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Hello everyone,
I was wondering other than farmer's market (not available here year round) where do you buy your fruit? We have regular food store (Wegmans) here that sells great fruit but I want to save as much as possible. Does anyone buy at at stores like Costco or BJ's (bulk stores in US)? Just wanted to get some ideas how to get this going while still on a budget :)

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Love, love, love Wegmans  :-D

I get some fruit from Costco, and of course you can get a lot of wonderful fruit and veggies, particularly the exotic, on the cheap from ethnic supermarkets.  In the DC area, they are GRAND MARKET, SUPER H MART, etc.  

I buy most of my fruit at Costco and Aldi, organic greens at WholeFoods.

I'd say go for a Costco membership it's well worth it!

I buy my dates and frozen fruit like mangoes and berries at BJs. It has the best deals especially for dates in my area, $4.50 a lb.

Do you find that the frozen mangoes are ripe?  I've been interested in getting frozen mango pulp for smoothies, but I'm worried that they freeze the mangoes before they ripen.

I just found out that Sam's Club is an amazing place to buy fruit in bulk! Examples:

3 pounds of bananas for $1.48

2 pounds of dates for $8.48

3 pounds of kiwi for $5.98

3.5 pounds of plums for $5.98

I can't wait to go buy lots of fruit at my local Sam's Club tomorrow!! :)



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