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Hello all, 

My nutrition professor explained to us last week that diabetics tend to lose a lot of the mineral calcium in their urine; therefore, they need to make sure to get adequate amounts of calcium (especially through milk). We also discussed that diabetics may need to reduce their ANIMAL PRODUCTS. I asked her after class about milk being related to losing MORE calcium because of animal proteins promoting acidic conditions in the body resulting in more bone loss, calcium loss, etc. Then, I made a comment about the bioavailability of calcium in milk versus the availability in plants. She jumbled a few words together that I couldn't exactly follow, but basically she told me that calcium from milk is MUCH more available than in plants. She said that whatever place that I got the idea that calcium was more available in plants than in milk, it was probably from "some kind of animal activists." She suggested that I look up a peer reviewed research article that explains my case. 

I am going to be looking for an article in my spare time, but wanted to check with you guys first. Do you know of any peer reviewed articles that could help me (and possible her!).

Much love, 

Melissa :)

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lol.. just ask him where the cows get their calcium from!

-and why Americans have such a high rate of diabetes, osteoporosis, etc., yet they consume outrageous amounts of milk/dairy!!!

-and how on earth can other species survive and not die from calcium deficiency, since they don't consume milk from humans or other species??? LOGIC!!!


I wouldn't bother with studies because she's so indoctrinated she's most likely going to ignore them or bring up 'counter studies'..

What Rawbert said, but with lots of science.


Great link Dissolution!

Also show her this vid:

I would love for her to see this as well as a lot of your posts, but this woman only wants peer reviewed research articles. Very strait and narrow. lol 

'So for vegans the best thing in that situation may be calcium supplements.'

Not at all.

You can get all your daily calcium needs from a meal of oranges.

Hi Melisa,

Here is one review paper publised in JACN, and in this article calcium from plants is less bioavailable than milk.Choices for achieving adequate dietary calcium with a vegetarian diet.

But this in vitro study (digestion donein the test tube) shows that from some plants calcium is as bioavailable as from  milk and in some cases bioavailability is even higher.  In vitro calcium bioavailability of vegetables, legumes   and seeds
(google and you will find pdf)

However, a big  questions is if a high calcium intake is beneficial for bone and other  health.

Here is another  review paper (reviewed existing studies) with children, which did not find than milk intake  associated with better bone mineral density .Calcium, Dairy Products, and Bone Health in Children and Young Adul...nce

To treat diabetes is calcium supplement is not a good idead,  why dont address the cause of the diabetes in the first  place, e.g. going on low fat diet. In addition diabetis pee off not only calcium but also magnesium, which is probably more important than calcium, and also other minerals.

Coming back to calcium bioavailability, I dont believe there are many proper studies done on calcium bioavailability from plants as for many years it was believed that dairy is the best source of calcium. My above give in vitro study showed that from some  plants calciums is as bioavailable as from milk. Sure some human studies would be a better proof, but its a good start.

Good point. Taking care of the root problem would be ideal, but my prof makes it seem like diabetics really have no choice but to live with their problem and just avoid making it worse. It seems like I am trying to make my prof look bad, but this is the kind of take-away information she gives. It is VERY difficult for me to sit in that class and not shake my head. lol

It saddens me that people can teach others incorrect information like your professor and it's taken as 'the law' because students trust her!

@Sam- stop the BS bro.. almost every single post you make is about either calorie restriction or why the fruit/veg diet we recommend here isn't good enough.

It's not gonna fly.

According to Dr. Furhman M.D. in his book "Eat to Live", chapter 4, oranges are a fantastic source of available calcium. Not to mention, there is plenty of calcium in leafy greens too... there is no need for supplementation of this vitamin, even for diabetics.

I'm only mentioning this because I happened to pull the book out because of the original post and just read what he has to say about this. He also provides plenty of sources in terms of studies and research articles to dig further which I just might do tonight! :)



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