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I am aware that many people who enter an 80/10/10 lifestyle are coming from a  past of restrictive eating disorders myself included, and the concept of unlimited calories and eating above maintenance is a daunting thought. I myself have been eating 80/10/10 ratio but restricting to 2000 calories and I am sure I am not the only one. So I have decided that I can't see if this lifestyle works if I don't do it properly. Therefore today I have decided to take the leap to 2500+ calories and will probably average out at 4000 by the end of the day- I love dates! I have decided to give myself 2 months eating unlimited calories and see of I feel and look any different by the end of it- only so much weight can be gained in 2 months. I was wondering if anyone  else was hoping to make that leap and maybe we can use this forum to help each other stay on track and explain what is happening with our bodies. 

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Good for you!

I'm a male, pretty active, and average ~3500 kcal / day (sometimes I may eat ~3000 and sometimes ~4000+, depending on activity)

great going    !   

yea i too come from a past of being very restrictive, which is i guess the norm for modeling. so this summer i am taking a break from modeling to free myself from the pressure of being really thin. I started this diet at 5 10" and around 123 lbs, and am now about a month in and have so much more energy and wayyy less depression. I too fear the weight gain, and although i have not weighed myself i feel much heavier... maybe 10-15 lbs..... which is terrifying. I am debating giving this lifestyle up, so lets stick through this and support eachother! 

I think that's awesome! Two months might not be enough time to get the results you want, though. It took Freelee about a year (I may be incorrect, but this is what I've understood from her videos) before she really started seeing the results that we see today.

You already look pretty thin in your picture, but you might start putting on some weight at first with this life style, depending on how much your body needs to heal from past abuses, before you even out to a more natural healthy version of being thin (as opposed to calorie restriction induced thinness).

I've been following this lifestyle since the beginning of February and I'm only just starting to get some minor physical results. I promise the mental/emotional results will appear very quickly, but the physical results may take some time.

I say this, not because I want to scare you away, but because I hope that if you aren't seeing immediate results you don't give up. Remember, it's not a get-thin-fast-diet, but a get-healthy-and-lean-lifestyle. :]

A couple of groups you may like to join: SAD 2 BaD! Healthy Weight Gainer's

Don't emphaSIZE!

your calorie intake should be based on your amount of activity. if you aren't active then 4000 calories will be way too much. practice listening to your body. eat when it needs to, don't when it doesn't. don't get hung up on the idea that there is one number for everybody. there isn't, because all our bodies are different. the trick is to listen to yours



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