I think people were not designed to eat gluten (nor grain or seeds for that matter!).

So to quote Bruce Almighty, "Be the Miracle!"  Be the miracle you want to see in this world, one mouthful at a time!

what a great post. i want to be the change. this has inspired me even more to fight for my dream of starting a vegetarian cafe and educating the people out there who are still living in ignorance. good on you vegarian.



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