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Is it better to increase calories slowly or just do it right away? I used to eat like 1100 (lol i know.....) i have been eating 1600 the past few days but i am still always hungry but don't want to gain too much more weight. Any suggestions on what i should do? Or if i should eat til satisfaction and then how long will it take body to regulate? I am trying to heal my previous laxative abuse.

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Hi Cool Electric, and congratulations for recognizing your behaviors. You are going to have a hard road ahead of you until you feel normal again. If I were you I would go to the doctor and get blood work and check the gut flora, and bowels. Some people have damaged there colon so much that they need a colon bag, and can never poop normal again so beware. There are many 30bad posters over the years that have posted here about this. Some people it took years to fix, and your going to need a lot of patience, and a lot of experimenting. It won't be as simple as just eating certain foods. Here is the link to past posters.


If it were me in your position I would take a hard look at your lifestyle as well and not just the food. Here are some tips you can read through, and good luck. Weight gain is going to be inevitable, and calorie restricting isn't the answer. Your body is going to be in shock for quite some time. I asked my doctor who specializes in metabolic damage, and he said it is fixable, but some people it takes months and sometimes years.






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Hi Bannanamomma,

I can't tell you how much it means that you so graciously replied with such helpful information. It is already hard and i am a dancer so it makes it rather difficult. I have thought about quitting for a while to reduce the stress, stigma etc. but i am a pre-professional (ie not dolly dinkle) so it makes it rather scary. Thanks again for the information. 

Do it right away. Increase your fat intake until you are at a healthy body weight.

2400-3000 calories daily is a good starting point. How long to heal your body? It depends on how much damage you've done and how committed you are to healing.

You need to take a break from dance until you are no longer Ana.

Update: I haven't taken any laxatives since about a week after this original post on June 12, 2016.

Good job hon!  How are you feeling?  Are you healing steadily?

Yes, very much so. I have two questions that I'm unsure if I should post here or as a separate forum. 

1. Is less sodium not always necessarily better? As in sometimes when I have some slightly saltier sauces or something I seem to lose a more bit of water weight. Ideas?

2. Also how bad are sugar free products such as gum? I have stopped having the as of about 4 days ago. I think it is my addictive side of me (laxative abuse history) that craves the gum but it just taste so damn good sometimes. Ideas? 

Many thanks!




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