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Hi everyone!! 

I was just wanting some general information on juicer buying... I have a pretty good one it's just your average juicer just wondering what the different types and benefits of each are.


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There are 3 types. 

1. CENTRIFUGAL JUICER: Kind with motor that goes 1 million RPMs...this oxidizes the juice though. Juicers are not like cars, high RPMs are not good. These cost usually around $100, don't overspend on this type. Most of these also make super loud noises when turned on, like a jet firing. If the baby is in the next room over sleeping, not for long. Most everything they sell at Walmart and Target falls into this category. It doesn't really matter which one of these you get, so just go cheap.

Just get whichever one the reviews online say it is easy to clean up. You do not want a  juicer that is difficult to clean because it will be a hassle and you'll never use it. Some of these are as cheap as $35 at WalMart, so you can always just grab a super cheap one, then if you get into juicing more, give that one away to a friend and buy one of the ones below. 

2. DUAL AUGER. This is a low RPM juicer. 80RPM or so. Less oxidation, better quality juice. Around $230-$350 to buy. There is a single gear that spins slowly and grinds everything up. This is what I use and recommend. Omega is a great brand, I use the Omega 8004. Very quiet also. You can run this with the baby sleeping in the other room no problem. It can also be used to process food, such as homemade nut milk, or banana ice cream, if you are into that. 


3. TWIN GEAR (two gears): $500. Super low RPM. Mostly used by juice bars and super rich people. Get's a little more juice out of the fruits/veggies because there are two gears but look at the price difference.


Those are the three types. I have the Omega 8004. I would highly recommend it, with one caveat. If you are juicing for your whole family and like the idea of a little higher end juicer, but still need to makes lots of juice fast get this one below. It is one of the few dual auger style that has a large feed tube at the top, so you can drop whole pieces of fruit and veggies in without having to spend the time to chop them up a bit. It is an extra $90 bucks though.


Here is a good video to check out. But yeah it comes down to those three types.



So to recap. If you are on a budget or want to test the waters, get something in category one. Something like this from Walmart even...just check the reviews make sure it is easy to clean. $35-$100.



If you want something a bit nicer, quieter, that gives better juice, get an Omega 8004 linked above. If you need lots of juice for the whole family and don't mind spending a little more, get the Omega VRT linked above for $350.

If you are crazy rich get the dual motor slow RPM.


Thankyou so much for the awesome info!

My mum has a normal juicer I think that's the centrifugal one and it is really loud and hard to clean so the Omega one sounds fantastic!

I think I'll have to start saving though haha
Thankyou very much! 

May i ask whats the big deal with a bit of oxidation? Its not like you ate heating it so no enzymes or vitamins gets damaged right?

I think oxidation makes it bitter? I know it does for bananas but not sure for juices..... I think it may denature some of the nutrients? not really sure... 

The juice stays good longer with the low RPM juicers if you are leaving it in the fridge longer, taking it to work, etc. Also its supposed to be healthier when you don't spin in around super fast like a jet engine.

I prefer a slow juicer, better extraction, especially when it comes to greens :) and less oxidation, I know best is to drink the juice right away but I take the juice to work sometimes :) what kind of juicer do you have?

May I ask what benefit you see in a juicer compared to a strong blender?  There are numerous opinions as to which, a blend or juice, is superior for a habitual inclusion in the diet.  We here lean more toward blending as it retains every bit of the plant material, especially the all important fiber.

More information for you to examine:

Juicing Side Effects

Juicing Contraindications: Detox or Side Effects?

I have a blendtec and use that for most things but honestly its just I don't like the texture and feel of thick and graining fibre from blending a bunch of oranges or pineapple in my drinks.

I know its better to have the fibre but it's just my preference I guess.

Also I find it hard to eat say 15 oranges I just get too full but I can drink the juice of 15 oranges a lot easier.

I do want some pulp in my drinks however and that's why the Omega juicer looks good because it seems to keep more pulp than a traditional juicer. 

I'm really new to all of this so just experimenting and seeing what works best for me. 

Thankyou so much for the info aswell!!!! I'm all for learning more about this lifestyle. 

Gotcha.   While I never used it much, I do have an Omega 8000 something, and it's a quality machine that turns slowly to prevent overheating the produce and leaves very dry pulp.  The only issues I had with it was it takes some time to clean the screen of all the pulp, I couldn't get the blank plate to work right, and most important, the feeder hole is pretty small so it takes a while to get through a batch of juicing.

Have you looked into a citrus juice press, the kind that works like a slot machine?  No electricity but you can crank out the oranges with a pretty good speed, I think.

Oh no I've never heard of citrus juice press but sounds interesting!

yeah, looks like some version of this.  All variety of quality of course, so you could start a topic looking for peep's opinions if you ever would like to get one

I have two juicers 

the citrus old school slot machine like windy shows & i have used  it every single day for 25 months  its my pre breakfast ! we got damm fine oranges in this country year round

and the omega juicer gathering dust for 25 months its hard to clean and it removes all fiber & i want that veggie fiber and enjoy chewing the crunchy shoots  soon its going to be given away also stuff gets clogged as you use need to have a certain order of veggies go in to not get clogged ....



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