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So I've read a lot of books and articles where many people make statements that eating a little less than the recommended calorie intake(U.S. is 2000 for most people) results in a longer lifespan. I've also heard claims that "our bodies are like machines so the harder we work them with digesting of foods(eating more than the recommended amount every day) causes them to burn out faster" ? People like Dr. Fuhrman and many of my nutrition textbooks have claimed this. I know I personally feel better just not even counting calories and eating as much as I desire cause it's just awesome.

So what I was wondering is if this is true? If not, why would they claim it? Also, While on 811 could this be what we are doing naturally since we eat roughly 2500-3000 and are active? Or is this false and it all has to do with body weight?

Would really love to clear up the confusion


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Here is a previous discussion I have posted on this subject. Enjoy :)


Thanks! Your desription is awesome, and completely makes sense. I love this lifestyle even that much more now:)

 Haha, I loved that, thank you! & I remember watching a video where DR was talking about a doctor that said "The less you eat the longer you live!" His reply was, "Well let's all run over to the starving kids in Africa and Ethiopia(I think he referred back to the holocaust as well) and say 'we have Good News! You're the healthiest people on the planet!"

I like your response, I couldn't agree more. I'm not counting calories anymore I just eat when I desire. Ha its still amazing to me that I eat more than my boyfriend. Coming from a past of eating disorders it's great to have so much personal and life freedom on this lifestyle. & definately, on the days I work I'm sure I take in over 3000 calories! Funny how that happens.

Check this out - a study showing that caloric restriction does not extend the lifespan of rhesus monkeys.

The animal testing is unfortunate, but ...


But this study also says, that

"calorie restriction did extend certain aspects of health."

at least when started at older age (16-23).

But I also read an article about the difference of calories and that some calories are more difficult to digest then others, maybe this can have an effect, too?


I guess anorexics should have the best health, vitality and longevity then?

I don't see that. Even with anorexics eating this way.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that fruit is already digested before eating it, but fruit and veg certainly take a huge load off digestion, essp. when you cut the fat. I wouldn't be surprised id in many cases, calorie restriction did extend lifespan. You wouldn't be putting as much junk, meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, etc into your body. Of course it's going to run longer! I don;t see a concern with stuffing yourself with fruit though-- barely any digestive work.

Haha just in time!! I just found a FRESH article about a study done on monkeys just recently that debunks it!

Low-calorie diet may not prolong life: study  - NY Daily News

that was already put up here. Anyway, science what does it really mean? The law of nature is is there to see



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