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hey guys

haven't been here in a while, the summer was just too good to sit at the computer


everything going well in my raw vegan world

except that I was just told that I have calcium deficiency

I stopped taking any supplements last January when I switched to this lifestyle

and I don't want to start taking them again


but how do I get more calcium?

I know there's calcium in leafy greens and I love them, but I already eat tons - banana/spinach smoothies (PACKED with fresh spinach) and at least 2 heads of romaine a day

I find broccoli hard to digest and gassy

same with any cabbages and bok choy and such


any tips would be good, thanks


also, this has been the case for the longest time but I thought it may improve with this diet: my cuts, bruises and such always heal so slooow, sometimes months

I thought cuts may be slow because of chlorine, as I swim a few times a week. But I bought a bike and in the past few months I've been cycling mainly and swimming a lot less - and it hasn't improved. More bruises on the bike :/ they also heal slow.


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Dea, maybe skip the spinach for a while. Spinach contains oxalic acid which as far as I remember is not good for calcium absorption.


Oranges and tangerines are great source of calcium.

apparently you can only absorb about 5% of the calcium in spinach, so if spinach is your main source, you're basically not getting any
strawberries when eaten in high quantity have quite a bit, so do dates, and eat your greens like KALE. it's a calcium monster supplier:) 


I've heard somewhere that young spinach does not contain oxalic acids in large amounts like mature spinach.  Have you been consuming young spinach, or the bigger mature kind?

I like to make collard and banana smoothies and also kale banana smoothies. ;)

I don't rely much on Kale and Spinach for calcium and Iron.

Just for other nutrients...Romaine is my main source.

Before I was eating oranges/tangerines...my calcium on cronometer was about 30-40 %....now I eat a lot for breakfast and my calcium goes up to 50% -60% in the morning and at the end of the day 80-90%

sorry I just re read my reply and it doesn't sound clear...  :p

*Before when i WASN'T eating oranges my calicum was low..below 50 % ...now that I eat a lot of tangerines and oranges for breakfast I reach 50-60% in the morning and at the end of the day Im at 80-90% on calcium :)

Wow i didn't know that about oranges!  I was always really low on cronometer, I just tried typing in 10 oranges and it's gone way up.  Now I just have to eat them in real life! 

Dandelion and carrot top leaves are good, Dandelion is packed with it... also make sure you get some sun (vitamin D)


thanks for the feedback and suggestions everyone!

I've been eating young spinach - tender leaves

I had no idea they were not good for calcium absorption...


tangerines, check and oranges - will add those. Just ordered a box

dandelion and kale.. I haven't had them in a while.. I guess before I found them more hard on digestion than spinach and romaine. But will add them if they're a good source of calcium


I had plenty of sun the whole summer, so vit D is not a problem


eating about 2700-2800 cal/day from fruit - plus I don't really count the calories from greens

Hi Dea,


Your body may be having issues with absorbing calcium. 525mg/day is the minimum recommended intake for vegans, which is not difficult to reach on lfrv, but you also want a good calcium to phosphorus ratio in your diet (ideally 1:1), since Ca and Ph compete for absorption. In other words, too much Ph may inhibit Ca absorption, in addition to high oxalate foods like spinach, so less Ph and more Ca in the diet may help in your case.


High calorie fruits currently in season that are high in calcium and have a good ratio are dates and figs. Blended navel oranges are also an optimal source of absorbable calcium as far as citrus goes. Bananas incidentally are high in Ph and quite low in Ca. If too much Ph is part of the issue, and you're currently eating a lot of bananas, then you might want to balance out the Ca:Ph equation by either substituting more fruits with a better ratio in your diet and/or consuming plenty of dark leafy greens, e.g. kale and collards (preferably blended), which are better sources of absorbable calcium than cow's milk.  If you make these sort of dietary modifications, you can use Cronometer to track your nutrient intake, and hopefully within a month you should notice improvements in your symptoms.

What source did you get the minimum requirement from?

I drink two glasses of almond milk a day and get lots of calcium from that. Dates have lots of calcium as-well and oranges. I use http://cronometer.com to keep track of my diet, and It's a free program. I was having the same problem with my calcium and had white lines on my nails. When I started eating lots of greens, dates, drinking two glasses of almond milk per day, my nails started to clear up and had less health problems. Cronometer saved my life.



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